Should I Sell Or Keep Pure Silver In The Witcher 3?

The following guide will tell you if Pure Silver is as rare a component in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as Silver was in The Witcher 2.

There are a ton of various materials and ingredients that you will come by in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Some of them will be helpful in alchemy to craft potions, while others are going to be useful in crafting and upgrading equipment.

Pure Silver is an item that comes under junk in The Witcher 3, meaning that it has no worth in any sense. However, you can still use it to boost your crafting needs, albeit not by much.

This will come as a surprise since Silver was an incredibly rare resource in The Witcher 2. Hence, players starting The Witcher 3 would naturally think that Pure Silver is going to be even rarer and more expensive.

The following guide will tell you more about what you should do with Pure Silver in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How rare is Silver in The Witcher 3?

Silver is actually very easy to come by in The Witcher 3. You can easily loot it from chests and enemies, as well as purchase it from just about any merchant for a cheap price. You can also dismantle crafting components to get Silver if required.

Unlike in The Witcher 2 where Silver was so rare that you had to wait until the endgame to start crafting your equipment, The Witcher 3 makes Silver easily available across all regions.

This is why Silver has absolutely no worth in The Witcher 3. It is a junk item after all which cannot even be sold for a good sum of money unless you reforge it into something better.

Should I sell or dismantle Pure Silver?

There are a number of Silver items like Silver necklaces, Silver rings, Silver mugs, etc that can all be dismantled to give you Silver. Pure Silver and Silver Candelabrum are the only two Silver items in the game that give you Silver Ingots after being dismantled.

Silver Ingots are important crafting components in The Witcher 3. They are needed to craft your Witcher gear including both armor sets and swords.

However, as already stated above, Silver itself is pretty easy to come by. You do not need to keep Pure Silver in your inventory because that would be just wasting storage space.

The best thing to do is dismantle Pure Silver to get stacks of Silver Ingots.

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