Thief: PS4 and PC Versions Almost Identical

Thief on the PS4 will look almost identical to the PC version, claims the game’s producer Stephane Roy.

In an interview with VideoGamer Roy said, “For Thief, everything started on PC. So for example, all the interface, the menu and stuff like that, we want to adapt it [for next-gen consoles].

“But for a visual aspect – especially for a game like Thief – it’s not a question of pushing more polygons, [or] now I can have 200 enemies at the same time and not just 100 enemies. So on our side, it’s more a question of gameplay, the movement, stuff like that. I think with the next-gen, yeah visually speaking, with the high-end PC and next-gen it’s going to be really, really close, honestly.”

That said, there may still be some “special features” inbound for the PC version. Roy teased that Eidos Montreal may be looking to take advantage of high-spec PC graphics cards to incorporate a feature or two.

“Maybe we are going to push a special feature with the PC because of working with the video card and stuff like that,” he continued, “but it’s not like 10 years ago where the difference was huge.”

Thief will release sometime in 2014 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox.

Source: VideoGamer

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