The Wonderful 101 Centinels ‘Abilities’ Guide

The Wonderful 101
Wonderful 100 comprises of 100 members who fight for survival of our world. However, there are seven additional heroes which appear at different times in the Story mode.

These seven heroes are equipped with powers needed to destroy the enemies of our world. For more help on The Wonderful 101, read our Items Crafting, Multiplayer Challenges and Unlockables Guide.

The Wonderful 101 Centinels

Wonder-Red – The Crimson Fist

The Wonder-Red has Vulcan Knuckles at his disposal. Will Wedgewood is just another school teacher who teaches students at a school.

Holding an undying desire to bring forth justice on our world; Will joins the Centinels where he is known as Wonder-Red. Being a leader of all the seven Centinels; Wonder-Red performs different tasks and his Vulcan Knuckles crush everyone in his path.

Unite Hand
Unite Hand can be activated by drawing a circle with your Wonder-Liner.

When fully charged; Unite Hand can bring about the doom of swarms of enemies. The only drawback of this ability is that it has a very short range especially when compared to Unite Sword.

Another thing that Unite Hand is capable of doing is its ability to take in fire and use it against enemies and solving different puzzles.

Wonderful Stinger
Wonder Stinger actually sends out a wave of Unite Hand towards your enemies. Thus; hitting most of them almost at the same time. But owning to its short range; most of the defensive enemies can avoid it.

Wonderful Rising
Once you have stunned your enemies successfully; you can then use Wonderful Rising on them to raise them into the air. In this way, you would be able to reach out to them and perform some juggle moves. However, we would advise you to be close to the stunned enemies before using the Wonderful Rising.

Wonderful Cyclone
Using this ability will use Unite Hand and whirl it around enemies like a cyclone. The range is again a problem here but the damage this ability does is worth it!

Wonderful-Blue – The Supersonic Blade

The weapon at Wonderful-Blue’s disposal is Valiantium Blade.

A current officer of LAPD has landed Elliot as the special agent of Centinels as Wonderful-Blue. Wonderful-Blue take nothing into consideration before jumping into a battle. However, he do listen to his comrades who have proven themselves to him.

As for Wonderful-Red; he still has to prove himself to Wonderful-Blue leading to some tension between the two warriors.

Unite Sword
Unite Sword can be activated by drawing a straight line with Wonder-Liner.

An extremely useful weapon in combat; Unite Sword has pretty impressive range and can cut through anything as if it was nothing. It does have a small damage when compared to Unite Hand but the amazing range makes up for it. The range also comes in handy while executing large combos.

Another important ability of Unite Sword is that it can take in electricity and deflect the LASER back to its source.

Combine Unite Sword with Wonderful-Stinger and you would definitely love the results. As I have already mentioned that Unite Sword have an amazing range but using it with Wonderful-Stinger will make it even more deadlier and the damage will also be increased.

Few of the best combos in the game can only be executed by using Unite Sword and Wonderful-Rising at the same time. The amazing range of Unite Sword will make sure that each hit by your sword hit the target. Use the Wonderful-Rising and then slash your enemies back to the ground.

The range on Unite Sword makes Wonderful-Cyclone much improved than the Unite Hand version. It is an ideal ability to take large groups of small enemies with relative ease.

Wonder-Green – Le Sniper Supérieur

The weapon at Wonder-Green’s disposal is Christine Daaé

This young and bulky student when takes on the role of a Centinel is known as Wonder-Green. Wonder-Green specialty as a Cenitel is of a sniper. Just like Wonder-Blue; Wonder-Green doesn’t like Wonder-Red as he has not proven himself. But the affection he holds is for Wonder-Pink.

Unite Gun
Drawing a L-shape with Wonder-Liner will activate Unite Gun.

One of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game. Unite Gun absorbs the nearby heroes and shoots them onto the enemies. A fully charged Unite Gun takes in the whole force of your heroes and throws them over your enemies. Your heroes then start climbing and defeating the foes. It is definitely a good ability to use against smaller enemies.

The special ability of Unite Gun lets you take the Fire Cannons by the enemies and shoot them back to them.

Wonderful-Stinger is an excellent ability to stun and take out defensive enemies from a long range. Along with that, it is also one of the best abilities to keep your enemies in the air.

With this ability, the Unite Gun users will use their gun to launch the enemies in the air and then keeping them that way. In this way, you would be able to do large combos with minimum effort.

Use this ability to shoot your teammates revolve around your leader and move to large distances. This ability does do a lot of damage but eventually it becomes difficult to recover your scattered enemies.

Wonder-Pink – The Queen of Rage

The weapon at her disposal is Beautiful Whip.

Mariana is just an ordinary school-girl who cares less about world and more about her chatting with friends, attending parties, and following the latest trends. However, as Wonder-Pink, she is one of the most brutal fighters in the Centinels.

Unite Whip
Unite Whip can be activated by drawing a wavy line.

