These Are the Destiny 2 Exotics Coming in Black Armory Expansion

It’s ya boy Bungie with another Destiny 2 DLC. The Destiny 2 Black Armory expansion looks to release around the timeframe of December 4th. What does it bring to the table though? 5 exotic weapons! Three of which we now know about.

Le Monarque

black armory 1

For all those Guardians that are also Hanzo mains, this is the bow for you. This baby deals damage to enemies after hitting with a perfect draw. If said draw is also a precision hit, nearby enemies are also affected by the pestilence. This is comparable to the Thorn hand cannon from Destiny 1 but isn’t as fast due to being a bow and arrow. So don’t expect to own PvP with this. PvE though, definitely a good pick.

It can still be used in PvP to get those picks on low health guardians that barely escape. The damage over time is also a good way for the user of the weapon to stay away from taking risks to get that finishing blow. Plus of course, this exotic gets to showcase the introduction of bows as a weapon type in Forsaken.

Izanagi’s Burden

black armory 2

This sniper rifle is for the Widowmaker mains out there and has an interesting modification to it. The bullets of the entire magazine can be combined into one extra thicc bullet. This bullet does much more damage and has an enhanced range as well. Bungie compared this sniper to Whisper of the Worm in terms of damage potential.

Did I mention you can kill things with one body shot too? It’s basically a choice between more shots for more chances. Or one shot where you need to make it count.


black armory 3
Finally, the Anarchy grenade launcher which takes the designs of a Fallen looking weapon. Sort of reminiscent of the Lord of Wolves. Projectiles fired from this bad boy stick to surfaces and send bolts across them. Good tool for either crowd control with large groups, or even a protective shield against attacks.

These are the three new exotics we’ve confirmed to be in the new expansion. There’s still three left to actually find in game. Fasten your seatbelts and strap in for another exotic loot quest. Hopefully, we get a nice exotic hand-cannon to go with these three monsters.

Might as well get ready for the exotic grind no? here’s a helpful guide.

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