Thief Chain and Gain House of Blossoms Challenge Map Guide

The House of Blossoms is a map in the Chain and Gain challenge mode of Thief. It’s a multi-floored complex brothel with plenty of loot, even more than the much larger Northcrest Manor, allowing you to chain combos and earn good scores.

You shouldn’t expect that kind of action in this brothel, but you’ll definitely get lots of not-so-pleasurable action from the plenty guards that patrol the various floors of the map.

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Thief Chain and Gain House of Blossoms Map

The House of Blossoms map consists of two floors, both jam-packed with lots of loot and plenty of guards. Most of the guards carry multiple coin purses, so there is a requirement of a lot of risk-taking to approach them.

For Chain and Gain Limited, the countdown for the map is 10 minutes. It has 176 loots including guard coin purses, and a whopping 27 pockets to pick.

There are 12 guards in total in the brothel, which is just one more than the Northcrest Manor, but since the map is much more cramped, it tends to be more difficult. Also, most of the guards are equipped with chainmail armor and helmets, making it quite difficult to take the out in combat.

First Floor

The first floor is a busy cramped area with multiple rooms and plenty of loot. However the close proximity to the guards to one another. There are a total of 8 guards on this floor and 79 loot items including coin purses.

You’ll start off at the Eastern Chamber entrance to the House of Blossoms.

There’s a stationary guard at the entrance who doesn’t pose much of a threat, but taking him out can make your score go into negative, so it’s best to distract him with the throwable object. He’s also carrying three coin purses, so make sure you don’t miss that bit.

As you move ahead of this guard, you’ll come across various partition walls that make it easy for you to move from cover to cover.

There is one guard patrolling the eastern part of the foyer, but there is also one on the west who can easily spot you if you’re reckless. Stay in the shadows and grab the three coin purses he carries.

Keep your eye out for the ceiling; there are chandeliers hanging, and if you get your hands on the arrows, you can create massive distractions to ease your progress.

The middle of the foyer is patrolled by a stationary guard, but there also one on the other side of the partition who patrols the area in a large circular movement pattern.

Be careful of this guard, since it’s easy to forget his presence and get detected easily. Either way, you have to distract both these guards if you want to grab all the loot items in the premises of the area.

There are two guards patrolling the kitchen area as well, one up on the balcony/catwalk while the other patrols the ground floors. Both of them are carrying coin purses.

Utilize the cabinets here to hide from the guards and sneak past the areas they patrol. There are also plenty of throwables in the kitchen, but if it comes down to it, you might want to take out one of these fellows.

The western part of the foyer is further guarded by two additional patrollers. One is walking a circular pattern to cover all the neighboring bedrooms on the floor.

If you can manage to darken the bedrooms, they can provide as excellent hiding places. Each of the four bedrooms also consists of a wall safe that will grant you various kinds of arrows.

Make sure you grab the northeast bedroom’s rope arrows, as they will be very useful on the upper level of the brothel. Moreover, this is the only rope arrow you’ll get in the stage, so make sure you make it count.

Second Floor

The second floor has fewer guards and is smaller spaced than the lower area. There are 4 guards and 70 loot items with 8 coin purses.

Yep, this means you can chain lots of combos on this level. However, the guard have a very tight patrolling pattern. Two guards patrol the balcony and bedrooms, while one patrols the northern area, and one in the south.

Like with the bedrooms on the lower floor, turn off the bedroom and balcony lights to make it easy for you to move around. The northeast bedroom consists of a wall safe with a loot item, while there is blunt arrows in the southwest one.

The door to the Madame’s Office is locked, but you can reach it if you use the rope arrows wisely. Fire the arrow on the anchor beam near the north balcony’s right side. Climb atop and you can reach the office easily.

Be careful though, since there is a single guard that patrols the office.

The door to the Madame’s Bedroom is also locked, but you can pick the lock and go inside. There is a guard patrolling the chamber, so make sure you peak through the keyhole to ensure he is out of sight before you open the door.

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