Third-party Nintendo Switch Dock Can Brick Your Device

A serious situation for Nintendo Switch owners, if for some reason you have a third party dock to charge your Nintendo, That Third party dock can brick your Nintendo console. You should immediately stop using it if you are on the latest 5.0.0 firmware.

This firmware was released a few days ago bringing long-awaited features like the ability to add friends from Facebook/Twitter and Google which everyone wanted to have, no other major changes were brought in this new update at least to the user end.

Hidden behind the user-friendly interface, Switch has made their code unbreakable stopping hackers/modders from getting into the system. Due to this change, it also came to know that people using 3rd party docks are now at risk, many users who were using 3rd party docks reported it, it caused their console to brick! Yes means their Nintendo Switch died forever.

This was confirmed by a Popular gaming YouTuber called Spawn Wave, he recently showed a Bricked Nintendo Switch to everyone in a video. He tells he used it with the Nyko dock for an hour and after which the system was not working anymore in a dead state causing him to lose all his games and the save data on his beloved device. I’ll link his video below

Causing your Nintendo Switch to be completely useless it is indeed a big nightmare for gamers because it will result in loss of your all games and save date to continue with your in-game progress, so this issue of Third party dock can brick your Nintendo is to consider as soon as possible.

The best advice we will give you is to stick to your original Nintendo dock, it is really your best shot at keeping your console up and running until we know what is causing the issue here. Nintendo did bring major changes to the system to protect the system from being hacked, which is a good thing, but causing docks to brick your console is a horrible issue and needs to be looked over soon.

Please tell this to your friends and family who have a shiny new Nintendo Switch in order to prevent them from purchasing third-party docks which can result in a bricked console.

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