There’s No Xbox One VR Project or Device in Microsoft’s Plans

With Sony betting high on PlayStation VR, Nintendo “looking at” a VR solution, PC giants Valve going all in with HTC Vive and Facebook with Oculus Rift, it is only natural to inquire about the last remaining competitor i.e. Microsoft. However, it appears they have no plans for an Xbox One VR device.

Although we agree they they are investing heavily on the augmented reality based headset, HoloLens, but that is something altogether different from a gaming based VR headset with the likes of the aforementioned.

Yet, it seems like the way forward in the mind of Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox at Microsoft, doesn’t shout out Xbox One VR. He says that as far as Windows 10 is concerned, they are devoted to prove it as an open and supportive platform for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others, but they are not focused on bringing virtual reality to Xbox One.

We’re not really focused right now on adding a VR device to Xbox One. We’re really more focused on the open ecosystem of Windows. We see Oculus and HTC and Valve and other people doing great work on Windows and we’re supportive of that. We want all of these devices to run incredibly well. We’re watching how VR evolves. We’re participating – we have Minecraft and other things that we’re working on in the VR space and with HoloLens as well. Specifically on Xbox One, we’re not really focused on bringing a device to that platform.

This doesn’t just mean that there will be no Microsoft made VR device for their console but also that we won’t see a tie-in with the existing contenders.

All this leaves us with HoloLens and Microsoft’s endeavors into the world of augmented reality. While their Young Conker demonstration has pissed off more people than it impressed, we are now betting that they will soon turn the headset towards their console so that we can talk about an Xbox One AR solution instead of an Xbox One VR solution.

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