The Witcher 3 Novigrad Secondary Quests Guide

With over 150 Secondary Quests to choose from, The Witcher 3 has no lack of tasks to keep players hooked even after they’re done with the Primary Quests. Secondary Quests are usually triggered after reading an Area Noticeboard or examining certain locations.

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The Witcher 3 Novigrad Secondary Quests

The region of Novigrad has quite a lot of Secondary Quests to offer to players. Following is a summarized walkthrough of all the Secondary Quests that you can find and complete in The Witcher 3:

Novigrad: Farcorners and Grassy Knoll

The Dwarven Document Dilemma
Location: Seven Cats Inn

Speak with Rostan Muggs near the Tretogor and agree to help him. Head over to bridge east and use your Witcher’s Sense to follow the trail down the hill into the Seven Cats Inn.

Once you’re inside, speak with Gerd and choose Axii Sign, play a round of Gwent, or engage in a Fistfight. Once you’ve acquired the desired paperwork, head back to Muggs and conclude the quest.

Karmic Justince
Location: Tretogor Gate

Head to alleyway between Tretogor and Southern Gate at night and you’ll come across a couple of Scoia’tael beating up a merchant. It’s entirely your choice whether you wish to free the merchant or let the Scoia’tael beat him up. However, if you help the merchant, you’ll receive some Crowns as a reward.

Witch Hunter Raids
Location: Glory Gate

You need to head to Remi Villeroy front door and you’ll come across two Witch Hunters banging on his door. In order to acquire some Runestones for your trouble, you need to intervene and help the Mage defeat the two Witch Hunters – the quest then concludes.

Novigrad: Hierarch Square and Glory Lane

A Feast for Crows
Location: Gate of the Hierarch

Use your Witcher’s Senses to follow a trail near the small stone bridge north of the Gate of Hierarch. After you reach the corpse, examine it and loot the key.

Use your Witcher’s Senses once again to follow the trail of the murderer into a wooden hut. Once you head inside, you can either leave the bandits or slay them all followed by using the key to find the Hidden Treasure.

The Flame of Hatred
Location: Hierarch Square

To start, speak with the Preacher of the Eternal Fire. At this point, you can either mock the man and ask him to leave the city or leave him be.

If you, however, decide to threaten him; his hired mob will confront you somewhere down the road. If this happens, you can always slay them down and conclude the quest. Oh, and don’t forget to loot their corpses!

Message from an Old Friend
Location: Hierarch Square

Head inside Books and Scrolls in northern Hierarch Square and speak with Marcus.

After you speak with him, you can either loot all his books or the one that the owner mentioned. This is everything that you need to do to complete this simple optional quest.

Racist of Novigrad (I and II)
Location: Novigrad

You need to head over to North of Portside Gate to come across a female elf being harassed by a group of bandits.

You can either side with bandits or save the female elf. After saving the female elf, head over to Southeast of Tretogor Gate and you’ll come across another elf about to take a beating. Once again you can either save the elf or be on your way.

Suspicious Shakedown
Location: Gate of the Hierarch

Head over to south of Gate of the Hierarch and you’ll come across a small group of bandits harassing a merchant.

You can either cut down all the bandits in the area or use Axii Delusional Level II to make yourself a bit more convincing. Whatever you decide, speak with the merchant afterwards to conclude the Secondary Quest.

Novigrad: Dockside and Silverton Districts

Black Pearl
Location: The Golden Sturgeon

To start, you need to speak with soldier named Nidas near the Golden Sturgeon.

Agree to help him and meet him near Arinbjorn, Skellige. After you meet up with the man, let him take the lead and follow him in his quest of the Black Pearl. You need to dive down into the water, and use your Witcher’s Senses to acquire the Black Pearl.

After you’ve acquired the pearl, head back to the shore and save Nidas from the attacking Drowners. After you save him, meet the man at the Golden Sturgeon to receive your reward.

Drunken Rabble
Location: The Golden Sturgeon

While roaming in the area, you’ll come across some drunkards who will ask some of your coin.

If you refuse them, they’ll drag you in a fistfight. Defeat them to conclude the quest. If you, however, fail to defeat them, you’ll wake up near a gutter with a small amount of your coin missing.

Hey, you Wanna Loot at my Stuff?
Location: Hierarch Square

Head to the Northwest Harbor or Silverton and speak with a Halfling Merchant in the area.

