There Is A Chance Your Progress May Not Carry Over from Red Dead Online Beta

Red Dead Online had its beta start yesterday and of course, players poured in. One question on everyone’s minds though, as with every beta, is if the progress transfers over when the main game is released?

Rockstar has warned the players and fans that there is a chance their progress may be lost. According to Rockstar Games, they shouldn’t get too attached to their Red Dead Online characters, since they may not transfer to the main game.

But when does Red Dead Online come out? That’s another thing Rockstar expressed their thoughts on. Since the game is most likely going to be in its beta stage for a long time.

A major purpose of the Red Dead Online Beta is to ease the influx of players that’ll be jumping into the online server. The company wants the game to be absolutely complete before fully releasing.

Red Dead Online’s beta testing aims to be more of a proper test run, rather than a promotional thing to attract players to the upcoming game mode.

The focus is to ease the servers into welcoming the large player base, as well as preview how the online honor system works. As well as how optimized and balanced the game modes are. They also might be seeing how the monetization could work with the Red Dead Online microtransactions.

Rockstar added that Red Dead Online plans to take possibly a couple of months till it exits the beta phase. This means players may have to wait a while before properly putting focus into their Online characters. Since a stat reset may take place.

Until then though, players do at least have the Red Dead Online Beta to occupy themselves with. As well as the vast open world of the single-player game itself. That’s not gonna get tiring anytime soon.

Hopefully, Rockstar doesn’t botch this up the same way Fallout 76 did. And we get the proper Red Dead Online experience that the beta is gonna make us wait for.

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