The Surge The Black Cerberus Boss Guide

Our The Surge The Black Cerberus Boss Guide will help you with this challenging boss fight as you will also face three P.A.Xs’ along with The Black Cerberus himself. The Black Cerberus is quite a challenging boss and summons a P.A.X with every 20% drop in health. This guide will lay out the strategy to defeat him.

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The Surge The Black Cerberus Boss

The Black Cerberus is another challenging boss that players will encounter in The Surge. This is the fourth boss fight in the game and this boss fight is a combination of a human opponent and P.A.X enemies.

To be clear, players will have to face The Black Cerberus and three P.A.X enemies to win this boss fight. You will encounter this boss in the Armory located inside the Executive Forum.

The Black Cerberus is not a complicated boss fight but it is a quite simple one if you know how to tackle it.

At the start of the fight, all you have to do is dodge its attacks and hit with running attacks. However, be careful of its combo as the combo lasts for 1-2 moves longer than it normally should. Also, try not to dodge too far as it will shoot projectiles to stun you.

After losing 20% of its health, Black Cerberus will return to control room and call a P.A.X robot.

There are two ways of getting rid of PAX robots. Either destroy the white cylinders about which you will get to know further in our guide or you will have to kill three of these, each one will be summoned after The Black Cerberus loses 20% of its health.

For the cylinder method, once you have charged the energy of the P.A.X run away to the other side of the arena and stand in front of one of the two large white colored cylinders in the arena.

Dodge the bullet the P.A.X shoots at the last second and it will blow up the cylinder. Repeat until both cylinders have been destroyed.

Once you have managed to destroy the cylinders, finish off the P.A.X itself

In case you don’t do this, The Black Cerberus will keep on calling PAX robots and regaining health. You can find the cylinders by the arena entrance and in the corner near the control room.

While it is a simple boss fight but it is also one of the longest boss fights in the game. To defeat the P.A.X just follow the same strategy that you used to defeat the first boss.

In case you don’t want to destroy the cylinders you can opt to fight more P.A.X’s instead Once the P.A.X is defeated, you will resume your fight with The Black Cerberus and follow the same steps.

Once its health drops by another 20% it will call another P.A.X and you will have to defeat it. Once this P.A.X is defeated, The Black Cerberus will return and the fight will resume and after another 20% loss of health, he will summon third and final P.A.X for you to defeat.

Once the third P.A.X is defeated The Black Cerberus will come back and this time you will finish him once and for all.

When you are near to end of the fight, you will be asked to split a piece of him. Tear his right arm apart to get his cool electric ax

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