The Walking Dead: Our World Weapons Guide – How To Change Weapons, Upgrading, Weapon Unlocks

Even though the game draws inspiration from Pokemon Go; there is a lot less collecting going on and a lot more violence in this Augmented Reality game. There are many weapons for you to use and choose from and our The Walking Dead: Our World Weapons Guide will help you do that.

Our The Walking Dead: Our World Weapons Guide will tell you 3 different things. How can you get weapons in The Walking Dead: Our World, switching between the different weapons, and upgrading the weapons that you have.

The Walking Dead: Our World Weapons

You get to play with many weapons within the first few levels of the game. You get weapons in the game by completing random missions and events. Try to do whatever missions you can get your hands on at the start of the game so that you can try more and more weapons that the game has to offer. Now, let us go ahead and look at how you can change the weapons that you have, and how you can upgrade them.

How to Change Weapons

There will come a point in the game when you will have quite a few weapons at your disposal and that is when you will want to switch between them. Tap on a nearby survivor is all for help or his or her infestation mission and you will be asked about which weapon you want to take along with which hero you want to select.

You should know what you have to do next. Simply click on the weapon card and then scroll about until you find the weapon that you wish to use, and then go ahead and join the mission. Remember that you can also get Legendary Weapon Cards if you join a group and then complete the daily and weekly tasks. Some of them will have the Legendary Cards as a reward.

How to Upgrade Weapons

Your weapons in the game can be viewed from your collection tab. That can be found in the bottom menu bar. You can see weapon stats here after you have gotten to Level 5. There will be an upgrade button right beside the weapon if the weapon can be upgraded.

In order to upgrade the weapons, you need to have 2 things. The first is coins and the second is random cards of hero, weapons, and perks. You will get all of these things as you do missions in the game and of course, the daily and weekly challenges. Once you have managed to get enough cards to upgrade the select weapon, simply press the upgrade button and your weapon will have been upgraded.

That is all we have for our The Walking Dead: Our World Weapons Guide. Let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!

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