Thief Chain and Gain Challenge Mode Guide

So you’ve been stealing things, and you think you’ve pretty much mastered it. Well smart guy/gal, let’s put that claim to the test with the Chain and Gain Challenge Mode.

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Thief Chain and Gain Challenge Mode

This mode in Thief will put you in one of three different maps, where your job is to do nothing but one thing: loot as much as you can. It’s not as easy as it sounds though, because there are guards patrolling everywhere.

“But I can put an arrow through their head!” you say? Well, it’s not quite as simple. Read on to know why.

The Basics
Chain and Gain will have you strolling through the cleverly crafted maps in-search for anything and everything that is even dimly valuable.

The objective of the mode is to find all the loots in the map, all of which comes down to giving you score points which you can brag about to others trying the same.

Every time you pick up something, a 60 second counter starts ticking, and will only turn off if you find another valuable thing to pick up. 60 seconds seems a lot to you, but it can actually be a blink of an eye if you have guards coming your way.

Once the 60 second timer runs out, a 45-second timer will start. This is the game’s way of saying “last chance, buddy”. If this timer runs out, it’s game over for you.

Multipliers and Combos
This mode is aptly named, because chaining combos gives you more points. Multipliers are totally dependent on how quick you are at picking up loot.

The faster you find loot, the more the multiplier will increase. Similarly, you can expect the multiplier count to decrease if you’re pausing for long intervals between your looting.

Then there are combos. Combos can be executed by picking up loot in quick succession. Pick up something 10 seconds after you picked loot earlier and you’ll get a nice combo bonus.

Of course, this isn’t an easy feat as it relies on experience. You should get familiar with the location of guards and the overall structure of the maps.

To make things annoying for you, there are guards patrolling various places in the maps. Let’s stick an arrow in their heads. Good idea right? Wrong.

Knocking out and killing guards penalizes your score greatly. The first guard you knockout deducts 5000 points from your score. Knockout another one and the deduction this time around will be 10,000, making a total of 15,000 deducted points for knocking out guards.

Take out another and it’ll be a whopping 15,000 penalty. Ouch. So basically, the penalty incrementally increases by 5000 points every time you knockout a guard.

Killing guards is even worse, with the first kill chomping a crazy 20,000 from your score, with incremental increases of 20,000 for every next kill.

In short, avoid guards at all costs. Getting spotted or taking damage from them won’t deduct anything from your score, but it will prevent you from completely certain Thieving Challenges.

Don’t Forget to Pick Pockets!
Yes, picking the pockets of the guards is also considered looting in Chain and Gain, and their coin purses are included as loot items. You cannot get all the loot items in the map without grabbing those coin purses.

Focus is Good, but No Focus is Better
Using your Focus skill will allow you to spot guards and loot items from a distance, but the less Focus you use, the more bonus you can rack up towards the end. If you’re score-hungry, rely on your understanding of the map and general ninja wits to stack up some sweet bonus.

The Focus in Chain and Gain is quite powerful though, so if you’re not too concerned about bonuses, you can use it to spot guard through walls and perform lock-picking easily. However, you can’t pick multiple coin purses while using Focus.

Chain and Gain Limited
There’s a nice little variation to the Chain and Gain challenge mode, and that is the Limited version. It’s exactly the same thing with the same objectives, maps, and scoring system, but there is a permanent countdown timer that ticks no matter what you do.

Basically, there is no way to get a lost second back – you’ll have to collect all the loot quickly and reach the exit door before the time expires.

This is obviously a mode only those should try who have had good practice of the normal Chain and Gain and are looking for a serious challenge.

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