The Witcher 3: How to Earn Infinite Money Through Cows

We know that a cow hide in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will sell for 27 Crowns each imagine how much you could farm if there was an infinite supply of cows at your hand to loot?

Well, if you just started the game are you are looking to earn infinite money, there is a way. It might not be as straight forward and efficient as the usual infinite money glitches/ tricks that we sometimes come across in other games, but it works nonetheless.

The process is simple, go to the White Orchard town and start searching for a small farm with just two cows in it. You find it, you find your money in The Witcher 3.

Here’s what you will need to do once you are there. Go over to the farm and kill both the cows before hitting up the status menu and meditating for two hours – no need to loot the cows yet.

When you come back from the meditation you will see that there are two more cows in the same field now, and the cow hides of the last two are still there. Kill the new ones too and go for meditation again.

Keep repeating this process until you figure the farm is filled with the cows you have killed. Now, loot all the cow hides. You get two of them in one drop so for each drop you earn 54 Crowns.

This way you, sort of, get to earn infinite money as the cows will never stop reappearing.

Just one last thing, not all the shopkeepers will be able to buy the entire stock you have accumulated so you will have to travel a bit and sell it across multiple shops in The Witcher 3.

Check out the map below for an idea of the location.

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