There Will Be Anthem Demo Differences From The Full Game, Here’s How

BioWare’s Anthem game is getting closer and closer to release on February 22, and so it’s almost time for the studio to begin putting out their demo and beta periods. However, they won’t be indicative of what the game will look like, and here’s how the Anthem demo differences stack up.

To start off with, according to Twitter answers from executive producer Mike Darrah, you won’t be starting from the ground up. Instead, you’ll be starting at Level 10, allowing you to have a lot of abilities to choose from and try out as you play. This also allows you to experiment, as there aren’t any tutorials and you won’t be able to create your character either through the game’s “pilot picker.”

Along with being able to do a few missions, you’ll also be able to walk around Fort Tarsis a little, which also means you’ll be getting exposed to the in-game economy, which will also be much different in the actual fully-released game.

The Anthem demo differences also mean that the beta won’t be indicative of the quality of the final game. Instead, it will be seen more as a “snapshot” of what the game was at the end of 2018. This means that the demo would be missing six weeks’ worth of bug fixes, the gameplay balance between strongholds, missions, and freeplay will be off, PC controls will be less nuanced, and other things have been renamed for clarity in the actual game.

Darrah also went more into the microtransactions that will be available in the game. Unlike other EA games like in Battlefront 2 before release, microtransactions in the game will be much like Destiny 2’s, mainly in that they’ll exclusively be vanity items that you can use to trick out and customize your Javelins.

If you’ve pre-ordered Anthem, you can look at the Anthem demo differences when the VIP demo becomes available this coming Sunday on January 25, until January 27. However, another demo, this one intended for all players, will be available a week after, from February 1 to February 3.

Hopefully the Anthem demo gameplay gives the game a good image, and hopefully the game will be successful enough on release to help redeem BioWare from the very underwhelming Mass Effect: Andromeda. Anthem comes out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on February 22.