The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Quest The Beast of Toussaint Guide

For being just the second quest in the expansion, The Beast of Toussaint is actually pretty lengthy and diverse. However, do not expect it to add branching stories to the game.

You will have to put to use Geralt’s witcher senses as well as combat skills for exploration as well as fighting.

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Quest The Beast of Toussaint

Beat The Golyat

At the beginning you will be placed at Dulcinea Windmill where you are pitted against a giant Golyat. Beware of his whirlwind attack as well as melee hits on the ground.

It is a good idea too have ogre oil with you and Quen as active witcher sign. You should wait for him to go for a failed slow attack to which you should respond with a hit. Also, keep safe distance afterwards and forget about killing others around him, just focus on Golyat.

After this, follow Milton to Cockatrice Inn after finding the man murdered by a monster head to the riverbank.

At The Riverbank

Use Witcher senses and follow footprints you will locate. Use necrophage oil and Igni sign to take on the Scurvers, and continue on your path. Inspect objects on the ground like the chest, ripped clothes and fishing nets that are full of blood, and underwater objects like the handkerchief with d.I.C monogram – take it with you.

In Corvo Bianco Vineyard

From the riverbank, go to the Inn for a conversation and then head to Corvo Bianco Vineyard to find various dead bodies that you should investigate.

Inspect the bodies with Witcher senses, to know that a Bruxa killed them – check it up in the bestiary. Use Vampire oil, take Moon Dust bombs and Black Blood potion, and set Yrden as your sign to prepare yourself for the Bruxa.

The Body In The Cellar

There is an overturned cart near the cellar, the entrance is next to it. Use Witcher senses and explore to find footprints. Ignore the corpses, and head to the basement’s main room. Conversate with the Bruxa and be ready to fight.

Fight The Bruxa

Drink Black Blood potion and keep Vampire oil applied on the sword. During the fight, stay on the move and cast Yrden to stay inside the circle. When the Bruxa is inside attack her as the circle weakens. Use the Moon Dust bombs or sword attacks with agility to beat it.

Now you can inspect the body near its head and chest to find a pouch of florens and an unusual severed hand before going back.

Now head to TOurney Grounds where you can meet Palmerin. Your choice of dialogue won’t really matter but you will end up fighting the Shaelmaar.

Fight The Shaelmaar

Keep Samum bombs and relic oil with you and put up Quen sign. You won’t need to lure it away from Palmerin, but you should yourself be at the edge of the area. When the boss rolls to you, jump away at the right time and attack with sword.

Move away from it when it buries itself in the ground and wait it out, then repeat your attacks. In the end you get to choose what to do with Shaelmaar with no consequences.

With the Duchess

After Shaelmaar, head on to meet Anna Henrietta and Damien de la Tour. After some conversations and receiving the deed to Corvo Bianco from her, you get your own property and look for a golden fish in the pond and try to catch the unicorn. Stay with the duchess though.

To wrap things up, you go to the Gardens again and choose the option to point at the Greenhouse. The quest ends in the Greenhouse and starts the next one i.e. Blood Run.

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