The Witcher 2 Walkthrough

The Witcher 2 complete main campaign walkthrough so that you don't miss anything.

The Witcher 2 is the sequel to the award-winning role-playing game by CD Projekt Red that follows Geralt (The Protagonist) in his adventures to hunt down the remaining mutants and monsters. Below is our complete The Witcher 2 walkthrough.

The Witcher 2 Walkthrough

The sequel starts a couple of months after the ending of the original game and features many returning characters. The Witcher 2 greatly emphasis on the choices player makes in his journey leading its non-linear storyline to any of its 16 possible endings.

You will experience enhanced graphics, gameplay and narrative improvements over the original game as the game has been developed on new RPG engine.

The prologue will cover his escape and encountering the former partner. Geralt than follows through various dialogue choices to recount the events that led to his capture; events that players will play through themselves.

Then the game takes you few months after the original game’s ending with Geralt in bed with Triss Merigold. Geralt is still suffering from long-term amnesia so you will be exploring more of his violent past through various quests aided with flashbacks.

Don’t worry if the story isn’t clear, we would be accompanying you on your journey to find out everything to know about Geralt.



The Dungeons of the La Valettes
The game will start with a cutscene where you will find Geralt captured for the murder of the king. Roche will enter the prison and start the inquiry. Each answer will actually lead to different missions. After you have explained each dialogue, Roche will offer you to escape the prison so that you can find the real Kingslayer.

You can either provoke guards or free yourself. You need to fight with the guards. One will be a QTE(quick time event) in which you have to press the on screen buttons as quickly as possible. Now, you need to dodge the patrolling guards in the prison in order to escape. You can stun them using “X” and also put out the torches using the left mouse button.

After sometime, you will be given a choice. You can either choose the upper path or the lower path to escape. If you choose the dungeons, try to keep a low profile and stun the soldiers when needed. Either you killed Aryan in “At the Force” or he surrendered. You will meet him or his mother in the torture chamber accordingly.

For the other path, you will have to silence a couple of guards before you can grab the key to the upper part of the dungeons. IF Aryan is dead, you will free Lusia and soon an ambassador with two guards will enter the the chamber.

He will offer you to escape, accept the option as its better otherwise you don’t have sufficient skills for the time being to fight. And if Aryan is not dead, you will free him in the chamber. You will also have to carry him making your task a bit difficult.

The guards will be informed that you escaped so that you can move along the path. You need to be careful as you still might come across some guards. So make sure that you stay in dark till the exit. If Aryan is alive, you will have to deal with the guards either by stunning or direct fight. In any case, don’t forget to take the sword with you before the exit.

After you are out of the dungeons, you may face some resistance depending upon the side quest “Melitele’s Heart”. You will soon meet with Triss and Roche near the ship. Time to escape.

By the King’s Will
You will start this quest when you choose “That morning, the king summoned me” during the conversation with Roche in the prison. It will start of pleasantly as you will find Geralt with Naked “Triss”. Soon the guard will interrupt the proceedings telling you that the king has summoned you urgently.

The king will ask you to aid him in removing the hostiles. You will have to aim for the concerned target through the telescope (give ballista the right target). Even if you miss the target, it won’t influence the future. Follow the king to the siege tower. The scene will shift back to the castle.

At the Fore
You will start this quest by selecting “The Assault” during your conversation with Roche in the prison. There will be your first real battle with the hostiles. You will have King’s men to support though so you can relax for now. Also learn to use the signs at the right time. You can use “Aard” sign to throw enemies from the castle walls.

You now will have to complete “The Barricade” to proceed further. After completing “The Barricade”, meet king Foltest at the tower. Follow the king and you will face resistance at regular intervals (a couple of groups). Use your signs (Yrden and Quen) to make your task easy. Climb the ladder to reach another tower where you will meet Aryan.

In order to reach Aryan, you will have to fight with multiple soldiers first. Beware of the burning arrows from the elevated position. Use the Quen for protection. Head to the top of the tower now to meet Aryan. You can either convince him to surrender or eliminate him.

You can choose to fight against him in two ways. Either go for a one on one (which is more easy) or enter straight into fight for which you will also have to fight with his men. If you choose the later option impulsively, try throwing enemies from the edges using Aard sign. Use Yrden to stun and then attack.

To make him surrender, you need to choose the dialogues that will convince him that surrendering is better for the greater good. Your choice will affect whether you meet Aryan or his mother in the dungeons during “The Dungeons of the La Valettes”.

You will receive it from king Foltest during “At the Fore”. You need to free the ballista first and then use it to break through the first gate. Fight with the guards first. Use the signs and if you find a breathing space, don’t hesitate to retreat. Beware of the crossbowman and the armored soldiers near the ballista.

Try indulging with one soldier at a time. Impulsive approach won’t do you any good. Using the Axii sign, you can turn enemies against their fellow soldiers. If you manage to use it on the armored soldier, things will be a lot easier for you.

Use the ballista now and more enemies will attack. Deal with them and fire another arrow using the weapon. The barricade will be destroyed. You can now head back to Foltest. You can use the same path you came from.

Trial by Fire
You will get this quest after choosing “What ultimately happened to the dragon” during your conversation with Roche in the prison. Your conversation will be interrupted by a giant dragon. You can’t choose the middle path as you will be burned by its fire attacks.

Choose the flanking pathways to avoid direct confrontation with the dragon. You will have to fight with some guards too. With Foltest, Roche and Triss on your side, you don’t need to worry too much about them. Triss will take care of the crumbled wall so that you can move on.

To the Temple
This quest will start on choosing the dialogue “We split up at the monastery” during your conversation with Roche in the prison. Since the monastery gate is closed, you will have to find another way around. As you start searching for the other entrance, you will soon find some soldiers fighting. Help them and a cutscene will play.

After the cutscene, you will find the path blocked by a cart. Head back to the place where Foltest’s men are holding some villagers. You will find a gate which you need to take down using Aard sign. Enter the monastery now through the well.

In the dark, its better that you drink a potion named as “Cat” which can be found in meditation options. Drag it to one of the empty slots and drink it. This will enable you to see better in the dark. You will have to deal with “drowned dead” creatures. Try cornering them and then chain your attacks to eliminate the threats.

