The Witness Appears to Have Motion Sickness Issues, A Patch Should Fix That

The Witness is one of those games that people probably don’t think they will like, but then have invested hours in just working out the puzzles available to them. As well as the puzzles, the game has apparently been giving people motion sickness as well.

Based on a news item from PC Gamer it appears the developers have become aware of this sickness issue and have worked to make improvements to the game to fix it. Just looking at Reddit shows that there are many people suffering with the issue.

Thankfully a fix has been released that should deal with any sickness that players are having. As you can see in the patch notes thread on Steam an “Experimental Anti-Motion-Sickness Update” is in the works that will hopefully fix it. From the updates over the last few days though, you can see that this is not yet included:

“3 Februrary 2016, 6:17pm:
Set the ‘default’ build to the newest ‘future’ mentioned below, so people should get all mentioned fixes by default. We are now working on a new batch of stuff to go into the next ‘future’.

3 February 2016, 11:56 am:
We have worked around the driver crashes that were preventing us from updating the game. So we are back to straightforward updates. We have modified the ‘future’ branch to have these fixes:
Fixed a rendering glitch on Intel Iris Graphics 540.
Modified one of the puzzles where some people were feeling stuck and locked in, to provide more of a visual clue to how to get out.
Made the sound effects in one (SPOILER) puzzle a little easier to hear.
Fixed incorrect images on a few of the (SPOILER) icons.
Fixed some artifacts with dynamic resolution rendering.
Fixed a few collision issues.”

If you are suffering from the sickness and are wanting to get the patch as soon as possible, be sure to set your beta patch in Steam for that game to “future” that will make sure that you get the latest update. Hopefully that will fix any sickness problems you may have.

Are you having issues with motion sickness with The Witness? Let us know in the comments section below.

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