The Witcher 3 Horse Races Locations Guide – How to Win

You can participate in different side-activities and mini-games in The Witcher 3. Aside from visiting brothels and playing Gwent; you can also participate in Horse Racing.

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The Witcher 3 Horse Races Locations

Participating and winning Horse Races allow you to acquire Horse Upgrades and Crowns. Moreover, you can participate and start a Horse Race during any time; provided that you’re in a certain location.

Crow’s Perch Horse Race
Location: Crow’s Perch
Challengers: Stutterin’ Matko, Iron-Arse Hans, and Black Bogdan
How to Access: Noticeboard in Velen

Access the race from the Noticeboard in Velen and talk to Radko and place your bet before starting the race. There is only lap which is pretty straightforward! Just continue along the path shown on the map and you’ll acquire 100 Crowns and Enhanced Horse Blinder as your rewards.

The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby Horse Race
Location: Vegelbud Residence
Challengers: Seamus Holt, Viscount Rommer, Luc Vegelbud, and Carlo ‘Cleaver’ Varese
How to Access: Noticeboard in Velen or Novigrad

You need to pay 100 Crowns each time you participate in the race.

You can’t choose your competitor in this race so you’ll have to beat the first challenger to move onto the second one and so on. Once again, just follow the route shown on your mini-map and win the race to receive Crowns, Superior Saddle, Rugged Saddlebags, and Superior Cavalry Saddle.

Like a Boss Horse Race
To begin this race, read the letter from Carlo ‘Cleaver’ Varese (after winning the previous race) and reach Cleaver’s HQ in Novigrad; west side of the Hierarch Square.

If you win the final race, you’ll receive some Crowns and Racing Horse Blinders. However, if you lose, you’ll face some humiliation, but it’ll conclude the side-quest nonetheless.

General Tips
During a Horse Race, always make sure to keep your eyes ahead! You can’t lose a checkpoint because it’ll eventually cause you to lose the race. I highly recommend staying on the centre of the road at all times for maximum speed!

Don’t be a good guy and always try to block your opponents; especially near the corners. Furthermore, always pay attention to your mini-map and utilize the shortcuts. And finally, try to memorize the tracks when you’re not racing – it helps a ton!

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