Thief Client Jobs Walkthrough ‘Working Overtime’ Guide – How To Complete

It’s time for Garrett to get busy again, as he readies his bow after more than a decade of rest, resuming his thieving ways.

Over the course of the adventures in the fresh Thief reboot, you’ll encounter a couple of interesting clients who have a few jobs for you, and apparently their pockets are deep enough to offer you a handsome reward in return.

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Thief Client Jobs

These Client Jobs are optional side-missions that can be covered any time you wish once they are available, but do note that they’ll take your time and resources.

Well, that’s a bargain most of us will be willing to take, since after all, Thief is all about taking your time, moving from one shadow to another, using your tools and your environment to get the job done.

The Clients

There are two clients that will offer you these optional jobs.

Ector is a hard-working inventor who wishes to bring his mechanical automatons to life. For this passionate dream to be fulfilled, he is willing to pay you good money to find him some complex gadgets.

His shop Ector’s Emporium can be found in Stonemarket, north of the clock tower. You’ll be introduced to Ector once you complete Basso’s “Machination” side-job, which is available once you do the first Chapter.

Here are the missions he offers:

  • “Hand Tailored” – Available after Chapter 1: Lockdown.
  • “Silence Is Golden” – Available after Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets.
  • “Heartbroken” – Available after Chapter 6: A Man Apart.

Twisting his mustaches and dressed like an aristocrat, this ring-master’s goodies have been stolen, and he wishes that you aid in return them. Of course, he’ll pay you plenty for your services, making finding his lost possessions a worthwhile job.

You can find Vittori in the Siren’s Rest tavern at the far end of South Quarter. You’ll be introduced to Vittori once you complete Basso’s “Carnivalesque” side-job, which is available after Chapter 2.

Here are the missions he offers:

  • “Happy Medium” – Available after Chapter 2: Dust to Dust.
  • “The Carnal Connoisseur” – Available after Chapter 4: A Friend in Need.
  • “Sideshow Attraction” – Available after Chapter 5: The Forsaken.

Client Job #1 – Lockdown

This is Ector’s first job, and he wants you to find a mechanical hand for his project. You’ll be visiting Alfonso’s tailors for that very reason.

Thieving Challenges
Here are the Thieving Challenges that are associated with this mission, listed along with the rewards:

  • Remain undetected                120 G
  • Pick 5 pockets            90 G
  • 1 kill or knockout      50 G
  • Lift all loot items       230 G

The streets are pretty quiet around Alfonso’s tailors, though you’ll find a local gang member of the Eelbiters bullying a civilian. These guys are hostile even if you haven’t done anything, so your best bet would be to avoid detection from them.

Eavesdrop on him while he’s busy with the civilian, and keep to the shadows to go past without alerting him.

There is broken glass here, so make sure you watch your steps. You can even go behind him to pick his pockets if you stay in the shadows and avoid the glass. Knock him out once you’re done with all that.

There is an ashtray you can grab on a crate to the north, and once you’re done goofing around, head to the locked front door of the shop to peep through the keyhole. You can pick the lock here, but don’t go inside from this path.

Ignore the door for now instead and head east to pass through a gate.

Climb the open window, and save your progress in the cabinet. Take the portrait off the table, get back out, and go north to find a door at the eastern end of the street.

You can pick the poppy flower that grows on the door, but don’t go through this door, since there are thugs patrolling inside. There’s a crate that can give you access to a high window next to the room where you saved.

You’ll be inside Alfonso’s Residence now.

Snuff out all the candles on the barrels, and take the food as well. Get into the nearby room, quickly hit the lights, and start unscrewing the vent.

There is a thug here who is patrolling the residence, and he’ll often come to this room.

Get into the crawl space and wait for the thug. Take a look at his movements, and once he is about to go out, carefully get out of the vent, pick his pockets, and knock him out.

This is probably going to be the only enemy in the residence, so now you can look around and loot as much as you want. If you have the razor tool, you can also steal the paintings in the eastern room.

Check the small table in the hallway and pick the nightstand’s locked drawer for some collectable. Search the lower drawer to find a letter.

Once you’ve cleared the entire area, get back down from the window you used to enter the residence door. Enter the shop through the back door now.

