They are Billions Resources Guide – Food, Resources, How to Collect

In this, They are Billions Resources Guide, we will guide you on all the different resources that you will be needing in They are Billions.

They are Billions is a strategic survival game in which you will create large colonies of last few survivors left on the earth and survive against never-ending hordes of the infected. To create and sustain these large colonies, you will need a large number of resources.

These resources could range from construction material to food for your survivors. We have detailed instructions regarding every resource that you can collect and how they can be collected in this They are Billions Resources Guide.

It is one of the most important elements of the game and it is vital that you are good at collecting and managing these resources.

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They are Billions Resources Collection – How to Collect

We have curated this They are Billions Resources Guide for you so that you can be a good resource manager in They are Billions. You will find details about all resource collection buildings, their requirements, and upkeep costs along with how many workers you will need for them.

We have categorized them into two major categories depending on the nature of nature. They are Food and Resources. They are Billions Resources Guide details everything there is to know about Resource Collection in They are Billions.

They are Billion Food

This category of the guide lists all the Food items that you can collect for your survivors to ensure they have plenty to eat and they do not starve inside the walls.

Hunter’s Hut

Hunter’s Hut is your basic food collection structure and it hunts animals around the hut. It requires 1 Energy and 80 Gold to build one Hunter’s Hut. It features 40 Defenses Life and 16- Health Points. It will increase your colonists by 2 and will provide varying food depending on the surrounding location.

It costs 2 Gold for maintenance and 1 power. Place them near forests and in green areas to increase their efficiency. Also, make sure that no two Hunter’s Huts are placed closer to each other as they will reduce each other’s efficiency.

Fisherman Cottage

Constructing Fisherman Cottage will allow you to catch fish from the water and store them as food for the survivors. You must build them near water bodies such as rivers and lakes and make sure that you maintain a good distance between multiple Fisherman Cottage so that they do not reduce each other’s efficiency.

They will cost you 1 Energy and 8 Gold each. It increases your colonists by 2 and provides varying level of food depending on the surrounding location. They have 160 Health Points and Defenses Life of 40. They will require 1 Power and 2 Gold for regular upkeep.


Each farm is going to cost you 4 Energy, 30 Wood, and 300 Gold to construct. Farms are used to collect grain and wheat from the surrounding locations so the efficiency is based on the location you place the farm. A well-placed farm will yield more output than a farm placed in a poor location.

Farms have 300 Health Points and 75 Defenses Life. Each farm comes with 12 settlers and will provide up to 62 food depending on the location. They will require 20 gold for upkeep and 4 Power to keep running.

They are Billions Resources

This section of the guide focuses on the resources that you can gather or mine from different sources around the map.


Sawmill is used to gather wood for construction. Almost all structures that you construct will require wood so you need to make plenty of Sawmills to ensure that you have a steady source of wood for your colony.

Each Sawmill will cost you 4 workers, 4 Energy, and 300 Gold to construct. They have 50 Defenses Life and require 4 workers to perform.


Quarries are used to mine Stone, Iron, and Gold deposits. Each Quarry costs Workers, Gold, and Wood. Once constructed they will need 6 Gold upkeep, 4 Power, and 4 Workers. They have 200 Health Points and 50 Defenses Life.

They will give varying resources depending on the location and amount of deposits located near them. For all three resource deposits, Stone, Iron, and Gold, you will construct the Quarry.

It also gives you the option of collecting different resources at the same time. Meaning a single Quarry can collect stone and gold deposits at the same time if they are located close enough saving you power and gold upkeep costs.


Oil is a late-game resource so you do not have to worry about it early in the game. Foundries are used to collect oil. Each Foundry is a heavy investment so make sure they are well protected. Foundries have 500 Health Points and 125 Defenses Life.

Each Foundry further requires 30 Power, 8 Workers and 80 Gold for upkeep. Foundries are built on the oil site and each one gives a steady amount of 5 oil.

You can also upgrade these resource collection buildings so that they provide more resources but their upkeep and power costs also increase so make sure that you keep a balance between all of them.

This concludes our They are Billions Resources Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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