The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Murder Scene Chronology Guide

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an intriguing game, and it does an impressive job to keep you hooked and interested in knowing what will happen next.

The game is a notable combination of horror, drama, mystery and puzzles. And speaking of puzzles, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter tasks the players to put together the horrific scenes by using the physic abilities of our protagonist, Paul Prospero.

Now, if you are having a hard time putting together those events, the following guide will help solve these mysteries.

The Train Track Murder

  • The first piece of this scene is where the boy (Ethan) is tied to the train tracks and the dead man known as Travis, looks at him.
  • Go to the end of the train tracks, you will see the old man (Ed) picking up a rock.
  • The third scene is where the old man with a rock approaches the guy who tied Ethan to the rail tracks.
  • This one, is between the rope and the train scene. Travis kneeling over the pool of blood around him. This is #4.
  • Travis tries to crawl away from Ed is scene 5. Ethan is watching in horror.
  • This scene is a bit further off the patch and where Ed is standing over the corps of Travis.

The Church and Graveyard Murder

  • The first scene involves Ethan’s mom having a conversation with his father. They are on the trail behind the church
  • Ethan’s mother Missy, his father Dale and Chad making their way into the mausoleum.
  • Missy looking over Chad, who is kneeling to the ground.
  • In the graveyard where the blood stain was found, you will see Chad straggling Ethan’s father while Missy has a dagger pointed towards Chad.
  • Behind the church, Missy with a lamp in her hand having a conversation with Travis.

The Mine Murder

  • Ethan’s mom and father walking into the cavern. It’s near the tunnel and the train tracks.
  • Missy and Dale by the lift. Dale is looking at her from the outside while she is standing inside the lift.
  • Dale standing by the controls panel of the lift.
  • Dale with an axe in his hands, close to the pickaxe rack. To the right side of the lift.
  • Dale with the pickaxe in his hands walking away from the scene and looking back at the lift.

The Dam Murder

  • Dale preparing to ambush Travis with an axe at the mines exit/entrance.
  • Travis with an axe in his hands while Dale has his hands up in the air defensively.
  • Dale is on the ground clutching his face while Travis is looking at him.
  • In the room where Dale is murdered, Travis has an axe in his hands and Dale is closing the door.
  • Travis coming towards Dale who has scissors in his hands.

The Burned Down Vandergriff House Murder

  • Ed walking into the room with two oil cans in his possession while Ethan looks at him curiously.
  • In the center of the room, Ethan rotating the table.
  • Ed and Ethan together, trying to open the secret door.
  • Near the door, the old man Ed is in a fetal position.

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