THQ Nordic Reveals Reasons Behind All Those Acquisitions

The video game publisher has been acquiring franchises one after another and now we got to know why. As we know most of these franchises would have stayed in their left for dead states is it wasn’t for THQ Nordic. The acquisitions by THQ Nordic were a real boost for these franchises.

THQ Nordic took this step to revitalize these brands back to their legacies. Reinhard Pollice spoke on it being THQ Nordic’s Business and Product Development Director. The comments of Reinhard suggests that these acquisitions were an act of salvation by THQ Nordic.

The company wanted to carry the brands into a stable condition not for only for the sake of association. THQ viewed it from a strategic and business point of view also. Reinhard says that THQ didn’t want to see their prized possessions go down the drain. He commented on this matter while speaking with IGN in an interview:

“It’s the games we loved in the past. We think they should still have a place, and we feel like it’s sometimes such a pity that there is no game like that out there, so whenever there’s an opportunity to get the original, we just grab it instead of creating something new.”

Moreover, Pollice clarified that THQ acquires such video game franchises through a rational approach. Although the acquisitions are a result of emotional affiliation. Still, the final decision comes through analyzing a brand from a business point of view. Pollice pointed such things out by saying:

“Whenever we acquire stuff, we really see it first from a game perspective. Is this something relevant? Is this something cool? Was it unique when it came out? Does it have a fan base? These sorts of questions are very important to us.”

THQ Nordic might not be heading where the wind takes them but one must admit that this approach isn’t common. The video game publishers do not think of it as a weakness. Nonetheless, the company wishes to bring exciting THQ Nordic games to us this way. Reinhard expressed why this approach suits them:

“With every other major publisher scrambling to cash in on the popular mode, it makes more sense for THQ Nordic to try and diversify its approach, to offer something else, rather than risk putting all its eggs into one, increasingly crowded basket.”

Furthermore, along with the acquisitions, THQ Nordic also did a deal with Microsoft. This deal would help them in the distribution of THQ Nordic games. Additionally, taking Kingdoms of Amalur wasn’t enought as EA needs to permit them as well. Taking over Timesplitter series and getting Koch Media were quite bold decisions too.


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