The Technomancer Companions Locations Guide: Where to Find and How to Unlock

The Technomancer Companions locations to help you find all companions and know which one is the best suited for your playstyle in the game.

Developed by Spiders, The Technomancer is a sci-fi Star Wars: The Old Republic-esque role playing game available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game features many traditional RPG elements and one of which is companions. During your time with the game you will come across and unlock many different companions.

Here’s a quick guide on where to find and how to unlock The Technomancer Companions.

The Technomancer Companions Locations

Well, Phobos is the easiest to find as you will come across him Phobos during a certain main quest of The Technomancer. It is a mutant but is on your side. It will offer you a couple of quests “A Bodyguard For A Merchant” and “Souvenir For A Mother.”

Fighting Style: Rogue with a Two-Handed Mace
Passive: Weight +250
Relationship Bonus: Lockpicking/exploration +1

Amelia Reacher
Amelia is my personal favorite; as you progress in the main story and come across a main mission where you’ll need to reach the Noctis City, you’ll meet Amelia Reacher. She will help you escape in a rover.

Fighting Style: Warrior with Mace and Shield
Passive: Warding Off Disruption +5%
Relationship Bonus: Crafting Items +1

Jeffrey Hunter
Once you trigger the “Fighting for Abundance” quest you will unlock Hunter as your companion. Head over to the main section of Barracks to find him.

Fighting Style: Rogue with Assault Rifle
Passive: Gunshot Damage +2
Relationship Bonus: N/A

Like others, Andrew will also be available to you once you progress enough in the main story.

Fighting Style: Mace
Passive: Liquid Regeneration +5
Relationship Bonus: Charisma +1

David Ward
David will unlock once you trigger the “Fighting for Abundance” quest in The Technomancer. Head to the Barracks to find him.

Fighting Style: Guardian
Passive: Warding Off Disruption +2%
Relationship Bonus: N/A

Scott Seeker
There is a laboratory in the Slums where you can find Scott Seeker.

Fighting Style: Guardian with Pistol
Passive: Life Regeneration +2%
Relationship Bonus: Science +1

Complete the quest “A Friend Under Pressure” where you have to reach Noctis, however, the quest isn’t mandatory to unlock Niesha. You will unlock her as you progress through the story.

Fighter Style: Rogue with Dagger and Pistol
Passive: Damage from Dagger +2
Relationship Bonus: Exploration/Lockpicking +1

That’s it for The Technomancer Companions guide for unlocking and finding allies. If you have any queries, feel free to comment down below.

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