Thierry Henry Coming To FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, More Info Tomorrow

FIFA player Thierry Henry, a retired FIFA player that has gone through a number of different teams and who is currently an assistant manager for the national team of Belgium, will be available to use in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 18. He’ll be one of many that is available.

Henry has played for multiple different teams over the course of his football career, including Monaco, Juventus, Barcelona, the New York Red Bulls, and Arsenal (where he is their all-time record goalscorer). Though now he has retired from actually playing football in favor of managing the Belgian national team, him being available in FIFA Ultimate Team is testament to his skills.

FIFA Ultimate Team is a game mode where gamers can create what they think is the ultimate team, having the choice between dozens of different famous FIFA players. FIFA 17 showed off fifty different members of the FIFA Ultimate Team roster before its release, and who knows who else will be available in FIFA 18?

We may learn more about Thierry Henry and other possible members of FIFA Ultimate Team in a livestream happening tomorrow on the official EA Sports page, according to the game’s Twitter page. As such a skilled player with so many different teams, not to mention being the top scorer for both Arsenal and the French national team, Henry would definitely be a valuable addition to any team.

You’ll be able to put Thierry Henry on your team when FIFA 18 releases on September 29 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. You’ll be able to pair him up with a number of other players in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, to say nothing of the career mode and the story mode that will also be available for people to play. Tune in to the livestream tomorrow to see more about the game.

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