The Surge from the Makers of Lords of the Fallen Coming to Gamescom 2015

If you wondered what Deck13, the makers of Lords of the Fallen are working on now, Focus Home Interactive have revealed it to be “The Surge.” A new Sci-Fi RPG that will be revealed at Gamescom 2015, but probably only in behind closed doors presentations.

Few details about The Surge have been released, but in a recent newsletter they did reveal a few things on the partnership between the two companies. Deck13 Interactive CEO’s Florian Stadlbauer and Jan Klose said:

“We are delighted to be working with Focus Home Interactive. Our relationship with the company over the past few months has created a lot of trust and confidence already. During the past years, the Focus team has shown that they are extremely successful in marketing European titles worldwide.”

Klose, CEO and Creative Director added:

“After our recent major project, the team at Deck13 is eager to take on the next challenge. We have learned a lot and want to deliver an even greater experience to core gamers this time”

On the partnership Focus Home Interactive’s Managing Partner Cedric Lagarrigue said:

“We are ecstatic to announce this new partnership with one of the very best independent European development studios. We’ve been excited by Deck13’s new project since our first exchange with them, and as we’ve just got through the pre-production phase, we’re fully convinced by their capacities to deliver one of the most exciting RPGs to come in the future.”

So although we don’t know much about The Surge both companies are confident not only with this new game but also future games to come. No doubt they will remain tight lipped about The Surge, only revealing the name and the new image as a tease, with the big reveal saved for Gamescom 2015.

Based on what you remember of Deck13’s Lords of the Fallen, is The Surge something you look forward to? Let us know your thoughts below.

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