Thief Basso Jobs Walkthrough ‘Dastardly Deeds Guide

Aside from the main story you will be able to get side quests in form of Client Jobs or Basso Jobs. Basso Jobs are rather easy thieving tasks than be completed within a hub.

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Thief Basso Jobs

First thing you should do is activate the side quest than you will get clear directions to where you need to go. These quests become available after you meet Basso.

Sick Willy
First of all you will have to go into the Sick Willy’s house.

In the house you will come across a painting of a naked lady, activate the switch on it. Then just take the ladder to go up and find the chest, inside you will find watch for the completion of this quest.

Beauty Within
In order to complete this quest, you will need a rope arrow to get up to the window. When inside, be on your toes as there will be a swordsman inside.

Knock him out silently and then go downstairs, look behind the painting and enter the code 824 for the safe, to complete the quest.

A Lady’s Bequest
For this quest, go through the doctor’s office and then you will need to go through the window to get the quest. Then go in to basement, you will see a shelf that you have to climb and see behind the table you will find the item for the quest.

Saving Face
Once you reach the marker, pick the lock and enter the building. Head into the basement there will be the quest item but be vary as it is protected by a trap.

You will have to use the wrench to take the plaque down and behind it you will see a switch that will deactivate the trap.

Taking the Fence
You will need the arrows to reach the house of Yellowface and the house is very well-guarded.

Go north of the street from the marker until you reach some boxes, there you will have to shoot down the bridge using the blunt arrow, then attach the rope arrow to beam that is high up and the one that is right above you.

Climb up go through the window and come outside through the other window. Then go up with the other rope and jump on the walkway, there you will see a roof very close to the objective. Shoot the other blunt arrow at the switch that is inside the room to steal everything.

Watch your step
You need to have wire cutters for this quest. Upon reaching the objective marker, enter the window. Inside you will come across two traps and you will see a box that will help you shut them off.

You have to use focus to be aware of these traps. Go straight onto the bed and interact with the box, use the wire cutter to disable the traps and complete the quest.

Medical Misery
When you have reached the objective marker, go through the window and then downstairs. There are more than one way to gain an entry, the door is the obvious one but be very cautious, there is also a vent that can be used for the quest purpose. Go in, take the medicine and your quest is complete.

The Disappearing poet
You will need wrench for this quest; you can also get Razor as it will prove helpful in stealing everything in the poet’s house. Upon reaching the marker keep moving towards the south and avoid the enemies.

When you reach the balcony, there will be guard standing at this place with one other patrolling.

Take the thin path between the buildings and make your way in by forcing the window open. Jump to a lower lever and go to a ledge to your south, there you will see a window which will grant you entry in the poet’s house.

You will have to collect the five fragments now. First one is on the cupboard on the upper floor, climb up and get it. The second one is in the chest on the upper level.

Third one is in the secret area in lower level, you will need wrench to gain access through the vent. The fourth fragment is in the desk’s drawer in the lower level.

Fifth one can be located on upper level floor to the right side of the bed, be careful while looking for it, as it is very well hidden.

A Stroke of Madness
You need razor for completing this quest. When you reach marked objective, use the rope arrow to latch onto the ledge above. This will help you get access into the apartment without any issues.

When inside grab everything and escape.

Writing Wrongs
Head towards the Stonemarket, Black furrow district.

Stay on the rooftops to gain access the authors apartment, you will not find what you are looking for here, but grab everything you can in the apartment anyway.

Go to the new location in the Clock Tower Plaza district, if you choose to take the west path there you will come across an alley that will lead to Clock tower Bookbinders.

If you examine one of the bookshelves you will come across an interactive switch, which opens a manhole to a secret place. Go down and take the manuscript to complete the quest.

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