As you get outside, you will find a group of Scoia’tael soldiers who will attack you on sight. Quen is crucial here as one of them is wearing a heavy armor. There will be another group of enemies before the courtyard. They won’t present you any problem as compared to the one you will face in the courtyard.

Luckily you will have sufficient space to move around and dodge in the courtyard. The soldier with he helmet is slow but his attacks will do more damage. Deal with the rest of the 5 first and then deal with the tough guy at the end.

Of course, you can use your signs to get the upper hand. You have the key now. Head back in through the gate you came from and open a door with that key. Turn the wheel to open the entrance for Foltest and his men. Head back to the courtyard and talk to Foltest.

Blood of His Blood
Time to get king’s children. You can use intimidation on people for you own will. While moving through the bridge, you will be attacked by by the dragon again. Run away from it till you reach a safe place. Head upstairs and meet the blind monk. He will cut off king’s throat and will manage to escape. You can’t do anything except to watch him escape. This will conclude the Prologue.

Act I – A rough Landing

Leave the ship and follow Roche and Triss. You are looking for the King’s actual murderer. Soon, you will find Iorweth. After an unfriendly chat, irrespective of the dialogue you choose, you will be attacked by the elven archers. The lovely lady with you will create a magic circle that will protect you from the attacks.

Your task now is to watch your friends’ back. Make sure that you stay inside the circle to stay out of archers’ ranged attacks. Soon, you will reach a safe spot and a guard will let you know about the execution going to take place on the square.

By the Gods – Stringing Up Sods
Head for the execution spot and a cutscene will play. You need to stop the execution as Zoltan and Dandelion are your allies. For that you need to interact with the guard around the execution platform. One way or another, fight is imminent. It will rather be a fist fight and pressing the onscreen buttons timely will win you the fight.

Loredo will appear on the scene and whatever dialogues you choose, he will let your friends go and invite you to his residence. You can only visit him after 9 PM. You have some time to spend. Meet you fellow now at the tavern to catch up with them. After you have talked with Zoltan and Dandelion, a man will rush in with news about a giant beast, The “Kayran”

Indecent Proposal
You will receive this quest from Loredo. He invited you, remember? If you reach there at night (after 9 PM), you will meet Roche who will go inside with you. Follow Roche and will tell you that it will be nice that if you take out a ballista in the compound to be on the safe side. That’s a side quest though.

As you reach the gate upstairs to meet Loredo, you will be told that he is busy for the time being. Back down stairs, Roche will ask you to sneak behind and eavesdrop on the conversation Loredo is having with the sorceress. Now, whether you are successful in eavesdropping the conversation or not, you will ultimately meet Loredo in his room.

To eavesdrop the conversation, you will have to dodge a few guards. You can also look for the pieces to build the trap against Kayran. A man must have told you about it. Meet Loredo now and decide whether you will follow his proposition or not.

I will recommend the that you agree to take care of Kayran so that Zoltan can leave town. Zoltan has contacts with the scoia’tel so he can be a useful asset to know about Iorweth’s plans. Leave the gate to conclude the mission.

The Kayran
You can now start preparations to kill the beast in the water. Head to the tavern to have some intel on it. The quest is unlocked after By the Gods – Stringing Up Sods. After your conversation in the tavern, a man will rush in and tell you about the monster’s attack.

Head to the harbor and you will find a women there. The same women (Sheala) who was talking with Loredo earlier. After dealing with the citizens, Louis Marse will appear and ask you to take care of the Kayran. Your prize for killing the beast can be settled with the merchants at the pier. This will unlock The Kayran: A Matter Of Price.

Tirss will introduce you to Sheala now and you will also come to know that a guy name Cedric will have some info about the monster. As you leave the city gate, Triss will warn you about the Kayran. After the conversation, meet Cedric at the watch tower. He will point you to the place where you can find more about the Kayran.

Cedric has the formula for the Kayran Trap. Now if you have gathered the elements from Loredo’s residence, you can build the trap which will help you take down the monster. Leave the tower and from east, take the path going up. A small group of thieves will interrupt your path. You can either choose to run away to save time or use the Axii sign to deal with them.

You will soon find Tiss. Follow her down the rock ledges to collect the venom sample. You will be attacked by the Drowners. Triss will fight along you but if you are too careless, they will surround you and make things difficult. Don’t forget to use the signs as without them, the fight might be impossible to win specially at normal or hard difficulty.

After the fight, move to the nest and Tirss will cast a spell to tell you about the nature of the venom. The Kayran is dying. She will tell you that you need to collect Ostmurk that will aid you in the battle. She will also give your the Formula, “Mongoose”. This will unlock The Kayran: Ostmurk.

To complete the formula given to you by Triss, you need the ingredients. Ostmurk is hard to find among these. You can supplement it with other components like Essence of Death (during the side quest In the claws of madness) or Endrega Fetus (during Endrega contact).

Now you have two options, either you can move straight to Sheala and fight the Kayran right away or choose The Kayran: Ostmurk quest to collect the ingredient. You can find Sheala in her room above the tavern. She will summon the giant beast and then just watch as you go against it. If you completed the recipe given by Triss, don’t forget to drink Mangoose potion which will have its effect for 10 minutes.

Now if you have completed the Kayran trap, it’s time to apply them on the glowing spots. Make sure that you keep an eye on its tentacles as they will land after a couple of seconds. Select Yrden (Sheala is also screaming about it) and try to trap the tentacles by placing it under monster’s tentacles.

After the tentacle is trapped, use your sword to destroy it. You will have to repeat the procedure 3 times before a quick time event starts. Press the on screen buttons to keep it safe. The bridge will fall and the fight is almost over. You should remember that if you die at any part during the fight, you will have to start it again from the beginning. You can’t help it.

Beware of the rock stone the creature will through at you. You can use the corner side of the bridge as cover. Start climbing the fallen bridge. If your sword is drawn out, you will be able to doge the tentacle attacks on the bridge. As you reach the corner of the bridge, Geralt will pop a grenade into its heart to silent it permanently. Once the creature is dead, Sheala will ask you that you should collect the reward now.

