The Wonderful 101 Unite Morphs Guide

The main form of combat in the game comes in the form of Unite Morphs. A unite morph is basically as bunch of Wonderful Ones that have united and transformed into an object or weapon that can then be used by the leader of the Wonderful 101 group.

You use Unite Morphs by going into the Wonder Liner and drawing out certain shapes. You learn many of these as you progress through the game, such as Wonder-Red’s Unite Hand, which is formed by creating a loop or a circle using the Wonder Liner.

You can form Wonder Blue’s sword by using the Wonder Liner to draw a straight line. Aside from the seven main Unite Morphs used by the team, you have the option to learn up to 14 other Morphs, and we have them listed here.

Unite Chain
This is one of the first Unite Morphs that you learn. Basically what happens if that you extend the Wonder Liner from one edge to another across some sort of gap. This will create a chain that you can then use to cross the chasm. A variation of it allows you to create a Ladder that lets you go up vertical surfaces.

Unite Glider
Another Unite Morph that helps you in getting about, the Unite Glider will only find use in very special circumstances. You absolutely need it for certain mission and boss fights but outside of those particular moment its best to pretend like you don’t have it at all. It has no use on the ground whatsoever.

Unite Guts
You can purchase this Unite Morph from the Wonder Mart, and you probably should, as it’s definitely one of the most useful. This unite morph basically turns you and your team into a giant, blue, diamond hard piece of cake. Literally.

In this form you’re immune to all but the strongest of enemy attacks. You can vary the strength of the technique by changing the amount of heroes you put in it. You also need to be able to time it well, since it uses up Unite Gauge at a pretty rapid rate.

Unite Spikes
An upgrade for the Unite Guts, this basically creates large spikes on the sides of your cake when you transform, dealing significant damage to any enemy units that attempt to target you. The spikes are produced when you are attacked while in the Unite Guts form.

Unite Spring
This Unite Morph contributes to your mobility in the midst of battle. It can also be purchased from the Wonder Mart and is one of the forms you should probably get as soon as you can. It lets you dodge attacks by springing out of the way of the assault. However you need at least ten heroes on the team to do so. Evading an attacks gives you a bonus to the combo multiplier.

Unite Drill Spring
An upgraded form of the Unite Spring, this one also has some offensive ability added onto the move. The drill is quite powerful and will easily pass through most enemies unless they are possessing very heavy or spiked armor.

Unite Blade Glider
This upgrade is also purchasable from the Wonder Mart. It doesn’t really do much, simply adds some blades onto the Glider. You can use it to maintain juggle combos but it’s really not worth the effort.

Unite Ball
Unite ball is another mobility morph. You can use it directly after unite spring to put some distance between you and your foe. It’s also needed to access some hidden areas that contain collectibles.

Unite Spike Ball
It’s pretty much what it says, the Unite Ball gets some fashionable spikes to surround it while you roll around. This allows you to deal some damage to enemies by simply rolling over them as you go, but keep in mind that it won’t protect you from incoming attacks like Unite Guts will.

Unite Rocket
Unite Rocket is a weird and very situational kind of Morph ability. It basically transforms your team and you into a large rocketship, which then blasts off into the sky. It has few combat uses, and is mainly only meant to be used to reach areas that are otherwise hard to access. You get more height by charging up the rocket for longer.

Unite Tombstone
This may make the Unite Rocket somewhat effective as part of a two-part combo. The Unite Tombstone transforms you into a large tombstone. This may not seem also that effective but it is very heavy, thus if dropped on a foe from on high you can do significant damage to all but the toughest of enemies like the Megang or Gehdowns.

Unite Camp
A Utility Morph, the Unite Camp allows you to restore your Unite Gauge to full over a period of time. Furthermore, it can ‘supercharge’ the unite gauge, making the bar silver and making all of your other unite morphs come out at maximum strength no matter what sized wonder liner you drew to make them.

Wonderful Forever
This Unite Morph only becomes available for purchase after you’ve already beat the game one.

By drawing a large ‘W’ with the wonder liner, you can transform your team into a large Wonderful 100 logo that fires a powerful laser at the enemy. It pierces through any and all enemies but is slow to turn, so you may leave yourself open for a flank. It will also completely drain you of your Unite Gauge.

Platinum Forever
Similar to the Wonderful Forever, ability is only available for purchase after completing the game. It requires a full team of 100 heroes to execute.

Draw a ‘P’ with the wonder liner and your heroes will transform into a large Platinastar logo and start spinning. After the spin, they release a large explosion that deals heavy damage to everything around you.

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