Thief Unique Loot Locations ‘Puzzles Solutions’ Guide – How To

Collectibles in Thief can be found in different sets. Unique Loot is a set which comprises of different items like necklace, ancient stones, and other pieces of jewelry.

Each chapter in the game (including the prologue and excluding the last chapter) has at least one piece of Unique Loot.

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Thief Unique Loot Locations and How To Solve Puzzles

These collectibles require you to solve certain puzzles before getting them. And some of them are pretty well hidden, so you will have to use your Focus Ability to identify them efficiently.

Below you will find a complete list of Unique Loot Items along with their locations and solutions for puzzles.


The Glittering Plumage
Location: You will come across an area full of caged birds. Any type of sudden movement will alert the birds and they will cause havoc with noise.

You need to sneak your way past them and reach the painting in front of you. Garrett himself will go towards it and ask you to look for a hidden switch.

Search the painting until you find a hidden switch and press it. Doing this will unlock a safe. The next thing you want to do is to unlock the safe which is pretty straight forward. Once you have done that, you will receive the collectible.

Chapter #1 – Lockdown

Lyegrove’s Jeweled Mask
Location: Once you have entered the jeweler’s place, make sure to check his movement pattern and plan your move accordingly.

Also, do not forget to enter the cabinet to save your progress.

You can collect this loot by either knocking out the jeweler or by entinguishing all candles. After you have done that, open up every crate and drawer of the area and you will get the collectible.

Chapter #2 – Dust to Dust

Soul of the Automaton
Location: This collectible is hidden in a safe in the Workshop. You will need to figure out a combination to open the safe which is 314. Once you have opened the safe, grab the loot and carry on.

Chapter #3 – Dirty Ruins

Ancient Figurine
Location: While in the Ancient Ruins, you will come across a shrine with a pedestal. Use your Focus to identify the four symbols right in front of you and align all of these symbols on pedestal.

Once you have done that, you need to insert this pedestal and the statue at the far end of the room will reveal unique loot.

Chapter #4 – A Friend in Need

Morendrum Medal
Location: This collectible is located in Eastwick’s Office. You need to be as stealthy as possible to avoid getting caught by caged bird’s noise.

Use your Focus to reveal a hidden switch beneath a table in this office. Using this switch will reveal a hidden safe behind a wall. Head over to the safe and grab the collectible inside. You will have to pick up the lock which is as easy as it can be!

Chapter #5 – The Forsaken

Mechanical Eye
Location: While you are near the lower level’s middle stairs on the High Road, you need to go down the stairs and climb onto some crates.

Keep on moving West and you will see a hanging spot for your Rope Arrow. Keep on climbing up until you have reached a central walkway and collect the Mechanical Eye.

The Golden Keep
Location: This collectible is on showcase in Ector’s Emporium. In order to collect this, you need to press the obelisk switches starting from Kaitlin Court, Watch Station Plaza, and finally Moorsditch.

Once you have done that, you need to head back to the Ector’s Emporium and grab The Golden Keep.

Chapter #6 – A Man Apart

Heart of the Lion
Location: This collectible is located in Old Family Chapel and you need to solve two vexing puzzles before getting your hands on it.

First, take on side through which you can peek in, and leave the first disc as it is. Rotate the second and third disc from the top once to the right.

And lastly, turn the fourth and the last disc twice in any direction. Doing this successfully will solve the first part of the puzzle.

Move to the other side (you cannot peek through this one) and keep on rotating the North control discs until all of them become red. If you have done this successfully, you will unlock Heart of the Lion.

Chapter #7 – The Hidden City

City Artifact
Location: The last Unique Loot is located in the Loading Dock Exterior in Treasure Run.

You need to head inside the cave nearby and the collectibles will be in plain sight. You can also use your Focus to identify them more efficiently.

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