The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Quest La Cage au Fou Guide

Still not as lengthy as The Beast of Toussaint main quest, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine La Cage au Fou is still bigger than Blood Run. You start off after you have had the conversation with Regis, who will now need to be tracked.

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Quest La Cage au Fou

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You head to a cemetery, the entrance for which can be found near a gravestone with candles. Regis doesn’t answer, so head to the cave icon. There, you have to take on ghouls and temporarily disappearing archespores.

This is followed by a fight with kikimora workers inside the hole, go straight (not the first path to right) and take the right from the end near the candles to go past a spell and get loot.

Now go back and down the corridor to Regis’ lair where you can have a conversation about Vampire lore.

After this, follow HorsePS to the waypoint. On your way, an orange exclamation mark unlock Extreme Cosplay quest, and you will also find a number of barghest. Kill them along the way because they keep following.

Past the cutscene in the cursed house, inspect the place for clues: a spoon at the entrance, a stove with a diary with clues, a broken mirror and loot in the next room, and finally skeletons, spoons and a book in the third room.

Also, there is another book and some loot in the basement if you take the long path further down. In the second basement room there is another book, some clues in the cauldron, loot in chest and more.

You have to hide in the cupboard and choose to lift the curse or fight with Wight. Use Necrophage Oil and Igni and Yrden Signs to beat him.

After you have beaten him, head to Regis through the front door – there is some loot to be had in there. In the last room, use Aard to clear the paths and place four baits.

Now, before starting to talk with Regis, prepare for an attack from ghouls, scurvers, fleder and kataka. There will be a lot of enemies so use your oils, bombs and potions well.

When you are done with them and with collecting loot from the lair, Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away will start.

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