The Kayran – A Matter of Price
Talk with the merchants at the pier. If you have already done before killing the Kayran, its all about collecting the reward only. If you intimidate the merchant and ask to double the price, you will get most that is 2000 orens. That will possible if you haven’t killed the Kayran yet.

The Assassins of Kings
It’s time to draw your attention towards your real goal and that is to find the kingslayer. If you have completed the above mentioned main quests, you will find Triss near Loredo’s residence gate. Head to the prison ship. If you have accepted Loredo’s proposal earlier, they will let you go or otherwise intimidation is the option.

Go below deck to calm the wounded prisoner. You will to act together with Triss (press the left mouse button quickly) to heal Ciaran. He will let you know that the kingslayer (Letho) has planned on killing Iorweth.

After the conversation is over, Geralt’s memory will return. Triss will tell you about the rose of remembrance. It’s also on you that whether you want to take Triss along with you or not. I will say take her as she will be useful. You will also unlock “Returning Memories”.

Time to solve the scoia’tael mystery. Meet Zoltan at the tavern and he will agree to arrange a meeting between you and the squirrels. As you reach the meeting place, Iorweth’s men will appear and will ultimately let you meet with him.

However, before you meet him, you will be interrupted by a monster. Zoltan will draw its attention so you will have enough time to attack it. You can use the signs like Yrden to make task easier.

Soon, Iorweth will appear with his archers aiming at you. Realize the situation and don’t be too harsh as you don’t want to die here. Do you? Let him know that Letho wants to kill him. He will ultimately agree to look into the matter.

Go to Letho’s meeting place along with Iorweth (taken as prisoner apparently) to find his true intentions. You will fight this giant so make sure that you have allocated all your skill points and used and any potions you have in stock.

You have two choices here. Either give the sword to Iorweth or help Roche. During the quest “Where is Triss Merigold?” in the future (aAfter you return to Flotsam), you will either have a feast (Helping Roche) of a slaughter (Gave the sword to Iorweth).

If you choose slaughter, finding Cedric after the blood trail will be a little trickier. Helping Roche on the other hand will lead you to an encounter with a scoia’tael group in the woods.

Now while fighting with Letho, it’s better that you stick with the dodge and attack policy as chaining attacks won’t help the cause against such a strong foe. After you have taken half of Letho’s life, a cutscene will play in. He will spare your life for the time being and leave. This will unlock Where is “Triss Merigold?”

Rose of Remembrance
You can find it either yourself or take Triss with you. Later option is easy though. Anyways, if you decide to go alone, talk to Cedric and fetch him a vodka. He will tell you about the location. Follow the path through the woods to a statue. Beware of the traps, Nekkers and Endregas along your way. Collect the rose under the statue.

Now meet Triss in the Tavern. She will ask some time to cast the spell. In the meanwhile, you can meet with Iorweth. Triss will ask you to throw away everything. If you think so, you will be able to talk with Roche. And if you want to catch the kingslayer, then the mission will conclude and you will be able to talk with Zoltan

Escaping with Triss will not have any influence on the future events. If you want to find the rose of remembrance along with Triss then after you pluck the rose and deal with bandits, you will have a chance to take bath with the beautiful lady. Worth of a try?

Where is Triss Merigold?
Now the quest from here will depend on the decision you made earlier while fighting with Letho. Either you helped Iorweth or Roche. If you helped Iorweth, you will find the city in chaos on your return. Deal with the civilians inside the Tavern. You will soon meet Dendalion. Deal with some more citizens and then start looking for Triss. Head to the Sheala’s room.

You will find everything in a mess there. Visit the prostitute in room beside Sheala’s room. She will describe half of the story but that will be insufficient to find Triss. You will also find that Cedric was bleeding and went to the woods. You need to follow the blood trail.

If you helped Roche earlier, then there will be a feast on your return. Ultimately you will end up in Sheala’s room where you will find that Triss is missing. Either way, follow Cedric’s blood trail into the woods. You will find him dying. He will tell you that Triss had no other choice to leave with the Witcher to Aedrin.

After Cedric is dead, Zoltan and Dandelion will show up and tell you that it’s time to overthrow Loredo’s empire. At a Crossroads: Scoia’tael and At a Crossroads: Roche will be unlocked. You need to make another choice at this point. The option you choose here will have a big influence on rest of the story.

At a Crossroads: Scoia’tael
Zoltan will suggest you to go to Scoia’tael and see that what they have stored for Loredo. Now if you choose to support Scoita’tael, you will unlock “Floating Prison”. You can also choose to side with Roche which will unlock “Death to the Traitor”.

At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche
You can also do the same for Roche. Head to his quarters to find out his plans against Loredo. If you continue with Roche, you will follow “Death to the Traitor”.

The Floating Prison
Head to the meeting point to rendezvous with the Scoia’tael. You will have two choices. Either escape Iorweth to the prison ship or assault from the harbor side.

Escorting Iorweth to the prison ship is the easier option as you won’t have to fight the guards. Thinking Iorweth as the prisoner caught by you, guards won’t attack you. A guard before the ship will hit Iorweth, you can intimidate him to let you go. It won’t affect anything.

At the ship though, you will have to fight against the guards. Small space may make things difficult but you can use Quen as a supportive tool. Loredo will set tower on fire. Now it’s upon you whether you save the elves inside the tower or not. Whatever decision you make, it won’t affect the future events.

Other path is a bit tougher as you will have to fight against Loredo’s men. Take care of the ones with the bows first as they can be more lethal. There will be more of them near the ship. It will feel like as if you are fighting a war.

Don’t forget to use Quen or you can loose health in no time specially in normal or hard difficulty. If you are with Zoltan (after splitting), you will have to free Iorveth on the deck. Once the deck is clear, you will see Loredo setting tower on fire with elves inside.

You can either save the elves or chase Loredo who has run towards the city. The choice won’t affect the future events. If you want to safe the prostitutes inside the tower, you will have to fight off some guards. After you are done with them, enter the tower and untie the ladies before it’s too late. Iorweth will pick you from the water and then you can sail towards Aedrin.

