The Witcher 3 Crones Guide – How to Kill Brewess, Whispess and Weavess

The Witcher 3 Crones: Brewess, Whispess, and Weavess
Locations: Velen, Bald Mountain
Weaknesses: Relict Oil and Quen Sign

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While controlling Ciri, you need to divert your attention to Brewess.

Due to her enormous size, you can evade her attacks without any difficulty and deliver your attacks at the same time. I don’t recommend engaging all The Crones at the same time. It’s better to focus on a single target with a mix of Fast Attacks and Strong Attacks.

While fighting Whispess, watch out as she tosses the limbs of her victims at you. Use your Teleport ability to get out of the danger’s way. Moreover, keep a close eye on the disturbances in the water and change your position at the slightest movement.

Lastly, don’t let the crows’ attack disrupt your attack patterns and move away immediately when you see the attack coming.

The most important thing, however, to keep in mind is not to become relentless. Ciri’s speed and teleport abilities do grant her a fair advantage, but never go in charging at a continuous length.

The Crones have a high damage output and if you neglect defence; you’ll regret it. When playing as Geralt, divert your attention on Drowners before focusing on Weavess.

I highly recommend using Necrophage Oil on your Silver Sword before slaying the Drowners accompanying the Weavess. You also need to keep her teleport abilities into consideration as she can also do it in the middle of an attack.

I also recommend using Yrden Sign to slow down the Necrophages and then using Igni Sign to set them ablaze. You can also use Tawny Oil Potion in case you intend to spam the Yrden and Igni Signs. In addition to this, you can also use Black Blood to weaken the Drowners.

As soon as you see Weavess transforming into flock of crows, toss a Moon Dust Bomb to keep her on the ground. In addition to this, you can use your Dancing Star or Grapeshot Bombs to clear the area of lesser creatures and keep your focus on the main boss.

All in all, you need to maintain a steady pressure on the Weavess while ensuring that the number of her cronies on the field doesn’t increase drastically.

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