The Wonderful 101 Tips and Strategy Guide

The Wonderful 101
One of the best things to get featured in The Wonderful 101 is its ability to take in your imagination during the combat. There is a wide range of weapons at your disposal and it is entirely up to you to use them in any fashion you want!

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The Wonderful 101 Tips and Strategy

Wonderful Mart

The first play-through of the game is relatively difficult because you don’t have access to all your weapons and Wonderful Mart doesn’t help either. We have compiled a list of items, Custom Blocks, Unite Morphs, and Skills that will help out most during the Story mode.

The items that we would recommend you from the items include:

  • Wonderful Cakes to Go
  • Treasure Sensor

Keeping a stock of Wonderful Cakes to Go with you wherever you go is always a good idea. This gives you the ability to fill up your Unite Gauge quicker rather than having to wait for it.

As for the Treasure Sensor, it gives you the ability to find the hidden supplies during the mission. Pretty straightforward. Isn’t it?

Unite Morphs
The Unite Morphs that we would advise you to get are:

  • Unite Guts
  • Unite Spring
  • Unite Ball
  • Unite Spikes
  • Unite Camp
  • Unite Drill Spring
  • Unite Spike Ball

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Custom Blocks
There are a number of Custom Blocks which you could use so as to make your first play-through of the game relatively easy. And these Custom Blocks are:

  • Speed Charge
  • Unite Charge
  • Energy Converter
  • Hero Time
  • Hero Counter
  • Hero Sense
  • Dodge Mine
  • Double Power

To know how each of these Custom Blocks work; check out our separate guide on Custom Blocks.

The advisable skills are:

  • Attack Liner
  • Formation Charge

There are a total of three skills that you can choose from and we think these two will work best! We haven’t mentioned Speed Liner but that doesn’t make it useless.

The reason we haven’t mentioned it is that it doesn’t come in handy during the first play-through of the game. However, while playing 101% Hard, there is nothing better than this!

With Formation Charge, you would be able to stun some particular enemies much faster and thus; allowing you to kill more enemies in a short duration of time.

Wonderful Combat

The tactics given below are to give you an outlook on how to get most of your hero’s abilities. However, you should note that some of the abilities mentioned below would unlock quite later in the game.

Lethal Multipurpose Wonder-Liner
What you need to do is to buy Attack Liner and Energy Converter Custom Block. Doing this will allow you to hit your enemies with the Wonder-Liner along with recharging your Unite Gauge.

Almost Infinite Juggles
The first thing that we would advise you is to try these juggles on some large enemies. As they are big in size; the moves don’t usually go wayward. These juggles can be executed the moment you unlock the Wonderful-Rising ability.

The first thing that you need to do is to launch a stunned enemy into the air.

After that jump to reach them and execute one or two moves to keep them in the air for a short period of time. And finally use your Unite Sword units to perform the juggle.

If you do it carefully enough; you can ‘catch’ the enemy and execute another Wonderful-Rising to maintain an almost endless combo.

This gets even better with the use of Unite Bomb which slows down the time your enemy takes to drop; giving you a chance to perform some more moves while the enemy is in the air.

Hero Sense And Hero Time Shenanigans
Hero Sense and Hero Time are few of the most useful Custom Blocks in the game.

Check out our detailed guide on Custom Blocks to know more about using these abilities them.

Dodge Minefield
Dodge Minefield allows you to place a mine with each use of Unite Spring. Slow enemies down using the Unite Bomb and place a bunch of mines to engage the enemies.

Furthermore, equip yourself with Attack Liner and Energy Converter to refill your Unite Gauge faster.

Unite Hammer Time
Unite Sword works great on smaller enemies. The best way to use it is by lengthening it to maximum length and then swinging it on enemies. However, when enemies become tougher and equipped with armor; the Unite Sword doesn’t help much. This is where Unite Hammer comes to your aid.

Charge the Hammer to maximum level and then use Wonderful-Rising to rise into the air and smash your enemies with a massive blow!

Unite Claw
Although Unite Claw isn’t much useful when it comes to executing endless combos and high damage but its ability to freeze enemies in their position definitely worth it. It also provides excellent support to other Unite abilities.

In addition to that, there are many enemies which require you to specifically use Unite Claw in order to break their defenses and expose their weaknesses.

Unite Whip
Unite Whip does do a lot of damage to the stun enemies but it also removes them from the effect of the stun. So if you fail to finish them off in one hit; they will begin fighting back.

Therefore, we would advise you to use it with Wonderful-Rising; use Wonderful-Rising to raise the enemies into the air and then attack them with Unite Whip to do the maximum damage.

Share your own strategies and tactics with us in the Comment Section below!

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