The Wonderful 101 Custom Blocks Guide

You start the game with only one Custom Block that you can put onto your Wonderful Medallion, however, you really want to get your hands on more, since they can really give you a lot of options when you’re playing The Wonderful 101.

These blocks give you special abilities and enhance your hero, changing your entire playstyle.

Examples include the Hero Counter, which eliminates the need for you to dodge every attack and instead allows you to parry them instead. In this guide we’ve made a detailed list of all these blocks for your benefit.

Speed Charge
This Custom Block boosts the rate at which the Unite Gauge refills itself. That’s pretty much it.

Unite Charge
This Custom Block is quite useful as it allows you to draw any size of attack using the wonder liner and then charge up its potency by holding down the unite morph button. You still need to have enough people and Unite gauge to use the empowered ability.

Energy Converter
This block is actually quite useful, though you may not realize it immediately. The basic gist of it is that if your vitality meter is full, your Unite Gauge will refill if you pick up a health item, and if your Unite Gauge is full, any effects that restore Unite Gauge will instead refill your Vitality meter.

This custom block sacrifices Unite Gauge to reduce the amount of damage you receive from an attack by half.

Double Power
A sort of double-edged sword, this block makes it so that your Unite Gauge attacks deal twice as much damage. However, the tradeoff is that they also cost twice as much Unite Gauge. This is a block you might want to consider on the higher difficulties as the enemies will have a lot more health then.

Item Catcher
This custom block makes it so that every time you stop an attack using the Unite Guts the enemy that attacked you will drop an item. This works on any and every enemy attack and is useful throughout the game.

Healing Guts
Somewhat similar to the item Catcher, this custom block, when equipped, heal you whenever you successfully block an attack. However, the healing comes at a price of some Unite Gauge. You only want to use this block if you have a defensive style of play.

This Custom Block basically gives you an automatic defense against attacks. This Block will cause your Unite Guts defense to flare up whenever you get attacked. However, it costs quite a bit of Unite Gauge whenever you use it.

Dodge Mine
Every time you use the Unite Spring when you have the Dodge Mine custom block equipped, you’ll leave an explosive mine on the ground. When you combine this with Unite bomb’s time-dilation, you can place a large number of these very quickly.

Hero Time
If you have the hero Time custom block, you can use Unite spring just before an enemy attack lands to slow down time. This is a very useful block, and you can use the extra time you get to do all manner of things such as getting out of the way or initiating a counter.

Hero Sense
This is the Time-Dilation version of auto guts, and it basically does the same thing. Just as you are about to take damage this effect will kick in, slowing down time at the cost of a lot of Unite Charge to enable a defense or counterattack.

If you have this custom block, you can completely nullify one attack by simply jumping up before it lands. Alongside hero counter, this block will allow you to survive the kind of monstrous enemies you face.

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