The Wonderful 101 Items and Upgrades Guide – How To Find

There are a bunch of items in The Wonderful 101 that you can search for and find as you go about protecting the ‘Dearth’ from the forces of the Guild of Evil Aliens Terrorizing Humans with Jiggawatt bombs, Energy beams, Ray guns, and Killer lasers (GEATHJERK).

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The Wonderful 101 Items

Many of the items in The Wonderful 101 are consumables that can be used to restore stuff like health and the unite gauge.

This guide will list and describe the various items you can find, their uses and possible locations to find them. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Wonderful Noodle Soup
There are three sizes of Wonderful Noodle Soup, and they come in two types. The Small, Standard and Super sized soups restore a small, standard and large amount of vitality for your Wonderful Ones.

The two types that they can be found in are the normal and the Wonderful Noodle Soup To Go. The To Go version does basically the same thing as the regular version (i.e restoring vitality) except you can pick and choose when to use it by going into the status screen.

Wonderful Cake
This is almost the same exact thing as the noodle soup, except it restores your Unite Gauge instead of your vitality. Like the Noodle Soup it comes in three sizes and two varieties. Sizes are Small, Standard and Super while the varieties are regular and To Go.

The To Go versions can be used at any time, not just when you pick them up.

Wonderful Steak
A very rare find, Wonderful Steaks are usually given as rewards for getting all five Platinum Coins in an operation, and can also be crafted using the item mixer.

These Steaks, when used, make you completely invulnerable to all kinds of damage for a short duration. However, the tradeoff is that it permanently lowers the grade that you’ll be getting at the end of the operation.

If you just want to be able to get though an annoying section of the game feel free to use it but if you care about the score at the end never do so.

Wonderful Parfait
The Unite Gauge counterpart to the Wonderful Steak, this does pretty much the same thing by giving you unlimited Unite gauge but reducing your score at the end of the operation.

Hero Heart Fragments and Hero Hearts
These Hero Heart Fragments can be found hidden throughout the operations. Every time you manage to locate four of these they combine into a Hero Heart and permanently increase your total Vitality, while at the same time restoring the gauge to full.

Fire Victory Torpedo
This weapon has a one-time use after which it is consumed. What it does is that it immediately lights all the enemies on the screen on fire and damages them heavily. It’s useful in a pinch, but will lower your overall score later.

Thunder Victory Torpedo
The thunder version of the Fire Victory Torpedo, this does basically the same thing. Hurts enemies, lowers rank.

Shocking Red
Similar to the torpedoes, except this does not deal damage. Instead this will stun all the enemies on the screen at the cost of a rank level.

Justice Missile
You get a single Justice Missile for every 100 citizens that you recruit. It’s a very powerful weapon, but require you to activate it, then guide it to the target using the gamepad. There are no penalties to the rank you get at the end of the operation but you are left vulnerable when guiding the weapon.

Wonderful Dummy
Sort of like a second life, this Wonderful Dummy is a very rare item that takes your place on the battlefield if your vitality drops to zero. You can only have a maximum of three of these in total and I must reiterate that it’s one of the rarest items.

Wonderful Card
This item can only be obtained by using the most expensive crafting recipe, which consists of 30 space peppers, carrots and eggplants. This will give you the Wonderful card that will allow you to buy any item from the Wonderful Mart at no charge.

You can use it to get the most expensive unite morphs and custom blocks using it.

The Wonderful 101 Items – Where to find

Most of these items, when found in the Operations, are located inside of some hidden locations that only be accessed through the Wonder Liner. Examples include dead flower beds that come to life when you use the wonder liner to draw a circle around them.

When these flowers are revived they give you items.

You can also use the wonder liner to explore and search inside windows, manholes and buildings that you cannot access by yourself. After that you should look for the Wonderful Toilets, which are like little white cylindrical buildings that are actually secret supply stations for Wonderful Ones to use. Send in the heroes to get the goodies!

You can also use the Unite Hammer to smash open certain containers that you couldn’t scratch before.

These containers are invincible to all but the Unite Hammer’s powerful blow. You need Wonder-Yellow to use it, so you won’t be able to crack open these containers until playing Operation 003.

Another type of container are the Centinel Supply boxes, which can only be opened by the appropriate Wonderful Attack. Look at the color of the box, and use the appropriate attack. For example, a red box will require a Unite Hand from Wonder-Red.

The Wonderful 101 Item Upgrades

Wonderful Mart Unite Morphs

These Unite Morphs can be purchased from the Wonderful mart, and are separate from the 7 main ones in the Operations. There are 12 more here available for purchase, and you can get them after completing certain operations.

  • Platinum Forever – 1,000,000p
  • Unite Ball – 100,000p
  • Unite Blade Glider – 200,000p
  • Unite Camp – 500,000p
  • Unite Drill Spring – 600,000p
  • Unite Guts – 15,000p
  • Unite Rocket – 150,000p
  • Unite Spike Ball – 500,000p
  • Unite Spikes – 250,000p
  • Unite Spring – 30,000p
  • Unite Tombstone – 300,000p
  • Wonderful Forever – 1,000,000p

Wonderful Mart Custom Blocks

These can be purchased from the wonder mart and allow you to enhance your abilities in and outside of Unite Morphs, granting you greater flexibility in combat

  • Auto-Guts – 300,000p
  • Dodge Mine – 400,000p
  • Double Power – 500,000p
  • Energy Converter – 100,000p
  • Healing Guts – 200,000p
  • Hero Counter – 600,000p
  • Hero Sense – 900,000p
  • Hero Time – 600,000p
  • Item Catcher – 200,000p
  • Safeguard – 500,000p
  • Speed Charge – 500,000p
  • Ukemi – 800,000p
  • Unite Charge – 800,000p

Wonder Mart Skills

These are unique skills that you can purchase from the Wonder Mart. They are kind of expensive but there are only 3.

  • Attack Liner – 150,000p
  • Formation Charge – 500,000p
  • Speed Liner – 300,000p

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