By the time you clear out the residence, one of the thugs will have gone down to the cellar, leaving a lone Eel for you to take care of. Easy? Not quite, since there is another NPC, Alfonso the tailor himself, who can freak out when he sees you, alerting the Eels.

Stick to the south wall to avoid the Eel to go past him. You can pick his pockets and knock him out. Sneak to the west wall to remain near the shop’s front door.

The tailor here can be distracted by throwing an object or a blunt arrow.

Once the tailor is distracted, approach him and knock him out. You can now check out the entire shop. Let the looting begin!

Once you’re done scraping each and every item worth picking up, head down stairs to enter the cellar. There is a lone Eel thug here who you can knockout when he is busy checking out the crates.

Once he is down, the cellar is open for exploration. Make yourself busy by picking up whatever you can, and once you’ve gotten everything, pick the wall’s safe lock to find the Mechanical Hand.

It’s time to get out, and since you’ve taken care of all the scarce enemies here, you can simply walk out of the front door of the shop and return to Ector.

Client Job #2 – Happy Medium

Given to you by Vittori, this intriguing job will involve you escorting a drunken companion through various areas to find an incredible Talking Skull.

Thieving Challenges
If you’re looking to earn some extra gold, consider these challenges:

  • Remain undetected                200 G
  • Take no damage       90 G
  • 2 combat takedowns              25 G
  • Lift all loot items       175 G

Enter the Black Market and you’ll hear a fellow named Lenny mentioning about the Talking Skull to the other guy. Wait for that other guy to leave. Go past them and take the brooch from the barrel.

Leave the fellows alone for a while. Climb the crate and vault, and circumvent the gate.

You’ll be in the area named “Piss Alley”. How enchanting!

Open the gate here to allow Lenny through. Make sure you avoid the guards in Piss Alley, as getting detected will lead to instant failure.

Climb through the nearby window to grab the perfume bottle and a throwable. You need to keep Lenny moving so he can guide you to the location of the shed, while also avoiding detection.

Lenny’s drunken stroll to the guards will offer them a good enough distraction for you to move about. The guards seem to know the fellow, and one of them needs a light for the pipe.

Go to the nearby machinery and turn the valve wheel to let out an exhaust of fire. This will startle Lenny and encourage him to move onwards.

Continue following Lenny to a street with the beggar. Loot the items on the crate.

Being spotted by the beggar won’t compromise your cover, so no need to be overcautious. However, as you go south, you will need to be careful of the civilians, as those guys can actually blow your cover.

Ah crap, Lenny’s flirting with a woman, and he won’t budge. Well, utilize this paused situation by going west and unscrewing the collectable plaque off the nearby wall. Now if you really want Lenny to budge, just go to the wheel and turn it.

Well, that was harsh – the poor old lady will go pluming down the hatch into the river, but that was necessary to get Lenny to move onwards.

Apparently, he’s indifferent to what just happened.

Lenny will eventually end up in front of a locked gate. What would the poor drunken chap do with Garrett? Pick the ring on the barrel and pick the lock to open up the gate.

Lenny will then call out to his other gang member to open the gate. Sadly, there’s no other entry, so you’ll need to follow him. You are now inside the Eelbiter’s warehouse.

Lenny will be engaged in a rather lengthy conversation with an Eel. Well, patience is an essential part of being a thief, so wait for him to move and finish his drink in a corner.

Sneak behind the Eel and knock him out.

There should be a collectable and necklace in this area. Once you’re done, it’s time to stop depending on Lenny for directions. You can simply knock him out or leave him alone and move on.

Head downstairs now to find a patrolling Eel. You can utilize this area to take on the “2 combat takedowns” Thieving Challenge. If you brought broadhead arrows, you can shoot in the leg of the Eel and then do a combat takedown. This will not count as being detected.

Search the area for drawers that may contain valuable items.

Backtrack upstairs and pick out another Eel and perform the same combat takedown. Once you do, you will have the liberty to freely explore the area.

Search the room’s chests and drawers to find various valuables, including the Talking Skull. Now that you have what you came for, it’s time for the escape.

Make your way to Piss Alley and back to the start, but make sure no one sees you. Ideally you’d have taken care of most of the hostiles – just makes sure you’re not spotted by any of the civilians.

