The Surge Rogue Process Boss Guide

Our The Surge Rogue Process Boss Guide will help you with the final boss fight in The Surge which will end the game and unlock New Game+. Rogue Process is quite possibly the coolest looking boss in the game, at least for me, and has two phases and this guide will help you with the entire boss fight so may emerge victorious.

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The Surge Rogue Process Boss

Rogue Process is the final boss in the game that you will encounter and is also for some reason the coolest looking boss too.

This boss is the combination of several different entities into one consciousness. You will encounter the Rogue Process in Data Checksum Fail located inside the Nucleus.

As the boss fight starts, the Rogue Process will fire three homing missiles at the player which the player has to dodge and may also leap at the player too.

So dodge these attacks and then perform counter attacks in this boss battle. It is recommended to dash in and attack its limbs and quickly back out and repeat.

As the Rogue Process turns more reddish over time, it will become more aggressive than before. You will have less weak points to damage.

When the boss is at about a third of its health, it will turn red completely.

Don’t stay in front of it and under it for too long and given that your attacks can’t build up enough energy against the Rogue Process.

It is advised that you have at least 3 Vital Injection v.5 slotted. As his health gets low use the Overcharge power conduit to begin the second phase.

Overloading the system will affect the boss to get rid of almost all of its mass.

In the second phase of this boss fight, Rogue Process will appear in humanoid form and you will have to fight it like all the other human enemies.

Just go in attack and quickly back off and try to dodge left and right as his weapons will shoot projectiles. So, if you dash backwards and remain in front of it then you will get hit.

When his health is low enough a prompt for the finisher will pop up and finish the fight

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