There Will Be No Shenmue 3 On Nintendo Switch According To Series Creator

Shenmue 3 is one of those games fans are excited to see coming this year. What we cannot help but wonder though is whether or not we’ll see it on Nintendo’s hybrid console too. According to series creator, Shenmue 3 on Nintendo Switch won’t be happening.

The third installment to the famous Sega RPG franchise is coming back this year and with it come great expectations. Yu Suzuki, the creator of the series has recently done an interview with talking more Shenmue 3. He still expects the game to come out this year, however, a version of it on Nintendo Switch won’t be happening.

Even if Shenmue 3 really doesn’t see the light of day on Switch, fans won’t give up that easily. There’s already a petition on asking for 1000 signatures for its Switch port. The campaign reads:

The Nintendo Switch for all intensive purposes is the closest we will ever get to a “Dreamcast 2” with the same level of love and detail, basically the same controller and level of innovation. Shenmue 3 coming out on the Switch will make long time fans feel less alienated as they would already be used to the controller and the ability to take Shenmue 3 with you to work or to bed even would be amazing. The Switch is really the first primarily gaming system in a long while. (Since the Dreamcast actually) This is a match made in heaven. Nintendo’s newest system is selling out everywhere. It is another avenue to sell to and a whole other group to crowdfund from. Please consider these things and sign.

Shenmue 3 is one of those titles that deserve a spot in our Nintendo Switch library, even though we’ll probably never get the chance of playing it on our hybrid console. For what it’s worth the game is releasing hopefully this year on Playstation¬†4 and PC.

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