2018 a Disastrous Year for Game Studios, 6 Closed Game Studios Left Hundreds Jobless

This year we have seen many video game developers shut down. Developers that aimed to create unique game worlds for us to explore. 6 popular game studios shut down which is unfortunate to see. It is a shame how big publishers get away with producing redundant content for years. Meanwhile, one miss from a smaller studio often ends up closing its doors.
The saddest closure of 2018 has to be Boss Key Productions. Led by Cliffy B, the creator of Gears of War games. He left Microsoft to form his own team and brought forth a game called Lawbreakers. The concept of the hero shooters gained popularity thanks to Overwatch. Boss Key wanted a share of this growing market but couldn’t hit the mark.
The game got chewed and spit out by reviewers across the globe. The financial failure of Lawbreakers sent Boss Key into panic mode. The result was an attempt to ride the battle royale hype train, Radical Heights: Battle Royale.

It rushed to Steam Early Access only to find even harsher criticism from the community. The lack of player interest eventually killed it and Boss Key Productions.

The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency

David Jaffe is known for his contribution to God of War and Twisted metal franchises. He formed his own studio to release Dawn of Death. The game saw mixed reviews leading to the cancellation of an upcoming project. It was the end of The Bartlet Jones.

Telltale Games

The creator of The Walking Dead, and The Wolves Among Us video games closed its doors this month. Close to 300 employees lost their jobs without a severance package.

Capcom Vancouver

The creator of Dead Rising also closed its doors this month. More than 150 people lost their jobs.

Wargaming Seattle

Formerly known as Gas Powered Gaming was formed in 1998 and has a long history of producing quality games in early 2000s. Games like Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, and others placed Wargaming on the map. Sadly, it had to close its doors in 2013 leaving 15o people jobless.

Carbine Studios

The studio consisted of an experienced development team made of developers of World of Warcraft, Diablo II, Half-Life 2, and more. Expectations from Carbine were high but its Wildstar couldn’t live up. In 2016 Carbine laid off 70 staff members, 60% of its development team. In 2018 the studio finally closed its doors. Wildstar servers will wind up in November.

The list of closed game studios of 2017 is equally bad but we hope next year would be better for game studios.

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