If you have decided to chase Loredo, head towards the gallows. You will have to fight against a couple of guards and citizens before you go against Loredo. Try attacking him from the back after you stun him using Yrden. After you have dealt with Loredo, head to the ship to rendezvous with Iorweth so that you can start sailing for Aedrin.

Death to the Traitor
If you have decided to side with Roche, wait in the back alley of Loredo’s residence (time should be 8pm). Climb the ladder and soon you will find a merchant. Your best bet here is to stun him. Why stun? Because if you attack, alarm will ring and you will have to fight against the rest of the guards.

For the second prostitute, go left and climb up the wall to reach the storage house. She will tell you that Triss is held at the top of the residence. Enter the house. If you have kept the low profile, use the window or if you have killed all guards, you can use the door to enter.

Enter the basement to find Loredo’s mother (Marietta). Ask her for the key. She will attack you. A quick time event will start in which you will have to press the left mouse button repeatedly. Search the body for the key.

Keeping a low profile, head for the top floor but the door will be locked. Come back to the floor below to find the key in a room where guards are sleeping. You should not wake them. Don’t move along the table with bottles.

Go around the beds so that you may not wake any guard. Head to the top floor now and its time to fight Loredo. He has a big weapon so you will have less chances to dodge his attacks. Use Yrden to stun him and then attack from behind.

Once you have defeated him, you will find a pregnant women in the next room. As you move towards the exit with the two ladies (Ves and Moril), the women (who is actually in her 9th month of pregnancy) will start feeling the contractions.

There will be another fight with a group of Loredo’s men. You can either fight with them at the stairs which might be troublesome or you can take them to the previous room for the fight. As you move to the courtyard, help Roche’s men who are fighting with the guards.

After Roche tells you about his fight with Iorweth, Ves will appear with the new born. Child’s mother will commit suicide (no affect on the future events). You will now sail with Roche to Aedrin.

Act II Roche

Prelude to War: Kaedwen
You will follow this path if you have chosen to side with Roche in Act I. You will be in charge of Henselt. Dethmold and Sheala will go with you to the tent. You can offer to buy the land first. As Saskia and Stennis appear the scene, its time to fight. But if you first listen what Saskia has to say and then start the fight, it will be a lot easier.

After the entry of Geralt in Kaedweni with Roche, your task will be to protect Dethmold till he cast’s a spell. Draugirs should be your primary concern. You can use Yrden to stun them first and then attack. After the circle is created, try to stay inside it and deal with the wraiths that try to interfere with the effect of the magical circle.

Search Stennis’ corpse along the path for a sword. Ultimately, you will reach Kaedwen camp. “Bring it on: Kaedweni Camp” will be unlocked. You will meet Zyvik near the gate. You can ask him to take you to the king straight away. He will show useful places around the camp. He will ultimately leave you at the main gate. You will unlock “Assassins of Kings”.

As the gate opens, enter to meet the king. Henselt will offer you the freedom if you lift the curse for him. As you leave the tent, you will be summoned by Dethmold.

The Assassins of Kings
Go talk to the elf in the Kaedweni camp. You won’t be able to talk with him for now due to lack of sufficient reputation. After you have lifted off the curse of Henselt, you will be attacked by assassins. You can use Axii to take control of one of them or if you want to go against both, try dodging their attacks first and then attack them on counter.

In the hospital, Dethmold is about to do a ritual on assassins’ corpse. You need to drink a potion before you can read dead man’s memories. You can buy the formula Master Myron near or inside the tent. The plants you will need to make the potion are Rebis, Vermilion, Caelum, Sol and Aether. Drink the potion to begin the ritual.

You will live the dream now and after killing Harpies, you will reach assassins’ hideout. Follow the assassin to avoid any trouble. Watch out for the traps though. Ultimately, you will meet Letho. You will come to know that he has left for Loc Muinne. If you get caught while you are in the stealth mode, you will wake up and won’t be able to enter the dream again.

You will have to fight against the Kaedweni soldiers in the cave and then ultimately, there is a fight with Geralt (since you are in assassins’ dream). No matter you win or lose, the dream will end. Instead of after the other Assassin through the mist, choose the northern gullies. You will come across Gargoyles and a Golem in the main room.

Lookout for the traps. Fight Golem using Yrden. Stun him first and then attack from behind. After the fight, you will find a dying assassin. Talking with him will return some memories (a flashback). After the flashback, head to Dethmold’s tent and he will give you the medallion.

Conspiracy Theory
After talking with Henselt for the first time, the mage will ask you to come to his tent. Ask him about the curse. To change the war, you will need few symbols of war like hatred, death courage and faith. While talking to him, you will unlock, “The Eternal Battle” and “The Blood Curse”.

To dig deeper about the conspiracy, talk the soldiers around the camp. If you go to three drunk soldiers in the camp, you will start “In Cervisia Veritas” or near the cantina, you will hear a soldier in a an argument with his son.

This will start “The Butcher of Cidaris” quest. In order to proceed, you need to complete only one of the missions. You can complete both if you want too.

Before you go to brothel and show the square coin, pay a visit to Dethmold to tell him about the conspirators’ hideout. You will get 4 soldiers in reward who will fight along you in next fight. Move to the brother now and talk to Madame Carole.

Show her the coin and choose Whistling Wendy when asked. If you choose the dialogue:”I want your smile to part the gates of paradise”, she will lead you to the entrance of the old tower.

Inside, you will have to fight against Vinson. You can use Quen and Aard if you are alone but the fight will be tougher this way. But if you reported to Dethmold earlier, 4 soldiers will fight along you and you can take him out easily. Beside his body, collect the items including “Seltkirk’s Armor” which you can use later on and the key that will lead you outside.

Meet Dandelion near the campfire. After some chit-chat with him, meet the mage and tell him that you have taken care of conspirators. To continue, you need to complete “The Blood Curse”, “The Assassins of Kings”, “The Eternal Battle”.

