The Surge Crafting Guide

This Surge guide will help you find the schematics for your gear and Exo-Rigs in the game along with how to farm crafting materials to craft new armor and weapons and where to obtain the Power Core.

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The Surge Crafting

The Surge guide will take you through the Schematics in the game, Crafting Materials and how to get them in order to craft new gear and Exo-Rigs, where to find the Power Core and how to upgrade it so you can face enemies with more ease, and implants and how to use them.

Schematics Locations

To acquire schematics in The Surge will depend on how to choose to fight your enemies that you will come across the game’s world. In order to acquire the best schematics for your opponents, you need to know how to target enemy body parts, which is the skill that the game teaches you fairly early in the game and it is quite an important skill to farm crafting materials.

To unlock specific schematics you are required to find enemies who have that particular piece of armor you are looking for. If yu are looking for the Schematic of the Rhino Exo-Rig Helmet then you will have to find the enemies with armored heads. When fighting the enemy you can target a specific body part, so target the head and it with well-timed horizontal and vertical attacks until the finisher prompt pops up and activate the finisher.

If you have damaged that specific body part enough then when the finisher is activated that body part is cut off from the body and the body part appears as a pickup item and that is how you will get your schematic. If you didn’t get the schematic then keep trying to acquire it by trying on enemies with the same armored body part.

As you get the schematic head back to the Gear Station in an Ops Cente and start building it. One it is built you can equip it from the inventory.

Crafting Materials

Crafting materials are necessary to craft to build new gear, armor, and upgrading the Exo-Rig. However, the game will tell you how to farm materials quite early in the game when the enemies are relatively easier to take down. Firstly you need to have schematics in order to craft a new gear or armor.

Let’s assume that you need to craft Body Gear and for that, you are required to have specific materials, as well as Tech Scrap. Tech Scrap can be acquired from the enemies you defeat or from the consumables that you will come across the game. Crafting materials themselves are found by cutting off specific gear parts from enemies.

To gather crafting materials you will need to find enemies with armored bodies and target them. Attack the enemies until you get the finisher prompt and activate it. It will depend on how much you have done damage to the particular part of the enemy and chances of cutting off the enemy part will vary.

If you manage to cut off the body part of your enemy then it will appear as a pickup item on the ground. Grab it and it will appear in your inventory and it will be useless for you in this state. So, visit your nearest Gear Station and break it down into the materials that you need to upgrade or craft that particular piece.

To make each armor type you need specific materials, listed below are the materials and their relevant armor type:

  • Cortical Processor- Head
  • Force Regulators- Arms
  • Rig Armature- Chest
  • Pneumatic Helix-Legs

Each material type has a mark type like mark I, II, III. The higher mark materials are used the better the armor.

Power Core Location And How To Install It

Power Core is an important item that you need to acquire for you to progres with the game. After you have decided your Exo-Rig you need the Power Core to activate the functionalities of the Rig and here is where to find it in The Surge.

Once you learn that you need the Power Core in The Surge, exit the area from the front door and make your way down the stairs. After this point in the game, you will be introduced to a new type of enemies so be careful. Take out the first Exo-Rig enemy in front of you, and then head around the corner. There will be two enemies ahead, deal with them.

Once these are taken care of you will find an Exo-Rig enemy banging its head against the wall. This is the one who has the Power Core. Chose its head as your sub-target and attacks it until it is dead. Once it is dead, pick up what has dropped afterward and you will obtain the Power Core in The Surge.

Now make your way back to the OPS center and interact with the Medbay to install the new Power Core. Once you have the new Power Core installed you can now begin upgrading its power level. The higher the power level the more implant slots will be available to you and will also allow you to overcharge more powerful circuits.

What Is Overcharge And How To Do It

Overcharge will seem quite confusing to a lot of you but here we will explain you simply what it is and how you can use it. In The Surge, Overcharge is a system that allows players to redirect the suit’s energy to pipes or power lines. What is basically does is allow you access to doors, power up lights and more. Overcharge is very important as you will need to rely on it quite often.

Now, how to use the Overcharge? You can use the Overcharge at select junctions throughout the game. These junctions are usually located near the powerlines and pipes, these junctions allow you to power up systems in a certain area to open closed doors or shortcuts. However, you will need the power to use the Overcharge and it is different for different items.

You can also increase the power of your Overcharge and for that, you will require Tech Scrap. If you have the Tech Scraps then you will make your way back to the Medbay and interact with the medical chair and funnel your Tech Scrap into your Power Core. This will also increase your level in The Surge and will also increase the amount of power you can use for Overcharging the systems.


Implants are an important part of The Surge, as you progress through the game you will face tougher enemies and before. In order to be able to defeat them, you will need to know about the Implants in The Surge and how they can affect your playstyle.

Implants are sort of skill point in the game which you can swap with others at any point in the game through the Medbays on OPS Center, like swapping the healing implant with an HP increase implant. There us a wide variety of Implants that you will find in the game, some increase weapon damage, some show enemy health bars and more.

To get more Implant Slots you need to upgrade your Power Core. Upgrading the Power Core is basically your leveling up system the higher the upgrade of your Power Core, the more you will be able to utilize your Exo-Rig. Simply visit the Medbay when you have Tech Scrap and upgrade your Power Core.

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