Thief Chain and Gain Northcrest Manor Map Guide

The Northcrest Manor is one of the three maps for the Chain and Gain Challenge Mode in Thief. This map is a single large multi-storied building with well over a hundred loot items and up to 11 guards.

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Thief Chain and Gain Northcrest Manor Map

The Northcrest Manor consists of 3 floors and an attic, all connected by a stairwell to the east of the map that acts as your main method of transition.

The main and second floor are the largest parts of the area, while the cellar is the starting point and attic the exit-way.

In Chain and Gain limited mode, the time limit for the map is 10 minutes. There are a total of 133 loot items to be found in this entire mapping, which also includes the coin purses carried by guards (of which only 8 carry coin purses).

Here’s a look at the Thieving Challenges for the map:

  • Lift all loot items
  • Remain undetected
  • Take no damage
  • Reach the exit

The Cellar
This is where you start off. There are two guards located in the Cellar areas. It’s a relatively small places with around three rooms, with a hallway connected the large northern room to the smaller two rooms on the south, and the eastern staircase.

A guard patrols the room you start in (large north one), while another patrols the two rooms to the south. Collect all the loot here (around 12 items) along with the guard coin purses, and then make your way up the stairway to the southeast.

First Floor
This is the main floor of the manor, and boy is it huge. This place has 5 guards lurking about, and since it’s a pretty large area, managing to avoid 5 with the dark lighting and hiding obstacles isn’t too difficult.

There are around 66 loot items with 3 guard purses – yup, two of the guards are broke. There’s a guard that is patrolling in almost every room on this floor, except the small southeastern room.

Try to find some blunt arrows in the main hallway and the dining hall, and use them on the chandeliers to create distractions of kill guards if necessary. Make sure you search every drawer and cabinet for loot.

The north lounge features a wall safe that can be found by searching for two triggers on the wall frame. There is some broken glass here and a caged bird as well, so make sure you don’t create any kind of noise that would alert the guard outside.

The library makes up the southern central bulk of the first floor, and it’s the area with lots of loot on the shelves’ tops. Climb atop a shelf and move from one shelf to another to find the loot while at the same time avoid guards.

You’ll also find some water arrow and food under the southeastern stairs. The library has a staircase to get to the second floor, which you should also search around.

Then there is the waiting hall to the west, which also has the staircase that connects to the second floor. There is a single guard patrolling this floor of the waiting hall, who can be easily distracted by knocking down the chandeliers with blunt arrows in this area.

It’s recommended you don’t take the central stairs as there is a guard that patrols the second floor waiting area. Instead, use the ornate pedestals behind the stairs to get to the second floor without getting detected.

Second Floor
The second floor is fairly large, but not as much as the second main floor. There are 4 guards patrolling this area, and three of them have coin purses. There’s a total of 47 loot items on this floor.

The eastern stairwell that connects all floors has a guard patrolling, so make sure you are very careful if you have been going up and down from it. If you manage to go past this guard, there’s also another one that patrols the main hallway of this floor.

These two are quite difficult to avoid just like that, so you’ll need to create timely distractions in order to make an easy passage without being detected.

The hallway then connects to the library’s second floor, which has only one guard patrolling it. Once again, there’s plenty of loot to be found atop the bookshelves, and also some broadhead and sawtooth arrows if you wish to go on the offensive.

The higher rafters in the library can be reached by using the rope arrows found in the second floor main hallway; you’ll be able to grab on to lots of hidden loot items if you can manage to get there.

The grandest of the rooms in the map is the vault, which is located in the main hallway. It has two doors, and either one of them can be picked to gain access.

Once you do, you’ll find four armored statues. This is a small puzzle that you’ll have to solve to gain access to the loot.

Each statue has a ground plate that can be stepped on. Stepping on this plate rotates the respective statue. Notice that the eyes of the north and south statues are lit.

Let them be, and rotate the east and west statues till their eyes are lit. This will open up two special compartments filled with loot for you.

The Attic
The final area in this place is the Attic, which also houses the exit room. There’s no guard in the attic, but the one patrolling the east stairwell on the second floor occasionally comes up just to have a look around.

There’s also no loot here for you, but you can find some Poppy, water arrows, and food here, making it a nice area for you to come up to any time you require one of these things.

The northern green-lit room here is the exit of the map. Come to it once you have managed to find each and every loot item in the manor.

If you manage to complete this map on Chain and Gain Limited, give yourself a pat on the back, and share some suggestions to tackle the challenges of limited time and finding all the loot.

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