Once the Witch Hunter patrol arrives in the area, you can either uncover the true identity of the Halfling Merchant or lie to them. If you lie to them, use your Witcher’s Senses to track down the merchant and speak with him to conclude the quest – the merchant will remain available after that!

Strumpet in Distress
Location: Novigrad Docks

Near the docks, speak to the woman being threatened by a hooded man.

After the woman tells you that she can handle herself, you can either use Axii Delusion Level 2 on the hooded man, threaten him normally, or leave as the woman said.

Any option you choose reveals that the man was acting and you killed his mood due to which the prostitute didn’t get paid.

Warehouse of Woe
Location: Portside Warehouse

Head to the Portside Warehouse in the Harborside District and you’ll come across two traders accusing each other for having a monster inside the structure.

Agree to slay the monster and head inside to find a Nekker. After you slay down the monster, use your Witcher’s Senses to uncover that the Dwarf brought in the monster. You can either tell the merchants or remain quiet and accept your reward.

A Walk on the Waterfront
Location: Novigrad Docks

Head to the western side of south docks in Novigrad and you’ll come across a nobleman threatened by a couple of bandits. You need to intervene before they gut him out. After slaying down the bandits, agree to escort the nobleman to his destination.

A little down the road, you’ll again get attacked. Throughout the quest, you need to protect the nobleman at all costs. After the nobleman meets with his trader, you’ll have a little choice to make.

Do that and conclude the quest.

Novigrad: Oxenfurt

The Price of Passage
Location: Oxenfurt

You’ll come across a couple of guards asking you of some War Tax. You can either refuse them or pay 50 Crowns to let you pass. Either way, you’ll once again come across them near the Oxenfurt South Gate demanding more money.

You can once again refuse them or give them more than 50 Crowns. If you refuse them both the times, they will confront you a little down the road where you’ll have to kill them or beat them in a fistfight.

The Most Truest of Basilisks
Location: Novigrad Gate

Head towards the eastern side of Oxenfurt and you’ll come across a merchant displaying a living Basilisk inside a cage. A little later, the Basilisk will break free and start killing everyone gathered there.

You can flee the area or kill the monster to complete the optional mission.

Rough Neighbourhood
Location: Oxenfurt Harbour

Speak with a woman named Dora near the Oxenfurt Signpost and ask her if she needs help. At this point, you can either draw your sword to kill the harassing bandits or beat them in a fistfight.

If you, however, draw you sword, Dora will flee the area. If you used your bare fists to punish the bandits, the bandits will confront you in Oxenfurt a few days later. This time Dora will come to your aid armed and dangerous.

Kill all the bandits and conclude the quest.

Novigrad: Gildorf and the Bits

Never Trust Children (I)
Location: Hierarch Square

You’ll come across a weeping child outside Triss’ Hideout. If you try to speak with him, he’ll run away.

Follow the boy and he’ll call out to 4 bandits to ambush you. By this time, the fight shouldn’t be too hard for you. Slay down all the bandits and conclude the quest. And no, you won’t find the boy anywhere.

The Nobleman Statuette
Location: Novigrad Merchant

To start, you need to speak with the merchant in front of Gildorf Square Noticeboard who will persuade you to buy collection of artifacts belonging to a Mage named Aeramas. You need to buy all the items to proceed through the quest.

After acquiring the item, head to speak with Triss in her hideout and ask her to analyze the artifact. After a brief cut scene, the optional quest will end.

The Soldier Statuette
Location: Caesar’s House

While playing Secondary Quest: A Dangerous Game, Caesar Bilzen will hand you over a strange Jade Figurine which you need to take to Triss.

After acquiring the item, head to speak with Triss in her hideout and ask her to analyze the artifact. After a brief cut scene, the optional quest will end.

A Tomb Entombed
Location: The Bits District

Speak with Professor Vairmont Jonne from Oxenfurt University and agree to help him. After you agree to help him, open up the lid and bring out a vampire.

You simply need to slay the vampire to bring this optional quest to an end. Before you begin the fight, make sure to check the Bestiary to know more about the vampires.

Of Dairy and Darkness
Location: Novigrad Merchant or Aeramas’ Abandoned Manor

To start, you need to speak with the merchant in front of Gildorf Square Noticeboard who will persuade you to buy collection of artifacts belonging to a Mage named Aeramas. You need to buy all the items to proceed through the quest.