Client Job #3 – Silence is Golden

Ector wants you to retrieve the Automaton Voice Box, which he sent a previous thief for, but he was unfortunately captured and is probably hanging from the gallows.

Thieving Challenges

  • Remain Undetected               350 G
  • 1 Environmental exploit          100 G
  • Headshot 3 threats 85 G
  • Lift all loot items       215 G

The room in which you start the job has an ashtray and a letter opener. Take these items and climb through the nearby window to reach the Butcher’s Dock.

There’s a guard patrolling the lower area of the dock, and there is Oxheart Perry looking through his window as well.

If you shoot the guard now, Perry will find out and it will create trouble for you. Wait for Perry to move away, and then take aim and shoot the guard in the head for a quiet kill.

Carefully head down and take the document the guard was carrying.

Be very careful not to alert the caged dog over here. You should kill or knockout the caged dog using a choke arrow, and then shoot a blunt arrow at the hanging crates to knock them down.

Drop into the pit to find Perry’s basement. The chest here is trapped, so you shouldn’t touch it just yet. Loot everything else you can over here, then head upstairs.

There will be two guards talking over here. Pause midway while climbing the stairs and eavesdrop on them. One guard will leave while the other will maintain his position.

Take him out with a quiet headshot, head up and press the light switch to darken the room. Wait for the mobile guard to come back while you ready your bow for another headshot.

Once he does, take him out cleanly and then loot the area.

You’ll be now in Perry’s residence. Take the ashtray here and then enter the door to Perry’s bedroom. He’s sleeping in a chair, giving you an easy kill.

Put an arrow in his head, and loot the room. There is a control box on the bedroom wall. Hack it to disable the trap on the chest in the basement.

Once you do you can head back and open it up to find a coin purse and bracelet. You might want to revisit and do a run of all the other rooms in the shop, including a painting you can snatch with the razor tool.

Once you’ve cleared the entire area and looted whatever you could, lock-pick the west door in the shop. Grab anything that is of value here, and then hack the wall safe to acquire the Voice Box.

Get to the Abandoned House via the Butcher’s Dock, and exit through the upstairs door to return to Baron’s Way South.

Client Job #4 – The Carnal Connoisseur

Vittori wishes that a rare exhibit named the Octopuss – an eight-legged cat – is retrieved. It seems that a collector in Riverside has his hands on it.

Thieving Challenges

  • Remain undetected                225 G
  • No kills or knockouts              115 G
  • 1 aerial takedown    70 G
  • Lift all loot items       290 G

You’ll encounter around 4 guards and perhaps a couple of NPCs here, so you’ll have to play a hard and careful game if you wish to accomplish the ‘no kills or knockouts’ challenge.

Note that this will also make your escape much harder.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you bring rope arrows with yourself to facilitate the earlier part of the mission.

You start off in a small town house. Get out the window, and shoot your rope arrow on the anchor beam above. Use it to get to the opposite house. Climb through the window to enter the bathroom.

Kill the lights from the switch here, and grab the wineglass on the stand near the table. Head to the bedroom here and snuff out the candle. Grab the letter to obtain a document, and check the cabinet for some earrings.

If you read the letter, you’ll know that the Octopuss is in a hidden vault, and the combination to access the vault is the collector’s birth date.

The lodge’s manservant will be walking around here.

If you’re looking for completing the second thieving challenge, you’ll just have to wait for him to head downstairs. If you’re not, simply knock him out quietly and drag him into another room.

Search the nearby table to find a pocket portrait, take the wineglass from the other small table near the couch, and then climb of the east window.

You’ll be at the Baron’s Way Side Street now. Eavesdrop on the two guards talking, and then move alongside the ledge. There’s a poppy that grows here, pluck it and drop down to the alley below.

A guard here is smoking his pipe. You can choose to take him out to make your escape easier, but make sure you also manage to take out the other guards before they notice his body. Pick his pocket and leave him if you’re looking to complete the challenge.

Climb back on the ledge and head back to the Collector’s Lodge.

If you didn’t knock out the manservant, he’ll probably be outside chatting with the guards. Take this opportunity to go downstairs to find a letter opener and a brooch. Go to the study room in the north to find a wineglass, a letter, and a chess piece.

