The Witcher 3 Crow’s Perch Secondary Quests Guide

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has no lack of Secondary Quests to keep you hooked long after you’ve completed the Main Quests. With over 150+ Secondary Quests to complete, it’s up to you whether you wish to complete a Secondary Quest or not.

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The Witcher 3 Crow’s Perch Secondary Quests

In order to trigger a Secondary Quest, you need to either read an Area Noticeboard or explore the entirety of a region. There are a total of 8 Secondary Quests in Crow’s Perch, Velen which are listed below along with their brief walkthrough:

Deadly Crossing (I)
Location: Troll Bridge

Head over to the Troll Bridge and you’ll come across a group of bandits barring your path. At this point, you can choose from a variety of decision which include:

  • Pay 50 Crowns and cross the bridge
  • Draw out your Steel Sword and cross the bridge
  • Use Axii Sign Level 2 and persuade the bandits

Defender of the Faith (I)
Location: Road heading east from Blackbough or Hillside Shrine of Duen Hen in The Mire

You’ll come across a woman ranting about blasphemous acts and broken shrines and agree to help her. All you need to do is to fix the disrupted shrines which involves lifting the wooden statues from the ground. You need to fix three statues found in the following areas:

  • Hillside Shrine of Duen Hen in The Mire
  • Road heading east from Blackbough
  • Southwestern edge of Velen, near the southeast side of Byways Signpost

After fixing the final shrine, you’ll come across the vandal. You can either leave him to his business or tackle him and his couple of cronies to conclude this optional mission.

Face me if you Dare
Location: Bridge into Crow’s Perch

You’ll come across a man who will challenge you to a single combat duel. There is nothing you can do stop the fight from commencing.

After defeating him, you’ll again come across him outside Novigrad, near the gates. This time he will lunge at you with a shield and a sword. Like before, defeat him and send him on his way.

A couple of days later, you’ll again find him near the west side of the city (on harbour or docks). At this point, you can either kill him and the friends he brought or use Axii Sign Delusion Level 2 to send them home.

Forefathers Eve
Location: Head outside Keira Metz cottage after completing Family Matters and A Towerful of Mice

Speak with Peller and head over to the location of ritual to protect ritual’s participants from unholy spirits. After the ritual begins, kill the Drowners backed up by a Water Hag. I recommend fighting close to the water and protecting Peller at all costs.

After a little while, the ritual will attract some uninvited guests named Witch Hunters.

At this point, you can tell the Peller that this is not your fight and conclude the optional quest or tell the Witch Hunters to stand down. If you decide to fight Witch Hunters, you’ll also have to deal with three Wraiths appearing on the ritual.

Once you’ve dealt with the Wraith, head to swamps and burn Peller’s father corpse using your Igni Sign. After performing the deed, head over to speak with Peller who will agree to sell your herbs and other merchandise with a discount and conclude the optional mission.

Highway Robbery
Boatmakers’ Hut

Head over to the south of Crow’s Perch and you’ll come across a trader being attacked by a group of bandits. All you need to do is get rid of the bandits and complete the optional mission – as simple as that!

Last Rites
Location: Speak with an Old Woman near north side of Blackbough

After speaking with the Old Woman, head over to her husband’s grave. Do note that you’ll have to get rid of a couple of Ghouls prowling in the area.

Use your Witcher’s Senses to find the gravestone and use Keira’s Magic Lamp to reunite the two souls. Once you’re done, head back into the Blackbough and find the Old Woman’s granddaughter Lessy to earn your reward.

Looters (I)
Location: Along the highway of Velen

While journeying along the highways of war-stricken Velen, you’ll come across a small battalion of hostile bandits looting the corpses of some fallen peasants.

You can either leave them be or engage them. One thing, however, to note here is that a couple of these bandits will be on horseback, so make your choice after some consideration.

Wild at Heart
Location: Blackbough in Crow’s Perch

After reading the Area Noticeboard in Crow’s Perch, speak with a hunter named Niellen.

After speaking with Niellen, you’ll have two objectives: asking the neighbours about Hanna and searching for her in the woods using your Witcher’s Senses. Start off by interrogating the villagers and you’ll come across a boy who saw her entering the woods.

After you arrive in the woods, Niellen’s sister-in-law will ask you to stop the search and you’ll have some options:

  • Lie to Niellen about finding his wife and receive 65 Crowns
  • Receive 55 Crowns from Niellen’s sister-in-law and continue your search
  • Refuse Niellen’s sister-in-law outrightly and continue your search

After discovering Niellen’s wife body nearby, use your Witcher’s Senses to find the beast responsible.

Once you arrive in the cavern, meditate till midnight and you’ll come across a werewolf. At the precise moment, Niellen’s sister-in-law will stop you from killing the beast saying that the beast is a familiar face.

At this point, you’ll either have a choice of slaying the beast once and for all or leave it and conclude the optional mission.

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