The Witcher Officially Announced As The Guest Character For Soul Calibur 6

It is time to go crazy, The Witcher game fans will have another chance to play Geralt of Rivia aka White Wolf in another game. Many names one character, the Witcher has been officially announced from the official Twitter account of Soul Calibur, as the guest character for the upcoming game Soul Calibur 6.

This rumor had been in the talks for quite some time now with many Tweets making way to this one of the most popular characters coming in the Soul Calibur 6.

The Tweet made from the Soul Calibur’s official account posted a video trailer of the character’s appearance in the game. The video was pretty descriptive, we can see the Witcher in combat with the enemies, which is really amazing. Plus the aesthetics of the trailer are amazing, we would really recommend you guys to check that video out.

That said, the Tweet post gave the character a big opening, referring to the witcher as the legendary warrior that enters the stage of history. Then mentioning all of his names, White Wolf, Butcher of Blaviken, the Witcher or most commonly referred to as Geralt of Rivia.

Additionally talking about his swords of steel, and him being on the stage of Kaer Morhen in the Soul Calibur 6 is all the hype it needs.

Fans are really going to enjoy playing this character, that is for sure. Furthermore, it seems like the developers have really nicely blended the character in the game.

That said it has been a long time since we heard any news about the game Soul Calibur 6. After its release at the Game Awards last year, we did have some minor references from time to time, and especially rumors about the Witcher character coming in the game.

This is something very exciting that will surely build up more hype for the Soul Calibur 6 as well. We all already know that the Witcher needs no hype, as its already on the top.

Soul Calibur 6 is expected to roll out this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.