The Witcher 3 Fistfights Locations, How to Fight and Strategy Guide

There are a total of 13 Fistfights in the game; 4 in Velen, 4 in Novigrad, and 5 in Skellige. The 4th challenger in every region is the strongest and only appears after you defeat the first three.

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The Witcher 3 Fistfights Locations, How to Fight and Strategy

For most of the fistfights, you need to find a bookie in order to place a bet and start a fight.

Velen Fistfights

Locations: Inn at the Crossroads, Blackbough, Lindenvale, Crow’s Perch
Challengers: Blacksmith, Jonas, Stan Fishgulper, Sergeant

You stumble upon your first fight at the Inn at the Crossroads. Your first challenger is simply a pushover. Just land a couple of strong punches and he will give in.

In order to fight Jonas, travel to the tavern in Blackbough and speak with the bookie to begin the fight. Jonas proves a little tougher than the Blacksmith. Simply stick to parrying his attacks and you’ll win the fight in no time.

The fight with Stan Fishgulper starts once you speak with the bookie near the Lindenvale Noticeboard. This is, once again, an easy fight which you must win to progress ahead.

In order to become the champion of Velen, head over to the Crow’s Perch and find your way to the upper courtyard near the stables. The best way to beat Sergeant is by using some well-timed counter-attacks combined with a couple of fast attacks of your own.

Novigrad Fistfights

Locations: Golden Sturgeon, Portside Gate, Southern Gate, Glory Gate, Farcorners
Challengers: Georgius Georg, Archibald O’Neill, Iron Mortimer, Durden

You’ll find Georgius Georg inside the Golden Sturgeon Tavern near the dockside of West Novigrad. Like the first fight in Velen, this one is a simple pushover. You can lose the first fight intentionally and win during the second round to gain twice the original payout.

Archibald O’Neill can be found in a corner inside the Portside Gate. The idea is to keep your focus on counter-attacks combined with a couple of strong attacks every now and then. Win this fight and you’ll receive 100 Crowns.

Iron Mortimer can be found inside the Southern Gate. He is a strong fella, therefore; it’s better to counter-attack more than usual!

As soon as you land a successful counter-attack, land a couple of Fast Punches combined with a Strong Punch before backing away. Stick to this strategy and prepare for the final Novigrad encounter.

Durden the Elf is strong and agile at the same time. You’ll find him near the Settlement of Farcorners around the sunset.

In order to win this fight, keep your guard up and focus on getting a perfect counter-attack. Moreover, don’t try to chain lengthy attacks or you’ll get pounded. Win the final fight to acquire 240 Crowns and the Novigrad Champion Title.

Skellige Fistfights

Locations: New Port Inn, Kaer Trolde Harbor, Ringvold, Arinbjorn, Urialla Arena
Challengers: Valgard, Einar, Grim, and Olaf

Valgard can be found in the New Port Inn along the north of Kaer Trolde Harbor. He blocks and counter-attacks alot, therefore; it’s practically useless to rely on Fast Punches.

The best idea is to launch a successful counter-attack followed by a couple of strong attacks before backing off. Defeat him and you receive 140 Crowns and Gnomish Silver Sword Diagram.

Einar can be found in the southeast of Ard Skellig. The best way to defeat him is to stay at a safe distance and wait to land a perfect counter-attack or a window to deliver your own attacks.

Grim can be found in northwestern Ard Skellig. He mostly relies on Strong Punches which gives you ample room to deliver Fast Punches and end this fistfight.

Olaf can be found on the small island of An Skellig. This bear has deadly strikes which can deplete your Vitality in a matter of seconds. The best method to best the beast is to maintain a safe distance and only attack from his sides or behind.

The moment he roars is your sign to get behind him and land a couple of strikes before backing off again.

Champion of Champions

Location: Hov
Challenger: Errant Troll

The final Fistfight takes place on a small island of Spikeroog.

For the last encounter, dodge away from any type of attack, land two Fast Punches, and back off. Luckily, even if you lose this fight; the Errant Troll won’t kill you, but if you manage to win; you’ll be rewarded with 180 Crowns and a Dwarven Silver Sword Diagram.

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