The Witcher Netflix Series Reveals Its Main Star, Roach

People think The Witcher is the story of the White Wolf hunting down monsters while sleeping with gorgeous sorceress along the way. No, it is all about Roach and her adventure. We love Roach and he’s just been revealed by the Netflix series creators.

The best friend of Geralt of Rivia and for me, the main lead of The Witcher Netflix series looks great.

The Witcher Netflix series is clearly preparing for its SDCC 2019 showcase. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich shared the first look at Roach, the trusty steed of the White Wolf.

Aside from Roach is a very interesting tidbit in the image. Geralt seems to be carrying two swords which means we are, for the first time, seeing both Silver and Steel Swords together.
The first sword is visibly resting on Geralt’s back but you can see the hilt of the second sword poking out of the right side of Roach’s saddle.

As for Roach, we hope there is a reference to her bugs from The Witcher 3. A scene in which Geralt looks away from a second turns his head back to Roach and she is standing on top of a villager’s roof.

Let’s see how it turns out. The Witcher Netflix series is releasing later this year. We are expecting to get a trailer at the San Diago Comic-Con. An earlier report claims The Witcher TV show is renewed for 3 seasons.

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