This Outlast 2 Screenshot Makes You Hide in the Closet

Outlast 2 was confirmed to be in development by Red Barrels back in late October, but the developers have decided not to say much about it until they are confident of what they will be able to deliver – and I kind of like that approach!

However, we now have the second visual update on the game. Though not as good as the first trailer that came out on Halloween, the game’s first screenshot is so good it is already my laptop’s wallpaper. Without doubt, that rag wearing, death cross wielding character (whoever it is), is not the sight you want to see outside your home.

While we know that Outlast 2 is going to be set in the same world, it is not going to feature the same asylum and the same mad doctors. Instead, you will be introduced to new places, new characters and new horrors.

Sadly, Red Barrels is yet to share details on the story and setting of the game, but there is something they are willing to talk about and that is the ambitious development phase.

Red Barrels’ President, Philippe Morin, is pretty confident that they are going to freak you out good with their horror title. Not only that, they are more confident than they were last time because this time they aren’t worrying about running out of money.

We’re in full control of what we ship and when we ship it. For the first Outlast, we were in a rush to release the game before running out of money. Because more than 3.5 million players have played the first game, we’re now in a position to make decisions based on our ambitions.

Outlast 2 will hit PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the last quarter of this year. Will you pick it up?

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