The Witcher 3 Money Guide – How to Earn Money

Crowns earned from completing Main Quests are never enough; especially if you’re constantly buying off Blacksmiths, Armourers, or Merchants.

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The Witcher 3 Money Tips

The Witcher 3 offers multiple ways to earn money which should suffice to all your needs – Psst! Including pleasure houses. And none of the methods include exploits, but rather playing the game the way it’s meant to be played!

Secondary Quests like Witcher Contracts
Whenever you arrive in a new area, head over to the Area Noticeboard and read up on everything. Some distressed townsfolk are always looking for someone to solve their supernatural problems such as fighting monsters.

And since you’re the Dean Winchester of the era, you can always help them and earn some extra Crowns. Moreover, before accepting a contract, you can always barter your final price. The Witcher Contracts simply involve fighting a monster or human enemies and are exceedingly fun.

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Participating in Fistfights
Fistfights are also useful to earn decent amount of money and requires next to no effort. Similar to Witcher Contracts and Gwent Cards Game, you can learn about Fistfights in an area from Area Noticeboards.

Even the toughest of wrestlers in the Northern Realms are a no match against you.

The art of winning these Fistfights lies in Blocking, Counters, and Attacking. Whenever you’re about to start a Fistfight, place the highest bet on yourself unless you’re feeling oh-not-so-confident. If you wish to learn more about where to find all Fistfights and how to win them easily, check out our Fistfights Guide for more help.

Loot Everything in Sight
The world of The Witcher 3 is swarming with items that you can loot. In addition to items that you can find locked away in Treasure Chests, you can also loot the bodies of Monsters and Human Enemies to earn some more items.

Once you’ve acquired enough items, these will not only help you perform Crafting and Alchemy which will save you a ton of money, you’ll also be able to sell of these items to Merchants, Armours, or Blacksmiths to earn some additional Crowns.

However, one thing that you need to note is that vendors have limited amount of Crowns at hand at any given time and may not be able to buy everything you’ve to sell. Therefore, wait a bit longer (Meditate most probably) and vendors will restock their Crowns.

Read Pamphlets Pinned to Trees
While in White Orchard, I came across a tree (Right next to where the Dwarf Armourer is) which had a pamphlet pinned to it reading that the nearby Herbalist needs some herbs for which she was willing to give heavy amount of money.

Unfortunately, I didn’t complete the demand, but this seems like another way to stock up some Crowns. Lastly, instead of purchasing Weapons, Armour, or other things; it’s always better to craft them yourself!

If you have some other means to earn extra money, let us know in the Comments Section below!

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