There Will Only Be One Elden Ring Mount, According To Leaker

One of the fun things about open-world RPGs is that more often than not there are a variety of creative mounts you can use to ride around the game’s world. Unfortunately, Elden Ring is not one of these. According to a From Software leaker, there is only one Elden Ring mount.

The leaker, who goes by Omnipotent and has a reputation for being very reliable, says that the only mount available in the game to traverse its vast open world will be a “Yakul” or “Red Elk”, possibly in a reference to Hayao Miyazaki’s film Princess Mononoke where the protagonist, Prince Ashitaka, rode an ibex-like creature of the same name.

However, even with the disappointing news about the mounts in Elden Ring, we may end up getting something else about the game in the near future. In the same forum where he dropped the information about the Elden Ring mount, he also posted a meme picture that might hint to us getting a new trailer soon.

While various games journalists have said that Elden Ring won’t be at E3 this year, there are a few indications that that might not actually be the case. Bandai Namco is mentioned to be attending this year’s E3 in the event’s official website, and a leaked trailer for Elden Ring had previously been shown in-house at From Software.

Since Elden Ring first was revealed at E3 2019, we’ve heard essentially nothing about it other than small leaks from time to time, along with vague statements from people like Phil Spencer who were able to see the game themselves.

Even if the news about the Elden Ring mount turns out to be disappointing, hopefully this summer will finally let us get a new look at Elden Ring after two years of silence from From Software. Until then, all we can do is wait and hope that the game will appear in at least some form, even if it doesn’t come out this year.