Open the eastern door. There is a guard in the kitchen who will be alerted to the opened door, so make sure you use your blunt arrows to hit the light switch.

You might want to take him out cleanly if you wish to have some more space to walk around and aren’t hunting for the second challenge.

Take whatever you can in this room, and don’t forget to steal the painting on the wall. You’ll have to be hasty if you let the guard live.

Head back to the main hall and advance to the eastern door. Shoot the light switch with a blunt arrow. The switch is partly concealed by the kitchen door, so you’ll have to move to the right a bit for a clear shot.

Head back past the kitchen door and upstairs, and climb out through the eastern window. There is a guard underneath. Here is a perfect opportunity to perform an aerial takedown if you’re not hunting for the second challenge.

Once you do, climb up the stairs to enter the cellar.

There is another guard over here patrolling the cellar. Take note of his movements, and then go past him or simply put an arrow through his head when he isn’t looking.

Once you’re in the cellar, turn around and hit the switch to turn off the lights. Inspect the painting on the west wall to find two switches around the frame to reveal a few combination knobs.

The combination is found by reading the two documents you acquired. For those who missed it or are simply lazy, the combination is 8, 1, 2.

A hidden door will be revealed. Enter it to find plenty of valuables.

Grab everything you can, including the Octopuss. Use your focus here to discoer a loose brick in the wall, which will uncover a path that leads to the treasure room. Open the chest here to find a collectable.

Now it’s time to escape the area, which is either going to be very hard or very simple depending on how you dealt with the guards. Good luck to those who were playing for the second challenge.

For the rest, it’s a fairly simple task.

Client Job #5 – Sideshow Attraction

Vittori isn’t quite happy about his love Ysabella being arrested for street walking. He wants you to infiltrate the Watch Station and help in a jailbreak.

Thieving Challenges

  • Remain undetected                350 G
  • Distract 4 threats      200 G
  • 4 combat takedowns              110 G
  • Lift all loot items       300 G

This job will have you encountering around 11 enemies, giving you good opportunity to complete a couple of Thieving Challenges. Bring lots of blunt arrows, broadhead arrows, and sawtooth arrows with yourself.

This mission has two entrances: the first is the obvious gated entrance in the Watch Station Plaza, while the second is an underground entrance beneath the Market Street. It’s best if you go through the less complicated gated entrance.

Climb the stacked crates to go over the wall there.

Once you enter, you’ll notice lots of morbidity – it seems the Eelbiters just took over the place following a blood-filled battle against the Gravens. There is one patrolling the office here.

Take use of his position by distracting him 4 times with blunt arrows for an easy thieving challenge (and 200 gold as a result).

Once you’re done toying with him, pickpocket him while avoiding the broken glass, move a few paces back, and stick a broadhead arrow into his leg to perform a combat takedown.

Loot the office here. Open the wall safe to find a watch medal and two bonds. Grab every other thing you can and move to the north door.

This is a large rectangular balcony with three Eelbiters. One of them is working on opening a door, while another will probably be talking to him.

There is an additional one in the north doorway. Wait for Eel to finish his conversation with the one on the door, and then the other northern one as well, till he disappears into the room.

Wait for the patrolling Eel to move to the eastern part of the balcony. When he is far enough, take a shot at his legs and perform a combat takedown. The other Eel working on the door won’t be able to hear.

Head back to the Eel on the door, avoiding the glass there. Stick an arrow in his leg and take him down as well. Open the locked door he was working on. Collect the key on the desk and take the Baron’s bust on the northern shelf.

Head back, and go north to the room where one of the three Eels went into. He’s talking to a caged bird; wait for him to move away from the bird to the wall.

Sneak past the bird and perform a combat takedown on the Eel for another thieving challenge completed.

Collect whatever you can and avoid detection from the bird (the bird’s detection counts in the thieving challenge). Exit and descend the east stairs to reach the first floor of the station.

Eeavesdrop on the Eelbiters here. Once they’re done speaking, one will start a patrol while the other will remain stationary. As the patrolling Eel moves out of site, take aim and register a headshot on the stationary Eel.

The remaining Eel is easy, so you can take him out any way you like. Once the area is cleared, check the reception desk for some items you could grab. Check the book to find a document as well.