After three days of sleep, Dandelion will tell you about a secret conspirators’ meeting which will take place in the cliff house. Head there and you will find that Roche is the main conspirator. To warn the conspirators, head to the camp quickly. You will find soldiers there. Deal with them first and then a prostitute will tell you that everyone has gone to the camp for a feast.

Head to the camp now and deal with the soldiers. You will find that the feast ended in a massacre. Everyone is dead except for Ves who actually has been raped by Henselt. You will unlock “Vergen Besieged”.

In Cervisia Veritas
You will receive it from the drunk soldier during “Conspiracy Theory” You need to find one of their Odrin companion. Head to the beach (through the west gate) and you will find a dying Odrin at the cave entrance. Take the drunk to his companions. A guard will stop you. You can bribe him or tell him that he is your captive.

Head to the canteen with all the drunk soldiers. You now can extract some useful intel from them. Choose the dialogues “Everyone’s afraid of Henselt and “I need some information” to receive the square coin and info about the “Whistling Wendy” (she will take you to the conspirators if you give her the password).

The Blood Curse
Explore the site where “Sabrina Glevissig” was executed. Talk to the soldiers near the circle and you will learn about the visionary. You will also be asked to return the nail. You can either take the soldiers with you or leave them. You will have to agree to return with the soldiers anyways during “Lost Lambs”.

First visit the Relic vender who can be found in the canteen. Ask him some questions about the war and the execution. If you haven’t returned the nail to the two soldiers at the execution site, you can now verify its fake integrity.

Time to pay a visit to the visionary. He lives in the cliff hut. After asking questions from him, head back to the canteen again. Ask him about the spear. He doesn’t have it for now. Bribe him or intimidate him to know about the location of the spear. He will tell you that the spear is in the custody of a soldier who live in vergen.

To get to the other side for the spear, you will have to cross the mist. For that meet Dethmold and tell him that you need to cross the mist. He will make the arrangements. You will unlock “Death Symbolized” and “Hatred Symbolized”.

Its better that you complete these two quests first before crossing the mist. You will meet Zoltan before entering the mist. You can ask him to go with and he will agree. Now, head to your destination.

Once inside the mist, the Medallion will show you the right path. You can choose either the upper path or the lower one. Both lead to the same destination. You will come across a scoia’tael squad at burned village. The white flag will come handy. Just after you enter the gate, you will meet the Burdon brothers. Ask them about Saskia’s sword and the standard.

You can acquire Vandergrift’s sword can be obtained by completing “Hatred Symbolized”. Dun Banner’s Standard can be acquired by completing “Death Symbolized”. The spear can be found on completing “The Spear of Destiny” which will unlock after completing “Hatred Symbolized”.

After you have all the items, you can return to Kaedweni camp. You will have to go through the mist again. This time its better that you choose the lower path. At the camp side, you will meet Roche. He will tell you that a woman has crossed the mist with a statue of Triss in her hand. Head to the “Nilfgaardian camp” but you won’t find anything useful there.

Meet Henselt now and tell him that you have all the artifacts. Its time to lift the curse. If you use the grimoire (given by Dethmold), you will spot red dots which you need to connect. You can draw the ling by after the two paths (mirror images to each other). The sequence will be; Sour milk, Raven corpse, Scorched tree, Goat skull, Black candles, Petrified bread, Pixie ring.

Approach either of the items now and use igni to light the powder. The ritual will start and now you need to protect the king till the ritual is complete. You need to visit his tent to receive the artifact symbolizing fate as a reward. You will have to wait till 11pm. No matter which dialogues you choose, you will be attacked by the assassins. This will activate the second part of “The Assassins King”.

The Path to Vision
While on your way to meet the visionary, you will find some soldiers fighting with Rotifiends. You ought to help them. You can either save them (atleast one) or all will be dead. If you have managed to save one of them, he will ask you to take him along you. If all are dead, search the corpses for some orens and note to the visionary.

The harpies near the house will make life difficult for you. But if you have upgraded your character and have powerful weapons, you can deal with them. Otherwise try to move to the other side of the candles quickly.

You have two options now. Either pay visionary the full amount (Costs too much) or become the follower. If you pay him the amount, you can return to “The Blood Curse” quest.

Visionary will ask to spend a night near a shrine in the forest. You will also receive a potion. You should drink it by 9pm and your dream will start. Memorize the dream as you need to tell visionary about it. After you wake up, follow the same path back to the visionary and tell him about your dream.

The Path to Vision
In order to continue with this quest, you need Courage Symbolized, Death Symbolized, Hatred Symbolized and Faith Symbolized to be completed. After you have all the items, you can meet Dethmold to lift the curse. You can refer to Iorweth’s path for further description about the battle.

Courage Symbolized
The visionary will tell you about the “Seltkirk’s armor” Zyvik has the info about the armor. He will tell you about a man named “Vision Traut” who have the armor. You will have to complete either “In Cervisia Veritas” or “The Butcher of Cidaris” to learn about conspirators’ hideout from where you can get the armor. You will have to kill him to collect the armor.

Death Symbolized
After you cross the mist to reach the other side. Burdon brothers will tell you about the standard in the catacombs. The rest of the part is same as in Inorweth’s path.

Hatred Symbolized
Skalen Burdon and Cecil Burdon (at the city gate) will tell you about sword. Meet Zoltan in the tunnels below. You will have to fight off with some monsters before Saskia hands over the sword to you. You will also come to know that the spear you are looking for now is in possession of Skalen Burdon.

Faith Symbolized
The medallion is in the possession of the king and you wont get it till you lift the curse. After lifting the curse in “The Blood Curse”, the assassins will kill the king and you will have to find out their intentions (Complete Assassins of King) first before you get the medallion from Dethmold.

The Spear of Destiny
You will find out from Saskia during “Hatred Symbolized” that the spear is in possession of Skalen Burdon. You can find him near the city gate entrance. He is ready to give it to you but on one condition. You need to win a dice poker game against him.

Keep on trying till you win. Don’t throw the dice too hard that it falls off from the board. The dice only on the board will count. After you have won a game against Skelon, you will have the spear as well as a “Cloak of Dun Banner” which can be useful during “Death Symbolized”

Vergen Besieged
Move to Vergen using forest gullies. You will soon find a she-troll just beside the wreckage. You can either decide to kill her or ask her about Letho. Just ahead, deal with the Kaedweni soldiers and talk to the troll.

