This is How the Shinra Power Plant Will Look in The Final Fantasy VII Remake

As we draw closer to the Final Fantasy VII remake release date, Square Enix proudly showcases some of its progress on the development. Specifically, they give us a display of the work in progress Shinra power plant. The comparison was made via conceptual art, translated into an in-game screenshot.

Here’s the Shinra power plant in art and then in the game:

Absolutely stunning. Especially because we couldn’t see it as well in the original Final Fantasy VII game. There’s a lot of things Final Fantasy VII remake plans to do that changes our experience of the original game and enhances it.

To give more context to what this is specifically, Shinra is an organization. they are the antagonistic faction that players will be fighting against most of the time. It’s pretty typical in how the company operates. Think of them as a privatized army. One that uses the natural elements from the planet itself to electrically power Midgar.

They are also responsible for the SOLDIER program that Cloud was originally a part of. He’s kind of like an escaped test subject essentially. They were also responsible for the death of Zack Fair, something you’ll be coming to re-experience in glorious HD soon enough.

Shinra has a lot of high tech weaponry and automated security. An example of which was showcased in the E3 2019 demo of Final Fantasy VII remake. One that displayed not only a lot of core gameplay elements, but also a peek at the story.

As we’ve covered before, the game will be divided into multiple different episodes. The first episode will be taking us into Shinra headquarters as the scenes above depict. The game screenshot is hard to differentiate from the artwork which is a very good thing.

Square Enix have confirmed the Final Fantasy VII remake release date for March 3rd 2020. The game will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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