Unite Whip enjoys far more range than Unite Sword and Unite Hand. It also has pretty decent damage but it should only be used for killing individuals as the attack is very focused and doesn’t perform well on large number of enemies at a given time.

Unite Whip also has an ability to clang onto things like cranes. You can also pickup large stunned enemies and smash them into an object to deal decent amount of damage.

Wonderful Stinger
Although Wonderful Stinger is pretty much slower than the other melee attacks; it still has a very good range advantage. It can cling itself onto different object; given that those objects are within your range.

Wonderful Rising
Wonderful Rising can lift enemies into the air for large combos with Unite Whip. The Unite Whip doesn’t have as good damage as Unite Sword or Unite Hand but definitely works fine for targeting individual enemies.

Wonderful Cyclone
A fairly long Unite Whip can give Wonderful Cyclone a pretty decent range which can wipe off groups of smaller enemies with ease.

Wonder-Yellow – The Hammering Russkie

The weapon at his disposal is Peta-Peta Hammer.

Despite of being a Centinel, Wonder-Yellow is a veteran for Russia. A strong soldier on battlefield; his Peta-Peta Hammer can crush through anything in his path.

Unite Hammer
Draw a straight line and then a circle in order to activate Unite Hammer.

Unite Hammer is one of those weapon with insane damage with the combination of decent range. It can’t be used to deliver long combos but its each strike will take out even the strongest enemies. Even the armored ones don’t stand a chance in front of it.

The special abilities of Unite Hammer include blocking the Artillery Barrages from above and it can also retrieve hidden treasures.

Wonderful Stinger
Like Unite Hammer, the attack is considerably sluggish. It certainly enjoys a massive damage but when it comes to range and delay to execute an attack; it’s not that good.

Wonderful Rising
Delay is again an issue here but combing Wonderful Rising with Hammer is surely something to opt for! Get to a good height and pound upon your enemies with the charged hammer attack for maximum damage.

Wonderful Cyclone
Despite of its short range; Wonderful Cyclone can yield good amount of damage. It is also quite slow when it comes to executing the attack; so we would advise you to combine it with other attacks; just to be on the safe side.

Wonder-White – The Claws of Calamity

The weapons at this Centinel’s disposal are Dantenmaru and Zanjimaru.

Incredibly fast and master of Wonder-Ryu martial art, Momoe is crazy sometimes. With the twin claws at his disposal; a very few heroes are a match against him.

Unite Claw
Draw a zigzag line with your Wonder-Liner in order to activate the Unite Claw.

The attacks which Unite Claw delivers are so fast that it would look like the Wonder-White is revolving around them at lightening fast speed. The same is the case in the mid-air. The claws cut down deep inside the enemies and are able to freeze the enemies. The only drawback of Unite Claw is that it doesn’t build combo multiplayer which is a shame.

The special ability of Unite Claw is that it can break open locked doors which come in very handy while taking on Hah-Gonay GEATHJERK.

Wonderful Stinger
Unlike the other Wonderful Stinger; this hero’s stinger doesn’t push your Centinel in the forward direction. Instead, it creates a blast wave which even travels in the air until the last enemy. It is surely not advisable when going for large combos but it can be used to get into the fray.

Wonderful Rising
Just like Unite Claw, Wonderful Stinger doesn’t have that impressive of a range but it can be used to launch an enemy into the air and then attacking it so many times that they’ll be frozen by the time you finish attacking.

Wonderful Cyclone
Wonderful Cyclone is a very handy ability when it is used with elongated claws. The best way to use it is in the middle of a combo so that it keeps an enemy in its place while you set up other Unite Morphs.

Wonder-Black – The 8-bit Enchanter

The weapon at his disposal is the Time Bomb.

When not saving the world, Wonder-Black is a college student by the name of Krishna. His craze for video games and technology has led him to create so many impressive inventions which are used by the other Centinels. You will often see Wonder-Black pre-occupied with his favorite handheld video game device. But while in the fray, nothing stands in his way.

Unite Bomb
Draw a circle and then a straight line with your Wonder-Liner in order to activate the Unite Bomb.

I agree that there are some disadvantages of using Unite Bomb as it drains you out of your Unite Gauge but you have to agree with me that it is extremely useful in the battleground due to its ability of slowing the enemies down. When it comes to executing the combos with the Unite Bomb, it is considerably difficult but you can set them up by combining other attacks.

Wonderful Stinger
Wonderful Stinger allows you to throw your bombs to fairly large distances making it an ideal choice for taking out evasive enemies.

Wonderful Rising
Wonder Rising allows you to throw your bomb in the air to get the air-borne enemies.

Wonderful Cyclone
Ever been in a situation where you get overwhelmed by enemies all around you?! Wonder-Black’s Wonderful Cycle is your best bet in these situations. It allows you to throw three bombs all around you.

We would advise you to use Unite Camp in order to charge your Unite Gauge and then throwing in the most gigantic bombs.

Have we missed out anything? Do let us know in the Comment Section below and we will update it!

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