Now if you haven’t killed the she-troll, you can tell him about the soldiers and he will go mad and move towards Vergen where he will take on Kaedewenis. If you have killer her, tell troll the truth (you can also decide to lie. It won’t change anything) and he will attack you.

After the troll part is over, head for the Tunnels of Founders. Dethmold’s mercenaries are waiting inside. Both silver and steel swords will help your cause. In a big cave ahead, you will face Dethmold and Adam Pangratt together.

First focus on just Adam and his men. Dethmold can use teleportation and Quen for his protection. Wait for the right time and then attack. It’s upon you to decide whether you should let him go or not.

Leave the tunnels. You will meet Zoltan outside. Helping Iorweth is optional. If you want to help him, move left through the door and climb the stairs to reach the council room in the Castle of the Three Fathers. Iorweth will be fighting with Kaedweni soldiers so you can give him a helping hand.

Head back to the city to Philippa’s quarters. Golem will interrupt your path. Your Quen should stay active as you won’t have too much space to dodge. You should look for the opportunity and then attack as being hasty won’t do you any good. Enter the quarters and you will find that it’s too late as Sheala has managed to escape.

Henselt will enter the place and sentence Geralt to death. You need to fight of course. First the soldiers and then Henselt himself. Stick to the basics and you will win the fight. After you have defeated Henselt, Roche will join in the party. You can either let the king live or kill him for good. The choice won’t have any major.

Act II Iorweth

Prelude to War: Aedirn
You will follow this path only if you have completed “A Crossroads: Scoia’tael” in t a Crossroads: Scoia’tael. Move with Saskia and Olcan to meet Henselt. No matter which dialogues you choose, fight is inevitable. The fight won’t be that difficult. You main focus should be Detmold.

Next, after some discussion with the dwarfs, head to the meeting place of the kings. You need to protect the Dragonslayer. Draugirs, those big monsters should be your primary focus. Stun them first before fighting them in close range. A sorceress named Philippa will appear with a magical circle created by an Owl.

You need to stay inside the circle and deal with the threats (wraiths) that hinder the magical circle. Keep in mind that if you are able to deal with the wraiths, the Draugir will die too. Soon, you will reach a safe spot.

The War Council
Time to move to the meeting place. But before that, you will be shown your living quarter in the tavern by Skalen. Saskia will be poisoned at the end of the meeting. Talk to Philippa about the antidote to cure Saskia. To make the antidote potion, you need :dwarven immortelle (Xenanthemum), rose of remembrance, source of power and royal blood. You will unlock 6 more quests.

A Matter of Life and Death
You will receive this quest after finishing “The War Council”. There are separate quests (mentioned below) to find the ingredients mentioned by Phillipa. After you have collected these ingredients, give them to the sorceress so that she can cure Saskia. You will get a special sword as a gift for saving her life.

Subterranean Life
To find the Immortelle, visit Zoltan in the Tavern. You will come to know that the item you are looking for can be found in the blocked mine. In the mine, there will be darkness so gather “Cat” potions before you enter it. If you have the cat potion (which actually last for 5 minutes), you will be able to spot the creatures in the dark more clearly.

As you fight with the creatures in the dark, make sure that you check the corpses you find and collect keys from them for the next doors. Although, the dwarfs will help you all along, you still need to be cautious as those Rotfiend creatures will try to surround you.

In the big battle at the end, make sure you use Yrden to stun the big enemy before engaging it. You have the silver sword along with you now which is more powerful and will take the boss enemy down in shorter time. Collect the immortelles now and leave the mine.

Hunting Magic
Talk to Philipa at her house to know more about the magic artifact. Pay a visit to Skalen Burdon. He will tell you about the wizard in the woods. Also meet the innkeeper (in the tavern) and Cecil who will tell you about the same ruins in the woods.

Head to the woods then. Use the stairs by the west gate to reach the the north gate. As you move along the river, some scoia’tael members and a dwarf want to earn the reward on Geralt’s head. Deal with the scoia’tael first and then the dwarf.

From the right side of the river, get to the other side and ultimately you will face Kaedweni soldiers. To increase the trouble, Harpies and Celaeno Harpy and the Nekkers will wait for you as you move up the hill to find the crystal. Collect the crystal and give it to Philippa. Unfortunately, the stone you have is not strong enough and is associated with dwarfs. You need to visit Harpies nest in the old quarry.

The key can be obtained after blackmailing the elder about the dream. Leave the city through the west gate. Keep on moving till you reach the quarry. Beware of Harpies and Erynias that appear in your path. Deal with them in smaller groups. For that, avoid being aggressive as if you move forward too much, more creatures will appear. Your abilities like Yrden, Igni and Aard will be useful.

Inside the Harpy lair, you will face Celaeno Harpies. Things will be messy specially when there is not much spot to dodge. You need to collect 4 “crystallized dreams”. Harpies will come in small groups. Try eliminating one group fast before the second group appears. After collecting 4 crystals, move to the projector and a cutscene will play.

After that, you will be attacked by the queen. Quen will a crucial role in the fight. After the fight is over, move to the projector to play all the dreams. Dragon’s dream is the strongest. Head back to Vergen now and give the crystal to Phillipa.

Royal Blood
Meet Stennis and ask him for the royal blood. He will straight away say no to give his blood to save Saskia. The quest will further have effect on “Where is Triss Merigold?”. Now you will have to complete a part of “Where is Triss Merigold?” Find Triss’ bandanna and give it to Phillipa. Head to the “Castle of the Three Fathers” to meet Zoltan and Dandelion there who will you brief you about the situation.

Speak to as much people as you can to make the judgment about Stennis. You can decide to kill Stennis or you can put him under a fair trail. If you decide to kill him, you will have the royal blood and if you choose the other option, you will have to wait till “Where is Triss Merigold?” quest to find it.

