The Witcher 3 Death March Difficulty Starter Guide – Tips and Strategy

One thing which I immediately noticed after starting The Witcher 3- mind you on Blood and Bones setting – was the game’s easiness.

Maybe it had something to do with my 3-months of grinding in Bloodborne, but if you too are finding Blood and Bones a bit casual; take things up a notch and embark upon Death March.

However, before you begin; here are a few little tips that we may help you on your playthrough:

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The Witcher 3 Death March Difficulty Tips

It may not come as a surprise, but always try and hit enemies (humans and monsters) from behind and only using Strong Strikes as it will enhance your Damage Output by a huge margin.

Knowing the difference between Dodging and Rolling will only increase your effectiveness in combat.

As a general rule of thumb, you need to Roll only from enemies who have large sweeping attacks such as Bears or those who deliver consecutive Fast Strikes such as Noonwraiths. For human enemies and monsters such as Drowners or Wildlife, Dodging is the way to go.

Blocking is another useful technique at Death March; especially against human enemies such as Bandits. Witcher Signs are your best companions on higher difficulties such as Death March.

I’m personally a huge fan of Quen Sign as it allows me to clad Geralt with a Shield which absorbs specific amount of damage. Since equipping Light Armour reduces Stamina Regeneration, you should use Quen Sign more often when equipped with Light Armour.

Igni Sign is an also important one as it not only allows you to inflict Burn Damage to enemies, but also have Damage over Time which is a huge bonus. Use your Witcher’s Senses to identify enemies in the long distance and plan your strategy accordingly.

The white pulsating rings in the distance signify the location of an unaware enemy, but as soon as the ring turns red; it means an enemy is advancing towards you. This will provide you with an idea whether you ought to run or prepare for battle.

Speaking of battle, when you head inside a Bandit Camp; always make sure to sprint and deal with Archers before focusing on Melee Attackers and Leaders. Always prepare before a battle! Use your Oils, Potions, and read up about Monsters in the Bestiary before taking them on.

Moreover, as soon as you arrive in White Orchard, find a Place of Power and earn a Character Ability Point and spend it in Sun and Stars which will provide you with +10 Vitality after every second (when not in combat) during daytime. This will allow you to consume less Food Items and regenerate more HP.

You can also Meditate to daytime and accept most of your Primary Quests and Secondary Quests during daytime.

Another important thing to keep in mind while you’re preparing for battle is to use Grindstones and Armour Tables as much as you can. These things provide boost to your Armour and Weapons for a limited duration of time which is huge.

Moreover, don’t forget to visit Places of Power even after you’ve acquired a Character Ability Point; these things boost your Witcher Signs for as much as 30 minutes which is another huge incentive.

As soon as you arrive in White Orchard, take out some time to complete Devil by the Well Witcher Contract which involves killing a Noonwraith near the Abandoned Village.

The reason for this is that you can use Noonwraith Trophy to gain Bonus XP throughout your journey which is also a tip if you wish to Power Level in the game.

And lastly, loot everything you see (unless it’s absolutely rubbish). You can not only sell off Junk Items to Merchants and earn a bit of Crowns, but also Dismantle them to acquire different Crafting Components.

Money is hard to come by in The Witcher III (unless we’re talking about the Cow Exploit) and it’s always better to find ingredients and craft items yourself rather than buying them off Merchants and Armourers.

If you have some more tips, do make sure to share them with us in the Comments Section below!

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