Action RPG The Surge Release Date is Official, You Won’t Have to Wait Long

Deck13’s upcoming game The Surge is brutal in every sense as compared to its predecessor Lords of the Fallen. The Surge release will happen on 16th May 2017 on PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC.

The Surge emphasizes on one-on-one encounters and slow strikes to give you the best experience of its innovative combat. The biggest difference in The Surge is that your character is just a man with an exo suit doing his job, Being chased by murderous robots that roam the blood-smeared compound, and there’s no one alive left in sight. Just a regular day at the job, right?

This time all the violence takes place in a sci-fi environment with so much to explore that is if those murderous people in exo suits don’t kill you first. So better watch out for them.

The CEO Jan Klose has hyped the expectations for The Surge release by saying it will deliver an over the top twist on the tough gameplay style of Lords of the Fallen.

Klose said “it’s not so predictable. You’ll say, What’s going on here? when you play it, and then you’ll find out. Sometimes you will maybe have a smile on your face when you find out. But not necessarily because everything is nice and shiny.”

Klose added that Deck13 is very fond of Lords of the Fallen fantasy setting, and that it’s a direction the studio might eventually return to.

When it comes to returning to that specific series, the developer is quite determined for the future. Deck13 seeks to both improve on its Lords of the Fallen formula and move beyond it.

We as players expect a lot from The Surge  and hope that it will be just as good as Lords of the Fallen and Dark Souls, The Surge release will hopefully open the gateway for more games that are based on this sci-fi genre. In the mean time we just can’t wait to decapitate those robotic limbs.

Contributor at SegmentNext.