Where is Triss Merigold?
Meet Philipa and ask her about Triss. She will tell you that she needs something belonging to Triss to find her. You need to visit the dwarf who has talked that he saw a red haired sorceress. He (Mantas Bitur) is in the Tavern. He will tell you that Triss probably has teleported to the gullies.

Leave from the west side gate to the gullies. You will find some more about Triss and meet a troll. You have to options about his wife’s fate. You can either promise him to make her come home or tell him that you are going to kill her.

If you tell the troll that you are going to kill the she-troll, he will attack you straight away. The fight won’t be that tough. You need to use Yrden properly to take out the beast. Head south and turn left at the crossroads. Climb the ledge to spot the she-troll. Kill her now (the mercenaries will help you) and take Triss’ bandanna from the corpse.

But you have promised to bring her back, you will have to fight against Adam Pangratt and some mercemaries. The fight will be a bit tougher due to the armor they are wearing. Yrden and Quen are your friends here. Use them to teach them a lesson. In this case, you will also get the Troll horn along with Triss’ bandanna.

Head back to Phillipa now and give her the bandanna. You will hear a scream about Stennis from outside. For further approach, you must complete “Royal Blood” as mentioned above. Head back in and you will come to know that Triss in on the other side of the mist. Phillipa will aid you in the form of owl.

Leave through the west gate and just like in the start of this act, try to stay inside the magic circle’s radius. You will have to deal with wraiths and a draugir along the way. As you reach the corpse (you will be alone by then), Roche will show up. Irrespective of the choices you make, he will tell you the path to reach the camp. You can sneak through the camps or you can use the caves.

If you want to move through the camp then meet Madame Karoll to the west side. They are prostitutes so if you want to have fun, you can do that. Either way, you will have to pay them. You will come to know that there is a way in the tent leading to the camp.

As you move through the cave, you will face some tough foes. You know the basics? Stick to them and you will be fine. Otherwise you can choose Golem as your foe before entering the cave and find armor and boots that can help you inside the cave. The fight won’t be easy though but it’s worth of a try. Outside the tunnel, you will be caught by the guard and taken to Henselt.

If you decide to move on your own, you will have to use your stealth skills and make sure that noone finds you. This method is more tricky to me as i would prefer fight task over stealth. The path leads to the same fate though i.e you will be caught by the guard and taken to Henselt.

You will be sentenced to death but Roche will come to rescue at the right moment. Vanhemar will be a tough opponent to beat. He is a sorcerer so he will use some magical tricks like Quen and teleportation etc. After you are done with the fight, help Roche and Ves to deal with the rest of the enemies.

Now if you have spared Stennis life earlier, you need the royal blood. Roche will help you to draw guard’s attention. You can use the tent or the barrels as cover. Use Igni or Aard on the guards at the gate. This way, you can enter Henselt’s tent.

If Stennis is dead already and you have the blood sample, you need to escape the camp. Roche will help you. You will act like a prisoner taken by Roche so that no one doubts you.

Time to head back to Vergen. Phillipa’s owl will help you moving though the mist again. Once inside the city, talk to the sorceress and you will learn that Cynthia has managed to escape. She left the rose of remembrance though.

The Eternal Battle
After getting Dun Banner’s standard and Vandergrift’s sword, head to Phillipa and talk to her. You will unlock “Death Symbolized” and “Hatred Symbolized”. Both the quest will give you an artifact. After you have collected the artifacts, come back and talk to Philippa at her house and tell her that you are good to go for the fight. Leave the town from the west for the fight in the mist.

Your first task in the mist will be to deal with “standard bearer” and the soldiers accompanying him. You should focus on bearer as his dominions will be drawn away from you by your companions. Take Kaedweni banner. After you have lost the standard, you need to tell the commander about the loss. To dodge the burning arrows, you should use the wooden structures along the path. Wait for the arrows to stop and then hurriedly move to the next cover. Don’t be too lazy as each cover will be able to bear only two waves of arrow attacks.

Keep in mind that as long as you are in control of ghosts, you won’t be able to use any signs. For the next fight though, Geralt will ask Seltkirk to leave so that he can fight himself. For the next couple of fights, make sure that you have Quen activated all the time while you use Yrden to stun the monsters before attacking.

Your last job is to escort your allies to king’s place which is actually a safe place. Lookout for the arrows. The place where these arrows will strike will be lit so that you can dodge them so. You will have a flashback and “Vergen Besieged” will also be unlocked.

Death Symbolized
To get the artifact, first talk to Cecil Burdon. He will explain you about the location of “symbol of death”. Head to the woods as told by Cecil (from the north gate of the city) and then to the catacombs. Move to the lower level where you will find a wall you can destroy using Aard. Inside, you will meet Ekhart Henessy (the standard bearer).

You can either choose to kill him or lie that you serve in the Dun Banner. In the latter case, you will receive a sword too. Killing won’t be too troublesome if you use Quen and Yrden during the fight. If you lie, he will ask you some questions to confirm. The answers should be:

  • You got it wrong
  • Menno Coehoorn
  • Ceohoorn is dead
  • Vandergrift and Seltkirk
  • Bigerhorn took me prisoner

This way, he will be convinced and you will also receive the valuable sword as a reward.

Hatred Symbolized
You get “Vandergrift’s sword” as a reward for saving Saskia’s life. After completing “A Matter of Life and Death.”

Vergen Besieged
You need to meet Zoltan at west gate of the city. At the start, you need to throw some oil at the soldiers. Move up the walls on the right side and activate the assembly for oil spillage. After the enemies are drenched with oil, head back to Zoltan. You will have to retreat for the next door. As you move along the wall, soldiers will attack you regularly. Your allies will help you in the time of distress. You can use Aard to knock enemies down from the walls.

You will soon come to know about a secret tunnel. Head inside it with Saskia and fight off the enemies inside. Be careful as mercenaries in there will try to surround you which will put you in a disadvantageous position. Leave the tunnel and then head for Vergen to meet Zoltan again. Time to defend the walls again. Use Aard to knock off enemies climbing the walls. Soon, Iorweth will join in the party with his men.

