Thief: Next Week’s Patch to Add Mantle and TrueAudio

Eidos Montreal’s Thief reboot was going to be one of the first games this year to feature support for AMD’s Mantle technology, the alternative to Microsoft’s DirectX which aims to greatly improve graphical performance on compatible games and AMD graphics cards.

However the plan was ultimately abandoned and Thief launched last month without any support for Mantle. A patch inbound for Thief next week will finally add support for AMD’s new Mantle api and also of TrueAudio technology. In combination it will make the game look and sound better, while boosting framerate.

“AMD, Nixxes, and Eidos-Montreal have been working on implementing Mantle and TrueAudio support in the PC version of Thief for some time now,” wrote Rage3D’s Sean Ridgeley, “and it’s finally coming to fruition: AMD and Eidos-Montreal have confirmed to us the patch enabling these features will go live Tuesday, March 18.”

Earlier this year Mantle was released for Battlefield 4. Unfortunately there wasn’t that great of a boost in terms of frame rates. Using Mantle with an AMD processor though showed mighty improvements in Battlefield 4. AMD stated that they are continuously working to improve the technology and future updates would bring greater improvements.

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