They are Billions Resources Guide

In They Are Billions, the procurement and sustainable use of resources is essential for the survival and development of your colony. They Are Billions Resources Guide, we will guide you on ways to manage your resources and production in They Are Billions.

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They are Billions Resources

Resources come in multiple forms, each with its own use and utility. All resources are collected by specialized building; these building have a range of collection in which they harvest the available resources.

Therefore, it is important to place these building at the right place to make them effective. Below are all Resources along with their detailed information.

It is the most utilized resource. It is used to construct almost every early game building including defenses, housing and other structures.

Even later on in the game, at least a small amount of wood is always required to be able to build any structure.

Wood can be harvested from the forest or cactus by placing a sawmill on them. Building Power Plants lowers the wood income by 10 wood per power plant built.

Stone is initially required for the first time when the Soldier Center is built, apart from that, there is no significant use of stone in early game. However, as the game progresses to increasingly harder stages, stronger more structures come to be required to stand against attacks.

Hence stone is required mid-game for the construction of stone wall, stone houses and other structure.

Having a good stone stock and income by mid-game is necessary so you can immediately start construction whenever required. You can mine stones from the brown patches on the map that are called stone nodes.

It is the resource required in the late game when it is used to build the strongest defenses and most durable buildings.

Before that, it is only required to train Snipers and Soldiers. Iron mainly comes into use after the research at Foundry for the advanced structures has been completed.

You must have a steady Iron income in mid-game so you can efficiently utilize it in the late game to build the most advanced Tower defenses and strong units. Iron can be mined from the blue patches that are the Iron nodes.

Oil is especially a late-game resource as the Oil Platform that is used to drill oil is only available after its research has been done in the foundry which only happens in late game.

Additionally, oil is only used to upgrade building to their Advanced stage which is the most upgraded form.

Oil is also used to power the Mechanical Units such as the Titan, which are also a part of the late-game.

Oil is drawn from the Oil pools scattered around on the map by placing the oil platform on them. Oil pools only yield a limited amount of oil for each oil pool and there are only a limited number of oil pool on the map.

This means that efficiently utilizing oil is essential to the deployment of mechanical units in the field as well as the upgrade of building to advanced forms.

Gold is the most fundamental resource of all. It is used in every building, defense and unit. Gold is the foundation of your colony as all the functions and structures are either built with gold or run by it.

Every structure that you built cost some amount of gold increasing with the level of advancement of the building and every unit that is trained and deployed costs gold just the same way.

This means that the use of gold increases with the progression of the game towards the late phase as the buildings, defenses and units become more advanced and start to cost more gold.

Additionally, repair and maintenance of damaged structure requires gold. Hence, if you are low on gold, you won’t be able to repair broken building or build new houses and defenses or even replace the fallen soldier on the ground, plus the soldier will start to desert you.

Therefore, you must maintain a good economy of gold aiming to maintain a moderate to extravagant supply of it in late game where it values the most.

Gold is mined from gold nodes using Quarries and more easily; it is gained as tax revenue from the housing structure with the more developed housing yielding the greatest amount.

Other Resources

These Resources include Food, Energy and Worker; as human resource. The thing about these resources is that they are recoverable, in it that when the structure that they had been used for is made redundant, they become available for reuse.

Food is utilized by the housing structures and all the soldier units. It is collected by using fishermen and hunter cottages and farms, each of which has its range of collection. It is best that when these building are placed together, their range does not intersect, so that the yield can be maximized.

If the food supply depletes, the soldiers begin to demand 30% more gold.

Workers are used to build, run, maintain, and repair all buildings and defenses. They are the primary and only workforce in your colony. Worker are made available by building housing structure with the higher-level structure supplying greater number of workers.

Energy runs all building and mechanized structures. Energy is produced by Power Plants and Mills to meet the demand of the colony as per the number of buildings using energy.

Effective Use of Resource Building

This section of the guide focuses on all structures dealing with some of the resource buildings of your colony.

These are the buildings that will help you in managing your economy and production more efficiently. Detailed below is information on these structures along with tips on effectively using them.


All resources that you collect in the game need a safe place for storage. For this, you will need warehouses. Warehouses not only store your resources but they also boost all production structures built around it whether they are food gathering structures such as farms or resource gathering structures such as quarries.

It is recommended that you build warehouses in such locations where they cover as many production structures in its radius as possible.

Each warehouse will cost you 8 Workers, 8 energy, 40 wood, 40 stone and 400 Gold to construct. Once the warehouse is up and running, it will require 8 Workers, 8 Power and 30 Gold for upkeep.

It has 1000 Health Points and 250 Defenses Life. Each warehouse will increase the storage capacity of each resource by 50 and Gold by 2000. Any surrounding production structures will get a 20% bonus to production rate.


Markets, on the other hand, reduce the resource consumption of your survivors. Markets are built between your settlements where you have built the tents, cottages, and houses of your survivors.

Each market will reduce the food consumption by 20% of all the residential structures coming in its radius.

This is necessary as it helps you conserve the food. A market also allows you to buy and sell resources when you want. Any surplus resources that you have can be easily sold through the market for Gold and bought for Gold as well.

It also has a feature that any excess resource that cannot be stored anymore will be automatically sold for Gold. This only activates once all your storage structures are full.

A market will cost you 8 Workers, 8 energy, 30 wood, 40 stone and 400 Gold to construct.

After it is built, each market requires 8 Workers and 8 Power to work. You will also be spending 30 Gold on each market for upkeep. It has 500 Health Points and 125 Defenses Life.


This section of the guide focuses on all structures dealing with the economy of your colony.


Bank helps you in controlling your economy. Each bank requires 10 Workers, 20 energy, 50 wood, 50 stone and 1000 Gold to construct.

Once constructed, it will require 10 Workers, 20 Power for working optimally. It does not require any Gold for upkeep costs.

However, to make a bank, you must have 400 colonists living in your colony. Construct a bank in the same area as that of a market near houses, huts and tents and the bank will increase the Gold generation by 30%. It features 1000 Health Points and 250 Defenses Life.

The best way of placing both markets and banks are in residential districts. Create residential areas and put markets to reduce the amount of food consumption and banks to increase the Gold generation.

Warehouses are to be placed in the industrial districts to increase the production capabilities of all resource-gathering structures.

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