To cut off Henselt’s escape route, you will have to close the gate. Move to the other side of the wall. Climb down the ladder to reach Iorweth. Escort Zoltan now to the lever to close the gate. Henselt will surrender. Head to the sorceress’ quarters to find that Phillipa used rose of remembrance on Saskia’s mind. Follow Iorweth to Loc Muinne to close this act.

Act III Roche

For Temeria
You will begin this quest in Act III if you have followed Roche’s path. You will start things off from a mountain. Fighting your way through Harpies, climb down the mountain to meet Knights of the Flaming Rose at the city entrance.

After dealing with the guards, head to meet Radvoid. You will be asked about Henselt. It doesn’t matter you accept it or blame your partner. As you leave the camp, you need to make a choice.

Either save Anais (You will unlock “Of His Blood and Bone”) or save Triss (you will unlock “Where is Triss Merigold?”).

Of his Blood and Bone
Head to the Kaedweni camp through the sewers. Inside the sewers awaits a tough fight Dethmold and his men. Soon one of Dethmold’s apprentices will appear who has the ability to teleport and use Quen. His shield will be down when teleports so that will be your time to attack. Roche will help you in the fight taking care of rest of the soldiers.

Head inside the tower to free the girl. Roche will kill Dethmold to relief the spell so the she can come out. You can now hand Aanis either to Radvoid or to the Temerians.

If you choose the latter option, you will be attacked by “Knights of the Flaming Rose” outside the sewers. If you hand it over to Radvoid, you can move to your next destination i.e Lodge’s meeting. You will unlock “A Summit of Mages”.

Act III Iorweth

For a Higher Cause!
You will start things off from a mountain. Fighting your way through Harpies, climb down the mountain to meet Knights of the Flaming Rose at the city entrance. If you haven’t imported the save game from Withcer I, you will be attacked. You can then follow either Iorweth or have a look at Order’s camp.

If you follow Iorweth, the elf will be waiting for you at the cave and will guide you further. Soon, you will come up against the “Arachas”. At this stage of the game, you can use Yrden easily to take it out.

Keep following Iorweth and he will lead you inside the city from a wrecked wall. You will face enemies at regular intervals just to make sure that you don’t slack off too much.

As you exit through the southern door and enter through the northern one, you will come across a group of soldiers who will tell you about Triss. You can now either choose the sewers path or get arrested. If you get arrested, you will lose all your weapons and armor.

If you decide to move through the sewers, try to keep a low profile and don’t engage with guards on patrol. You will have to deal with gargoyles and Harpies though. You will ultimately reach sewers’ entrance. Bullovers will be waiting for you inside the sewers. You aren’t dealing with them for the first time. Use Quen for protection while you attack them on the counter.

No more enemies and all you need to do is find a way around and leave the sewers. Before you enter the dungeons, you will have to deal with a group of guards. You can choose to retreat a bit and let them come to you. After you have dealt with them, enter the dungeons and talk with Philippa.

You have an important choice to make here. Either you can choose to save Philippa (you will unlock “The Spellbreaker”) or you can decide to save Triss (You will unlock “Where is Triss Merigold?”).

In order to lift the curse from Saskia and save the dragon, you will have to save Philippa. If you decide to get yourself arrested, you need to find the Nilfgaardian Patrol and lose the fight to them. Once inside the dungeons, ask Philippa about Saskia.

Philippa will be made blind after the entry of Radvoid. After the conversation with the ambassador, you should free your hands using igni. Make the choice, either Triss or Philippa.

The Spellbreaker
You will continue with this quest if you decide to save Philippa. Pretending to take her as the prisoners, reach the sewers where Iorweth will take care of the guards. Next, it will be your task to deal with the Rotifiends till you reach her quarters. Watch out for the gargoyles in the room.

You need to open the chest by lightning the candles in correct order. Go downstairs and you will find Philippa’s notes. The middle one has the correct order to light the candles.

Light the candles in proper order but before you can complete the spell, Elemental will attack. You need to lookout for its charged attacks. You can use all bombs and signs on it. Also lookout for the fireballs falling from the sky.

Grab “Philippa’s dagger” from the chest to complete the mission. You will unlock “A Summit of Mages”.

Act III – Common Quests

Where is Triss Merigold?
You will take the ambassador as hostage. In case of Roche’s path, you can find him near Nilfgaardian camp exit. This way no guard will attack you. Inside the camp, ambassador will die and you will have to fight against the soldiers. Be careful of their crossbows which they will use if you go too far from them.

The door will be closed and you will have to find another way around. Climb up the stairs and more enemies await at the square. Next, you will face a mage. He isn’t that tough. After dealing with him, you will ultimately face Renuald. Defeat him and gather keys to Triss’ prison and Nilfgaardian camp. Leave the camp now to the Lodge for the meeting.

A Summit of Mages
At the amphitheater’s entrance, depending upon the paths you have chosen in the past, you will either meet Triss, Iorweth or Roche at the entrance. The meeting will be similar for both paths except for some difference. In the end, Sheala will summon the dragon to save herself. You will unlock “Enter the Dragon”.

Enter the Dragon
Move up stairs to reach the top of the tower. Don’t stay at one place for longer as stairs will keep on crumbling and dragon attacks will also make things difficult. At the top, you will meet Sheala. Either take out the false diamond or don’t. For the latter option, she will be torn and if you choose the former one, she will tell you about Yennerfer and teleport after that.

Fight with the dragon will be tough as you will have fewer opening to attack the giant bird. Quen is crucial in the is fight. A cutscene will play and the fight will shift to the roof of the tower. Your strategy you remain cautious. Keep a safe distance for the most part try to dodge the fire attacks by jumping at the right time.

After her health has been depleted completely, a QTE will start. You can either kill the dragon or spare her life which will depend on the choices you made earlier. If you sided with Philippa earlier, the curse will be lifted or if you save Triss, you can either kill the dragon or leave her as such.

If you have followed Iorweth pathway, you will have one last confrontation with Letho after meeting Triss or Iorweth. You can either let him go or choose to fight. If you decide to have your revenge, you will have to deplete his complete health this time.

Use your signs and when you find him in Quen, attacking him won’t be a good idea. After you have defeated Letho, Witcher 2 will conclude following Iorweth’s pathway.

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