Once you’re finished, open the east door to head to the lockers.

There is another Eel searching this room. Stay hidden and take a clean headshot, and then clear out the room for anything you can grab. There is a chest here with some food and a collectible.

Exit the room and head downstairs to explore the basement cells. Take the watch seal from the southern shelf, and open the west door with the key you found earlier.

There isn’t much here other than a couple of locked Eelbiters, a poppy in one of the south cells, and Ysabella in one of the west cells. Take out the Eelbiters or simply avoid them. Open Ysabella’s door. Oh my…

Well, love is blind, I hope.

Anyways, the lady will faint, and at this moment two more Eels will enter the basement. Leave Ysabella on the floor for now, and exit the cell blocks to clean up the Eels.

Wait for one of them to turn off the lights, which should give you a good opportunity to knock out the other from behind. The one who turned off the lights won’t notice, and he’s easy pickings because of his own actions.

Once the area is clear. Go back to Ysabella and pick her up.

Carry her out of the cell, and then set her down to open the north door of the cells. Carry her to the exit gate, set her down to open it, and go through with her to complete this strange jailbreak.

Client Job #6 – Heartbroken

Ector believes he’s almost done with his dream automaton, but he needs his final and most essential part: the Heart. He believes a gentleman called Clockwise has it, but unfortunately the fellow has succumbed to insanity.

Thieving Challenge

  • Lift All Loots Items   250G

On paper, this is the easiest Client Job, since it has absolutely no enemies. However, this particular job needs the requirement of a walkthrough more than others, since it demands a keen eye, a quick brain, and lots of exploration.

Simply put, all you need to bring with yourself for this job is your thinking cap.

Check the entry room for a ring, a letter opener, and a wine glass. There is a document here which is just a mere duplicate of one you have already acquired at Ector’s Emporium.

Head upstairs and loot the entire area. Make sure you go through the bathroom and check the hall for a scroll holder. Search the bedrooms for more loot and equipment.

There is also a stash with a collectible here.

Go back downstairs and explore the first floor. There is a Baron’s bust in a glass container on display. Take this as well, and grab the teacup on the table as well.

Press the switch on the display place and watch as the walls around you transform.

Enter the south room to collect the diary on the table, then check the east and west rooms for as many documents and plunder you can find.

Once you’ve raided the rooms, press the switch on the east room’s north wall near the corner to shift the walls again. Go back to the west room and then north to find three new rooms to explore.

Loot whatever you can, including the documents.

Backtrack a bit and press the switch on the east wall of the first of the three newer rooms you’ve accessed. This lets you explore a sitting room that lies north and then to the east.

Go there to find a wineglass and yet another document. Check the bookshelf for a trigger book that you can pull to make the shelf slide away. How typical.

Press the switch behind the book shelf to shift the walls once again. Backtrack to the west and find a new room south of the kitchen. Take the scroll holder there, and use your Focus ability to find a loose brick on the wall.

Press this to unveil an elevator that will take you to the attic.

Raid the area to find a couple of documents and a pen. Use Focus again to find another loose brick on the north wall. Press it to uncover a puzzle.

Alright, this puzzle is quite the thing.

The symbol on the wall consists of 10 segments. Pressing a segment makes it sink into the wall, along with every segment that it touches. You need to depress the entire symbol so that it’s flattened into the wall.

There are no hints to solve this puzzle, so you will just have to use your cleverness. Let’s say the segments are from 1 to 10 (as you cycle through them). This is the way you would want to solve this puzzle: 2, 5, 7, 9, 10.

An elevator will be revealed, which you can ride down to the next level. You’ll be in the basement. Head forward till you arrive in a room with tiles on the floor.

If you’ve collected all the documents in Clockwise’s house, you can solve this puzzle easily.

Check the documents of the “Project Pendulum” letters you have found. There are five different symbols in five different documents, and each document is dated.

You need to step on the tiles of the symbols found in the document, in the order of ascending dates. Make sure you follow a linear path from one tile to another while you do this.

If you make a mistake, the far door way close, and you can return to the entry point to retry. Once you are done, you can collect the Automaton Heart along with the final document.

Go up the long east ladder to reach the basement. Head upstairs and through the door you came from.

Congratulations! You have finished all the Thief Client Jobs!

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