Head over to Aeramas’ Abandoned Manor and search the area using your Witcher’s Senses. Examine the magical circle and head inside the portal. Once you arrive in the dungeon, climb the staircase and enter another portal.

Swim through the flooded chamber and use your Witcher’s Senses to reach Aeramas’ Laboratory and loot everything inside. Locate the statue on Aeramas’ Desk to conjure up another portal and go through it to reach the Last Chamber.

Use your Igni Sign to interact with a pyramid on the right-hand side and use your Eye of Nehaleni to uncover a similar pyramid on its opposite side. Loot the treasure and teleport back to land to conlude this optional mission.

Fencing Lessions
Location: Var Attre Residence, Seven Cats Inn, Tretogor Gate

Head over to Guard Captain at the Var Attre Residence and meet up with Rosa near the Temple Bridge. Find and defeat Rosa after which she will disappear.

Use your Witcher’s Senses to locate her near the Seven Cats Inn and you’ll see her being harassed by two drunkards. At this point, you can either use Axii, your sword, or coin to send off the drunkards and conclude the quest.

Hidden Messages of the Nilfgaardian Kind
Location: Hierarch Square, Crippled Kate’s

Head northeast from the Kingfisher Inn and you’ll come across a couple of strange men fiddling with an area. Once the men run away, use your Witcher’s Senses to locate a loose brick and read the note hidden inside.

After reading up the note, head to next objective area in Crippled Kate’s and head to an arched red-brick street. Use your Witcher’s Senses to locate a couple of prizes in this area and reach the final objective area to loot some goodies off a corpse in a dungeon and conclude this optional mission.

Novigrad: Gustfields

A Barnful of Trouble
Location: Oraas

Head near the windmill and agree to help some peasants by getting rid of some Ghouls roaming inside the structure.

After slaying down all the 4 Ghouls inside, examine the area to know that the peasants murdered some bandits a few days back. It’s totally up to you whether you wish to reveal this to peasants or not – you’ll receive your payment either way.

Empty Coop
Location: Yanina’s Cottage

Head over to a secluded cottage near the west side of Dancing Windmill and speak with the wailing woman with a werewolf problem. Follow the werewolf tracks and you’ll come to a tent with 3 children inside.

After hearing everything the children had to say, head back to the woman and convince her to take in the children which will conclude the quest.

Little Red
Location: Beanston

Head over to Beanston at midday and speak with a group of villagers in the west side of settlement. Inquire about the trouble and agree to help them. Head to the center of the village and Meditate till 17:00.

After the monster in human skin appears, you can either stand down or tell her to get away from the innocent folks. She will later transform into a werewolf and you’ll have to slay her along with her 4 bandit companions to conclude the optional quest.

Novigrad Hospitality
Location: Beanston

To start this mission off, you need to speak with Victor and Gascogne on the road from Beanston to Chateau Sarrasin. After a little drinking, you’ll wake up to find out that the fellows has taken all your equipment.

Use your Witcher’s Senses to track them down and strip them of all their clothes as a punishment. You can also sell their clothes to a merchant, but only as junk.

Spooked Me
Location: Crossroads

Head to the riverside north of Crossroads and speak with a man whose horse has run off. Use your Witcher’s Senses to track down the horse’s hoofprints which will lead you to a group of Scoia’tael.

Moreover, do note that you’ll find yourself confronted by some Wild Dogs and Wolves along the way.

After speaking with the Scoia’tael Commander, you can either start a fight or pay 100 Crowns to retrieve the horse. Once you’ve acquired the horse, use Axii Sign to calm it down and return it to its rightful owner.

Strangers in the Night
Location: Oraas

Across the sunflowers and near the riverside, you’ll come across a small fortification of Redanian Army where you’ll meet a Redanian Soldier along with some common men. Speak with them and leave without asking anything.

However, if you ask about the news in the parts, a fight will break out. You can side with any party and receive a Diagram in return.

A Warm Welcome
Location: Dragonslayer’s Grotto

Head to the southwest of Wheat Fields to come across a tussle between some Redanian Soldiers and a refugee. After the dialogue, you can pay the guards 100 Crowns to let the refugee pass, use Axii Sign Level 2 on the guards, or kill them all before letting the refugee pass – your call!

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